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  1. I finally gave this dish a try. I have to admit when I first read the thread cold tofu didn't sound to appetizing but, YUM!!! OMG! YUM! I ended up finishing the whole block of tofu (yes I'm a glutton) it was so good. For my first time I wanted to try something simple so it was just silky tofu with minced green onion with soy sauce. I have a feeling I'll be eating this all summer. Any other recipes I should try?
  2. OOO that sounds good Kris. Hrm... though it's hard to find the type of scallions that Japan has here. I wonder if it would work with the littler ones? Is it the same otherwise? Do you put anything else in it besides green onion and konnyaku? I was going to make korokke but now this has me intrigued. And drooling.
  3. Hrm. Is it used in okonomiyaki? I could have sworn the lady who taught me how to make okonomiyaki used to put it in hers. She's from osaka if that helps. I haven't used it because it's hard to find here. But I just noticed some shirataki at my local grocery and I was wondering what to do with it?
  4. If I remember right laotian use more salt as opposed to fish sauce found in most thai dishes.
  5. Loved the show. Now I really want to try seal and poutine. I have to admit as a mostly asian food eater that poutine sounded unholy disgusting to me. After seeing it on Tony's show I'd try it. Keep up the great work!
  6. Poor Daniel. I'm nauseous just looking at the pictures. And people wonder why I won't eat italian here. Until recently Olive Garden was the only eye-talian place people would go to. We have some decent mom and pop places but do they want to go there?? Noooooo! So I just started telling everyone I hate italian. It's gotten better now there's a Macaroni Grill. I actual like thier bread and make your own pastas.
  7. And if you are not living in an area where the ingredients to make fresh curry paste is it's more than "acceptable". Personally, it's a little more difficult for me to make curry paste from scratch in Iowa. I'm currently in San Francisco for spring break and I think if I lived here I would be more apt to do it. Great shopping in this area! If you do go the purchased curry paste route I suggest Mae Ploy brand in the plastic tubs. (It's more than you need but it does keep if well sealed in the fridge.) Like Snowangel I find the tubs have a better cleaner taste than the smaller tin can version. Either way I hope you make and enjoy your khao soi! Please let us know how it came out.
  8. mmm pigs ear. I think the portugese eat just about all parts of a pig too don't they?
  9. Very nice!!!!! Looks yummy! I haven't had beef in awhile... maybe thats the next one i'll do. I loved the ba mi you did too. One thing though it's a northern thai dish... ya said it was in phuket which is south.
  10. I suppose living in Iowa I am going to have to pay homage to the state by making corn chowder. A little early in the season to find good Iowa sweet corn though. Hrm.. I wonder if Devotay has any ideas where I can get some. We'll have to see.
  11. Good job on the letter. I agree with a few on this thread though. Out them. Please! I have good friends going to vegas in April. We've already started discussing restaurants. The last thing I want is to send them somewhere where they will be treated like you were for the kind of money you spent. I don't care how good the food is. Dining at that level is an experience (one I or they certainly don't have the expense account to blow) and service plays a large part. Heck, I'm not sure I'd go back to a normal restaurant if the food was good and the service that lousy. One thing about any restaurant bad publicity is NOT good publicity. I wouldn't discount word of mouth or the power of eGullet. I'd rather read reviews of the restaurants here than Bruni et al.
  12. Yes, I meant the seasonings found on any table (or noodle wagon). Ah, the vinegar with serrano chili (although I often use bird chilis since I can get them easily). My favorite of th condiments! ← I didn't use bird chili in this one since I didn't feel like blending the chili and vinegar. Is that how you do yours? This one I just sliced the chili and dropped it into a jar of vinegar. Insta chili vinegar, course it will be better after it sits for a bit but still yummy.
  13. Thank you. I did not season the pork belly, just stuck it in an oven. The flavor of the pork is quite nice on it's own and I knew I would be using it in this dish. What I love is the crispy skin of the pork. I could have done it the way a noodle shop near my home in Bangkok does it but I didn't want to dirty my kitchen up too much. They steam the pork belly and then fry the top so that it gets really crispy. You can order it on the side and dip it in a dark soy sauce/pepper vinegar mix. Umm.. snowangel I'm not sure what you mean by condiments? Are you talking about the seasonings found on any table that serves noodles in Thailand? Or are you talking about a side dish? I'm thinking you're talking about the seasonings. I used the normal; fish sauce, sugar, red pepper flakes, and vinegar with serrano chili. Since I made this tom yum flavored I also included crushed peanuts and a squeeze of lime.
