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  1. Did you do a site search for threads in the Cooking forum with "kids" in the title? I did, and came up with three other threads, including the one you would have been looking for: What Did You Cook for the Kids? ← yes, i searched... but i had a jumpy toddler next to me ;)
  2. call trish tracey at thirsty bear - she gave me my recipe which i didn't write down...
  3. did you feed her the soups or was she using a spoon?? also, do you know if almond butter has the same allergy probs as peanut butter?
  4. i can't seem to find them ( ) and since i know some of you have kiddos out there, i would love to know what you're cooking for them. my daughter is 15 months old and her current favs are steamed broccoli & veggie dogs... i've never given her jarred food & have tried to make as much of her food myself as i can. would love to hear what others do...
  5. omg!! we have been going NUTS with the grill lately! (weber kettle) we've grilled in the past 2 weeks: sausages & peppers Kobe beef (a gift from a local restaurant that was closing for a week) skirt steak (reg garlic marinade & korean style) bacon & cheddar stuffed burgers next up salmon & tuna
  6. i don't know how new this place is (The Red Grape) http://www.theredgrape.com/start.html , but i had lunch there yesterday w/ 3 kids in tow (4.5, 3 & 15m) and the lunch was pretty good! they have east coast style pizzas, sandos, salads, etc. & a full bar (good for when you don't have the kiddos). service was a bit harried, but it was a great option nad only .5 blocks off the square on 1st Street. i had the blt & my friend had the spinach salad... btw...
  7. regarding pj steak - i have loved the short ribs... but they REALLY should stick to the steak. i got a couple pizzas togo last week & they were the ABSOLUTE WORST pizzas i have ever had. regarding bouchon - i've been there at least 20 times & the steak frites has always been wonderful... i get the fries to go (to stroll home w/ the bebe) and they are my favorites. my 2 cents...
  8. my favorite http://www.minerwines.com/index.html
  9. dvs

    La Toque

    wow!! sounds like you had a wonderful experience!! thank you for sharing! if you ever want a tour of Miner, shoot me a pm... great folks up there & of course, great vino ;)
  10. i regularly visit miner family winery in oakville w/ my 14 month old daughter. they have a beautiful deck for her to run around on and the owners also have 1.5 kids (#2 due any day). tell them bella's mom sent you & don't miss the rosato!!
  11. this is the correct motorcycle.
  12. market & cook in st helena are good lower cost options and of course theres always taylor's refresher :D
  13. looks like tra vigne has gone through another chef... http://www.craigslist.org/nby/ret/68627209.html
  14. those folks deserve what they get... losing staff like flies that is... you might consider that the person doing the hiring at the place you applied for has mon & tues off, i'd give another follow up call.
  15. want me to tell you all about how the GM no showed / no followed up call for my interview ? ← You may not want to work for them... They are ALWAYS advertising and by trying to expand too far, too quickly, and too much, have not been able to pay their bills in months.... ← oh, don't worry, i won't be working for them... heard too many bad things after this happened... i never recontacted them
  16. want me to tell you all about how the GM no showed / no followed up call for my interview ?
  17. bauer visited bouchon at least 2 times in the last 3 months
  18. dvs

    Visiting SF

    welcome to the new bouchon folks. the food has improved 100 fold and yes, reservations are suggested as they haven't had a slow day or night in this supposed slow season. steak frites, roasted chicken, boudin blanc, salmon rillette, fresh oysters, housemade ice creams... everything is delicious! make the trip... you won't be disappointed!
  19. has anyone been to FL for lunch lately? going there this sunday @ 1p and would love an idea of what to expect. TIA!!
  20. http://www.sfweekly.com/issues/2001-04-11/dining/eat2.html yes, i ate butter.
  21. thanks for the suggestion though...
  22. anyone have a suggestion for a tuesday lunch around union square?
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