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  1. What's the problem? ← I'm used to coconut based curries and the addition of lime would curdle it wouldn't it? Make it look like off milk? *shudder* I think tastewise it might be good. Just concerned about appereance. Vain of me I know. ← I wouldn't know, I'm still waiting for my granite mortar and pestle to arrive. Being in the food biz, appearance is important to me as well. I can't say I won't experiment with this though. ← Onigiri and I worked this one out offline. Hitting it with lime at the end won't curdle things, so don't worry. But I still figure the dish (as I've done it) looks ugly enough that some more disfigurement would hardly hurt. ← Yup! Mai ben rai khon bha (sorry sorry but er ya kinda are teasing teasing ) sai manaow nai gaeng curry! Wierdo!
  2. What's the problem? ← I'm used to coconut based curries and the addition of lime would curdle it wouldn't it? Make it look like off milk? *shudder* I think tastewise it might be good. Just concerned about appereance. Vain of me I know. ← lime juice is quite commonly added to certain gaeng 'curries' in Thailand...don't worry OnigiriFB, it won't curdle yr dish ← REALLY!!??? I didn't know that? Um, like the central region? Isaan region? The southern? Or the Northern? I can see Isaan, southern, and northern. I can't think of anything in the central. They use tamarind but not lime to my knowledge. I love that this thread is getting more and more post! I've been trying to get a Thai friend interested in egullet just to up this thread more and more.
  3. What's the problem? ← I'm used to coconut based curries and the addition of lime would curdle it wouldn't it? Make it look like off milk? *shudder* I think tastewise it might be good. Just concerned about appereance. Vain of me I know.
  4. *cry, begs for mercy* I want, i want, i want, i want!!! If I ever make it to Japan I'm coming to your town and eating with you!
  5. Geez, and I was afraid to mention that "tip" because I thought that the real cooks here would blast me for "cheating"! I started adding a bit of oil to the noodles before putting them in the wok because otherwise, I had to add so much oil to them in the wok that I was swapping gloppy noodles for greasy noodles. I find that I use much less oil overall if I add some oil to the noodles and toss before adding to the wok. ← hahahhahah my dad would shoot me for giving away a trade secret! Um.. hrm I'll have to try that trick cause I use too much oil from growing up in a restaurant and it doesnt agree with the tum tum after gallbladder surgery in April.
  6. Shhhh! That's kinda a restaurant trick! Don't tell the world. Um.. well ok they toss it a lot of oil in the wok really really really quickly. You'd be surprised how much oil a "authentic" asian restaurant goes thru. I used to have to tell my dad to watch out or if I did myself in the kitchen (at age 5 so yes I had a lot of supervision usually one of the other cooks) I would almost always get splattered. Ouch!
  7. I figured the less I said about it, the better off you would be ← LOL! No no no didn't a Thai lady teach you that you must always apologize even if it's not your fault? Now say after me Koah Toad Krup
  8. Huh not familiar with Laotian food, like the real Luang Prabang stuff but I can see that. I guess without the coconut milk base that it wouldn't curdle. Um, I noticed you did not apologize for pustules! *shudder* I don't even like typing that I copy and pasted last time
  9. I am highly offended by this word: pustules *throws up in mouth a little* Dude I thought the picture looks yummy. That word makes me wanna awk (throw up)! Um... never thought of a cheese grater for palm sugar. I usually just shave it with a sharp knife? (Another trick us women do to make only one dirty pot and one dirty knife. It's something woman learn from having to clean up after dirty men and boys so we learn that when WE do something we need to be neat.) LIME????? In curry??????? *boggle* To each his own
  10. Are you trying to make yakisoba? Yakisoba uses a different type of noodle Hiroyuki or the Japan forum should be able to help with that one. Buckwheat soba noodles are used mostly in a broth or a cold noodle dish as far as I know. Also do you know the trick to cooking buckwheat soba noodles? Kristen taught me. See thread in Japan forum. Good luck. Happy stir frying (only one egullet ). Um, if you are using DRY rice noodles then soaking in lukewarm water is recommended. The only thing I don't like is sometimes even I make it and it comes out glue-y. If it's fresh I love lad nha, using large rice noodles. Usually they are sold here in the State refrigerated so they are hard. Then I will make sure to have HIGH heat and seperate them a little in some lukewarm water before stir frying. The only problem then is that they are TOO wet. You have to be careful of that too. But only if using fresh IMHO.
