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  1. sorry to be so juvenile, but...
  2. http://bestofcaliforniatv.com/lifestyle/st...3e094aad04cdfa9 Johnny Alamilla - not sure where he's from though... and alma is now closed...
  3. TAYLOR HAM!!!!!! i had my 1st taylor ham, egg & cheese on the jersey shore a couple years back... i still YEARN for it!!
  4. message from the chef: Yeah, but we did more of a gratin with multi-layers of sweet potato interspersed with two kinds of cheese (jack and cheddar) and a combination of milk and cream poured over it...
  5. Yes. Yes, they really are. Generally I use mine to give me a jump start on a meal. I put whole chickens (or chicken parts) in with some onion, celery, carrots and a little liquid... when I get home I can go 100 different directions from there. I really like mine for pork shoulder tho'. BTW... fantastic avatar dvs. ← thanks i'm gonna have to pick me up a crock pot it'd seem...
  6. bravo slkinsey!! thanks for putting all that info together!!
  7. thanks guys!! the corned beef idea is spot on for my mad skillz and i am intrigued by the crock pot ideas... i have never had anything from a crock pot... are they really as idiot proof as they seem??
  8. every week i like to cook a one dish meal that leaves a couple nights worth of leftovers... lasagna, meatloaf, roasted chicken... anyone have any others i can whip up to help me out of my rut? tia!!
  9. FACT: 99% of restaurants in san francisco DO NOT pay their employees insurance. they may contribute, but they still take $$ out of the employee's check to make up the balance due. please let me know where restaurants DO pay for insurance... i might just consider a move.
  10. Two thoughts on this: 1. Knowing of a few servers who quit and hearing from these same disgruntled servers of more doesn't exactly constitute convincing evidence that there has been a wholesale or statistically meaningful exodus of talent from Per Se's FOH -- or, indeed, whether this turnover is meaningfully different from their usual tunover. 2. Were I in Keller's shoes and some servers quit because they had a hunch that their wages might be less over a year, I'd be glad to see them go. ← You'd be glad to see them go? Why? If they were excellent servers who simply could no longer afford to work there, you'd be glad to see them leave? Sorry, but I see nothing wrong with leaving because your pay is cut. That is not a reflection on the employee as being less than loyal, it's an individual choice as to whether or not they can afford to take a pay cut. ← loyalty? again, (and i remember, you've been a waitress) what'r you new?? whether anyone would like to admit it or not, it might be that working for TK & LC is worth the hassle of the tip pool. OR that this tip pool not only provides the FOH staff w/ insurance, but ALSO the BOH. sharing the wealth in such a prestegious (sorry about my spelling) establishment should be seen as pretty durn noble...
  11. we used to make this at a restaurant i worked at... i just e-mailed the chef & will report back
  12. what'r you? new?? (sorry, i just had to say it... no malice intended...) french laundry, not to mention chez panise (and a gazillion others), have been operating this way for a while now & they're still getting 4 stars (for service as well as food).
  13. gotta be fernet!! "excellence knows no oceans, no frontiers"
  14. good??? good enough to KILL YOU!!!!
  15. DID I REALLY SEE HER MAKE BREAD PUDDING W/ KRISPY CREME DONUTS??!! what the hell is up with that?? is she TRYING to kill people?? i'd already kind of forgiven her CRAZY use of cream cheese, mayo & butter... BUT THIS IS JUST FLIPPIN NUTS!!!!
  16. dvs

    How to cook sans stove

    panini. panini. panini. eot.
  17. Cortez: Marco (one of the bartenders there) is one of the best in the city Enrico's: great mojitos Eastside West: Eric, Rick & Greg are also some of the best bt's in the city Betelnut: great mai tai's & bloody marys Faralon: great bar & drinks
  18. dvs

    stuffed burgers

    tonight i'm stuffin the burgers w/ bacon & cheddar & bacon & blue cheese btw, why don't we have the above emoticon or this one: seems they would be apropriate : drool: & :tasty:
  19. dvs

    slummin' it!

    fair enough!! i'm sure you have something you can add
  20. dvs

    slummin' it!

    eewwww! ← no fair ridiculing people in this thread
  21. Check out the thread a bit below. Also Plato at Aspen Meadows is not bad food in a great setting and Merlin's Gourmet Pizza has the best pizza in town; lots of kids there the day we dined. ← thanks for the info!! much appreciated!!
  22. dvs

    slummin' it!

    you're my hero :weeps:
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