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  1. Ah Leung, will you adopt me? Good tip on hanging the chicken from the towel rack. I've always wondered if I tried to roast a duck Chinese style where I would hang it. I'm not sure if I missed it some where but do you have a recipe for roast duck noodle soup? It was one of my absolute favorites from Thailand. I'm just not sure how to make the soup part. I think the duck is a normal five-spice roast duck.
  2. Oh yummy. We make non-spicy Thai soup using stuffed squid tubes. You could also blanch them and make a spicy salad. The stuffing is ground pork with a garlic, white pepper, coriander root paste and a little salt. Yum! I haven't made that in ages... I think I need to go find some squid tubes.
  3. OnigiriFB

    The Baked Potato

    Hehe... I think I see baked potatoes in my future...
  4. OnigiriFB

    The Baked Potato

    GG - Can you do it with kosher salt?
  5. Finally a cook off I could do without running all over town! I used to leftover mushrooms I had made last night with garlic, onion, and red wine and combined them with scrambled eggs. Sliced the leftover t-bone and some grapes made a wonderful brunch. Kristen - I LOVE those type of eggs. I even bought a tomago pan just to make rolled omelets! I tried using chopsticks to "flip" it but I sucked! Sad since I've used chopsticks all my life. Looks nummy!
  6. Ok I finally had a chance to post a picture. Here's the pound cake I made sunday. I'm still munching on it! I don't know if my tastebuds were out of whack or if it settled down after a day but the next day I tried it again and totally nummy! I did forget to sift! Oops. I have a bad tendency of writing all the ingredients down, reading the instructions, and going of into the kitchen to cook. I think I forgot to do something else too but don't remember now. Either way I'm really happy with it now. I'm taking the one I froze to a girl's night dinner tomorrow and I featured it on my blog for Tea Time Thursdays. Thanks for all the help and Becca wonderful recipe! Next time I will faithfully follow all instructions and see if it comes out different. Maybe I didn't mix enough? I do remember that the butter was a bit hard. I'm sure it's totally my fault as I'm still a novice baker and nothing to do with Becca's recipe. I also remember that it took a little longer than 1 hr and 20 mins. I think mine took about 10 more minutes. Did I over cook it? I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I put the cake thingy in and it kept coming up wet. Then I had to leave so I had my roomie turn of the oven and she left the cakes in there.
  7. Oh my... time to brush up on my Japanese! Thanks Hiroyuki for linking all this for us. Jason I'd be interested in seeing Hattori-san on eGullet.
  8. Wow so glad to know I'm not alone.... I love eGullet! Pork - what do you think of real thai? I've thought of picking that up but I'm leary of thai cookbooks as they never seem authentic or if they are they are waaaay to nitpicky. I want more homestyle or street stall food. That's the stuff I lived on in Thailand. Wolfchef, Jackal, et al - Escoffier always seems so... so.. big! Mallet - *kowtows* I'm not worthy .. I'm not worthy. Bouchon is probably WAY above my level of cooking. Lori in PA - yeah I like looking at the updated version too. I have a really old one and the things in there are quite interesting since it's stuff before the whole low-fat, low-carb, low-might-as-well-quit-eating stuff. CarrotTop and HelenJP - I'm really interesting in knowing the answer to that too. I LOVE Japanese food and would love to find a good basic japanese cookbook. Rebecca - I'm not really familiar with Kosher cooking. I understand a little bit behind it but not much. Looks like a book I should take a look at. Thanks.
  9. hrm are you sure it's a chinese restaurant? Cause there are a few benihana type restaurants in the midwest that use a ginger sauce. It's similar to a ponzu sauce found in japanese cooking I think.
  10. I have to admit Torakris that salmon looks umm funky! But everything else looks nummy (even the fish) so I must try some of these soon!
  11. Ok I finally got around to making Becca's recipe today. I've only tried one piece but I found it a little too sweet. I also noticed that it was really eggy? Everyone's looks lighter in color than mine. Will the sweetness mellow out? I tried an end piece a few hours after baking. What did I do wrong? I did add an extra egg yolk but I couldn't remember WHY I did. The batter was really thick and I think I used too small of pans. Pictures to follow.
  12. YAY! You're back. I've missed these post. Looks nummy as always.
  13. Good to know I'm not alone! So what made you all choose the books you did? As I mentioned earlier I bought mine at a garage sale for a dollar. I think I just picked it up for whatever. I wasn't cooking much at the time and had just moved out into my own apt. The 3 ring binder edition was given to me by Meredith Corp (my company does there product ordering).
  14. OnigiriFB

