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  1. i'm attempting to make the sweet potato pie w/ ginger snap pecan crust from last months Gourmet crust done. will make filling tonight after the bebe is in bed.
  2. where should one go near Deloach Vineyards house in early December with 8 culinary folks from SF (the b-day girl is a chef in the city & the rest are foh)? we're staying at the deloach house for 2 nights... tia for any help!
  3. whats a "Nelson Homescan(Yep, I'm a Nelson family!)"?
  4. my reason for not eating at mcd's or any other fast food restaurant has nothing to do w/ the food at all, but w/ the fact that the companies that they buy their meats from treat their employees like utter shite. yes, fast food nation had an impact on me...
  5. miner family http://www.minerwines.com/index.html
  6. dvs

    Martini House

    thanks!! good to know... i just checked out the mushroom tasting menu & it sounds delish!!
  7. dvs

    Martini House

    anyone been lately? going tomorrow night for the hubby's b-day...
  8. hmmmmm... the thermapen is intreguing... where is the best place to get one?
  9. Thank you!!! ← My first day on the job as a prep cook at a nothing beach restaurant I got my ass kicked, stuffed in a trash can and locked in the walk in. If the chef slapped my hand I would have been touched! ← doesn't make it right, though... ← Doesn't make it wrong either. If you join the Marines you expect to be treated in a certain way. Its life. We legislate all non-conformity out of our little worlds while across the border people are in slavery. Perspective. ← whoa... what a poor analogy... i hear lots of stories about people suing the marines for bad treatment. restaurants are lucky they don't get sued more often... fwiw, i've worked in restaurants for the last 15 years & have seen it all...
  10. Thank you!!! ← My first day on the job as a prep cook at a nothing beach restaurant I got my ass kicked, stuffed in a trash can and locked in the walk in. If the chef slapped my hand I would have been touched! ← doesn't make it right, though...
  11. Much better read imho ← i'm just a couple pages... so i look forward to it. i'll probably still read doug's book... i read all that sort of stuff. i've read tony's books & am even very good friends with the person who brought him into his office and cried on his shoulder in SF... and i live in y-ville... so, eventually, with or without this thread it'd make it to my reading list.
  12. i tried, but it wasn't at my local waldenbooks... so i bought Soul of a Chef instead...
  13. quote: "factually selective" eot.
  14. Honestly, it is NO ONES business why a cook leaves a restaurant (except him and the chef/owner). I've worked in very high end restaurants, and quit jobs many culinary grads can only wish they've worked... Sometimes not everything is as it seems. Often there is a huge price to be paid for cooking the best food (lack of sleep, stress, the pay sucks, very long hours, etc...) Sometimes you also need change just for the sake of change. Many cooks have artistic personalities, get bored very quickly, and cannot cook the same food for months on end (no matter how good it is). And finally, many cooks are crazy. There is no explanation for things they do. ← unless, of course, you write a book about it...
  15. no longer at oliveto... http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...FDGFEES3F41.DTL
  16. dvs

    Starting 'em young

    my dd had her very 1st taste of wine at 6 months - we were at stags leap & she was in the front pack on my husband's chest. he dipped his finger in the glass & gave her a drop. ever since, she's loved the vino... she even makes the "tisk, tisking" sound of tasting when she is lucky enough to get a drop. have we created a monster? who knows... we would like her to become one of the youngest female sommeliers (along w/ being president of harvard), so, we figure we should start early...
  17. should it be considered a bad thing?
  18. there is nothing on the show that resembles the book... i wish there was... i'm always up for a drinking game. beyond that, the thing that makes it difficult for me is that i work in the industry (foh) and the portrayal isn't close to juicy as it could (even on fox) or should be. its not even a remotely close portrayal of a restaurant.
  19. uuugh... i missed most of the 1st one (i thought it was on at 9p), so i made a point of checking it out last night. it was really bad... i mean reeeeeaaalllyyy bad.
  20. i am sooooooooooo extremely upset that you didn't get the person who did that to you fired. its the brush under the rug of that kind of horseshit that scares good women away from the industry. i hope you're ok. that person should have been dismissed. not finger pointed at.
  21. ok.. i haven't READ THE BOOK. but i have a question... what was psaltis' position at tfl at the time? was the condition of the walk-in HIS responsibility? even if it wasn't his direct responsibility, at a place like that (and really, everywhere) its everyone's duty to keep the joint straight. i'll read the BOOK eventually...
  22. my thoughts on the walk-in comments... go to tfl tonight... any night for that matter. ask them for a tour & you'll get it. the place is clean. during service at least. could it be that the walk-in comment was a bit of an exaggeration? or that during off hours, things are a bit disorganized?
  23. dvs

    Dinner! 2005

    Sure! The recipe I used is here. ← thx!! you rock!!
  24. dvs

    Dinner! 2005

    DROOL!! do you have a recipe?? i've been dying for a general tso's fix (no good chinese food in napa ) it'd be MUCH appreciated!!
  25. we call our daughter sweet pea... my mom calls her butter bean... and, for your enjoyment, here is the sweet pea song: sweeeet peeeeeea you're the sweeeeeetest sweet little peeeeeea you're so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet i love youty you're a cutie sweeeeeeeeet little peeeeeea you're soooooo sweet. repeat.
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