  14. I finally got a chance to do this cook-off. Just happened to find a HUGE bag of frozen cantonese egg noodles at the Asian market. I made a simple broth using chicken bones, pork bones, and water as the lady at the market suggested using Ah Leung's method of pre boiling the bones and then simmering them in a clean pot of water. After making the broth I realized I forgot to pick up something to go with the noodles. Oops. I had a piece of pork belly in the freezer which I thawed and roasted at 450 degrees for 45 minutes. Boiled some noodles, add broth, season to taste, top with bean sprouts, pork, and green onions. Yum. Here's ya go bamii nam tom yum moo sahm chun (eggs noodles and pork belly with spicy soup):
  15. YAY! Another person made khao soi. I'm so happy! SP what did you think taste wise? I didn't do Kosma's recipe because I thought it was wierd that it had dark soy sauce in it. I'd be interested in what you thought? Did anyone else try it? If so did they like it too? Will you be trying it again? Good job on making it your first time!
  16. I would love to find out more about this. Every year I go out to eat dim sum at the Empress Pavilion and my friend makes me drink tea because dim sum is "hot" and tea is "cooling". THen we got into if you eat to much meat you must balance it with vegetables. So one day I went to a churrascuria (sp?) and the next he took me a wonderful chinese vegetarian place that I would go back to in a heartbeat! I also remember in in Thailand my cousin's wife was Chinese and after she gave birth her Mom told her to drink ginger? Said it was good for the system. Would you know why?
  17. Well, since I've posted the "Bataille du khao soi" on my blog, many of my friends have been asking me to cook at a khao soi party... Which has yet to be organized. This is what you get by playing that sort of game That could be called one of the side effects of food blogging. Drooling friends are a risk that shouldn't be overlooked. ← LOL! Maybe Austin and I should have put a warning on this recipe, "Beware may cause need to repeat often and for other people!" Poor Ptipois or poor Ptipois' friends?? You know if you make it and another set of people get addicted (since khao soi is addicting and you can't seem to find decent dishes in thai restaurants abroad) you'll have to make again and again and again. But is that such a bad thing? Good thing you bought that mortar and pestle. Mangosteen - I looked at the recipe and will have to try it out and taste it to see what it's like. Looks ok so far except for the cabbage. The only thing I could think is that it's a filler? Usually tom kha gai is served with other dishes so there isn't a feeling of loss for other veggies.
  18. I bought genmai after watching Hotman, does that count? I started watching Little Chef which has the really tall japanese actor it it...forget his name. Antique is a huge favorite of mine since it's got Takky in it. Helen - I adore Fruits Basket... if you can't tell
  19. Hrm.. I've never seen the stuffing precooked. When we did it it was always very small squid so there wasn't that much stuffing. Maybe a tbsp? It's usually very quickly blanched so I don't remember tough squid or raw pork. When we served it the squid is sliced across into rings. That might have helped? I don't know. I'm sorry I wish I had more to add. I'll try to make this dish and see if I notice anything with the timing etc.
  20. Woohoo! Go Jhirshon! I'm looking forward to seeing your khao soi. Like, mon ami Ptipois, says it's great that you will be able to enjoy khao soi anytime you would like. In fact, I think it's time to make another batch. *blows a big raspberry at Austin* heh whatevAR! Yes it's nice that other people want to try khao soi. Who knew there would be so much interest. We need to find another obscure Thai dish to introduce to eGullet.
  21. Cabbage? Wierd. No, the only thing I ever put in tom kha gai is chicken and straw mushrooms. I've seen cabbage added but I thought that was because I wasn't in an authentic thai restaurant. May I ask where the recipe came from?
  22. Yay! Another person who is going to try khao soi! Hrm... I'll email mon ami Ptipois and see if she will translate. Good luck!
  23. Wow, OnigiriFB, it would be such an honor to be your adopted parent! My recipe for roast duck noodle soup? Just buy the roast duck from the restaurant! Oh, just never messed with that before. Duck is different than chicken. It's hugh! I am not really sure if my small kitchen is equipped to do that. But... we'll see. May be... may be... What a challenge! What you can do is: if you have a store-bought roast duck, debone the duck. Use the bone to make the soup. You need to bring the water to a boil with all the duck bones, then turn it to a simmer to simmer to about 2 hours. Add a few tsp of "lo shui" in the soup from the start. If you don't have that, use a few tsp of dark soy sauce and add 5 star anise, 1 piece of dried mandarin peel, and 1 tsp of cloves. ← Woohoo! I'm adopted! Yay! Er... lo shui? I have no idea what that is?
  24. Spaghetti sauce, lasagna, meatballs, clementines, pancakes to name a few. Ever since I've figured out a few recipes I find that I'd rather not order them as I prefer my version. I'm beginning to wonder that if it weren't for the social factor of going out to eat if the more I cook the less likely I will be to go out. I used to love going to eat by myself with a good book but I prefer to just make something and stay in. The funny thing is my food budget hasn't really gone down!
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