    Baking 101

    Hi my name is Onigiri and I am also a baking dumbass. I've done somethings by following the recipes here and in cookbooks. I've always wanted to learn about baking but it's something that has scared me. This year I vowed to learn more so this thread is right up my alley. I don't have any equipment really just some cookie sheets and some baking stuff that came in a set. I don't even have an electric mixer! Do I really need a KA mixer? I want one but I'm not sure if I need to run out NOW any get one. Um.. whats the difference between the flours? Does it make a huge difference if you don't use the right one? What do you do with leftover egg whites? I have 9 in my freezer right now after making creme brulee and I'm at a lost. How long will those egg whites be good for? Yay! Thanks Chris. I'm so glad you stood up and confessed.
  15. The wierdest is probably the chicken feet. I bought it to make phoenix claws you find at dim sum restaurants. It was at the front but I had to move it to that back to the roommate didn't get freaked out everytime she got ice cream.
  16. I noticed tonight that while I have a plethora of cookbooks to choose from when it comes to "normal" cuisine (i.e. american mainly) I always pull out the trusted Better Homes and Garden cookbook. I think I got my first version at a garage sale for for a dollar and received the 3 ring binder version as a gift years later. Every time I want to try a recipe for something I've not made thats pretty common (I grew up eating Thai food so somethings normal for you I don't have experience cooking quite as much) I find the BHG the old workhorse. Example I just started making buttermilk pancakes from scratch (used to use the box *hide*) and I'm in love with them. I have Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess and I don't care for her version as much. I was just thinking it's was wierd that for "exotic" cuisine (thai, chinese, japanese) I use recipes from all over but for "normal" I find the staid old BHG cookbook to be my favorite. Anyone else have this experience?
  17. Yes you can freeze them. But since they are handy right now I agree with Sanrensho make Tom Kha Gai or Tom Yum soup.
  18. Do you think you can use Becca's recipe in any other type of pan? I bought all the stuff to make the recipe only to find out I don't have a loaf pan in the house. *grumble* I'd really like to try it but the thought of running out to the market just for a temporary loaf pan (a friend has mine so I don't really want to get a new one).
  19. Wow! Looks good Mangosteen! I might have to make some more it's been awhile since I've had khao soi. And the macarons look yummy! Glad you liked the khao soi!
  20. OnigiriFB

    Kraft Dinner

    I was wondering the same thing. I grew up in the States except for 5 years in my teens when I lived in Thailand but I never had mac & cheese until I moved back here when I was 17 and a boyfriend wanted me to make it for dinner. He was shocked when I told him I didn't know how. I'm not a big fan of it but every 6 months or so I make a box of Kraft. I like it plain, with black pepper, or with siracha sauce. I go through phases of which noodles I like. It used to be the spirals and now it's back to the elbows. The dinosaur ones are kinda cool. I've had the homemade kind and I really don't care for that at all. Every one I've tried always seems mushy. yuck!
  21. I just saw this commercial and the thing looks interesting. I'm curious to know how it works also. Though I don't want to spend the money on it. Personally I'm not so sure whats so hard about making pasta? Is this more about saving time? I don't remember if it said how long it would take. I also notice a lot of you said you have to boil pasta in a ton of water or it will stick together. I don't get it. I've never used a big pot of water and my pasta never sticks. I use a saucepan and curl my spaghetti into the boiling water. When it comes back to a boil. I stir it up so the strands seperate and then wait until al dente. I live alone so I normally only make about 1/2 lb but I've done a lb. the same way and no problem. Oh and all I add is salt to the water.
  22. oh wow I didn't think to use tea as a marinade. Could you provide a recipe please? I'd love to try the salmon.
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