  11. Peter, I would love to see your experiments, however brown. ← I dunno, this looks pretty close to Onigiri's description of what can be "wrong". The long strands are fermented bamboo, and the big chunky bits used to be chicken meat. Oh, and there was a big handful of fresh basil, some of which manages to give a glimmer of spectral diversity. A nice smoky, burnt flavour, but it's just not pretty. (Maybe some red food dye?) ← Looks good to me. I bet the smokey flavor is great! Did you add a little sugar to meld the flavors better? I bet with good fish sauce and all the curry paste it was mighty tasty. Sugar though if you didn't bother with it. Best if it's palm sugar then you'll get the caramel type sweet as opposed to the staight sweet of regular sugar. The caramel will meld with the smokey flavor and create a front taste that should meld on your tongue into the salty smokey bitter taste that makes a good curry GREAT! (ok I feel like Tony the Tiger )
  12. Tongs, high heat, lots of oil or water amazingly enough, try not to use too limp of noodles, cold or harder noodles work better, seperate the noodles from the rest of the stuff, add the sauce to both, add more sauce to the noodles AT THE END of stir-frying, stir fry shorter periods of time which will be easier with higher heat... see where I"m going? I have grown up with woks and spatulas in a restaurant kitchen with lots of BTUs. I can not stir fry worth anything without tongs.
  13. Awww nothing wrong with brown UNDIGESTED food.
  14. Yup... let's all stick to the Japanese PLEASE!!!!!!! *begs*
  15. The only thing I want to comment on is that African nations also eat rice but I believe in some areas the main source of carbs are some kind of tubar that is pounded into a sticky paste like thing. This is eaten with watery stews that may or may not be spicy. I think they take a lot of influence from India, Southern Europe, and the Middle East depending on what part of Africa you are in. I think the bushman rarely eat carbs most of their food source is protein based. See Anthony Bourdain's Namibia and Ghana trip (shudders at the shit poop eating part yuck no thanks but I would have done the same and then thrown up discreetly and gotten a ton of shots and antibiotics when I got back to the US. I think he did actually have to do that after that shoot.) Oh and something I learned from Amy of the Japan board. I now add barley (hulled and cleaned and white whatevered) to my Japanese short grain Nishiki rice. I LOVE sticky rice and also buy Jasmine by the 10 lb bag. I usually get the one with the nang angel on the front? Don't know name sorry. I transfer my rice to large tupperware when I get home. I will have to try the garlic trick. Thanks a bunch for that one!
  16. *drooooooooool* Can I come to dinner? I'll make something!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. *jaw drops* is Hainese(sp?) rice popular in Japanese that they have a restaurant dedicated to it? Also I think it's pretty similar to khao mun gai in Thailand. Um, but different sauce. Wow, if that is so. I really really miss khao mun gai I used to eat it for lunch for weeks on end (can you so holy hips? I was a teenager though) and then get sick of so lay off it for 2 weeks before coming back to it. I can honestly say that it's my favorite lunch dish from Thailand and I wish I wish I could make it at home like the stall lady in front of my soi did.
  18. Hi, The recipe I use is from "just hungry" website. She does not use dashi. When I tried to modify her recipe and include dashi thinking the tamago would be less.. um fattening? oily? salty? my tamago yaki fell apart. I ended up with scrambled eggs. It turned out ok cause I used a "lunch in a box" website trick and turned it into mock tamagoyaki. But I want to know what I did wrong? Or how I can modify it? Thankee thankee
  19. Um.. I'm pretty sure my granola recipe calls for wheat germ. It's good fiber I think and really doesn't have a taste unless it's rancid. THEN IT"S DISGUSTING!!!! Throw anything with it and it out immedietely then take out the trash.
  20. Jason, I'm just curious and this OT but are you in Seattle or in Japan? Is Hiromi on vacation or something. It so cool to talk to people half way across the world. That's why I ask. Feel free to ignore me if you want no hard feelings if you do. Thanks
  21. rofl johnnyh. Me too and I'm a girl. Maybe they were part of the bar? Like I know salaryman often go to bars where the woman there are hostesses? There's a female version I've always wanted to try too. If it was the former then the expectation is you pay everything and the girls actually get a cut if you buy more alcohol.
  22. Soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and butter? Hrm.. could you describe the taste? Is it sourish? I can't picture it. Um.. sounds good though I might have to pick up some shrooms!
  23. YAY!!! Hiroyuki-san is back!!! thank fsm! And Kristen don't think I didn't notice you gone for a bit....
  24. Don't worry, I would gladly pay my own way to eat there again! You've got a limited time if you want me to join you, though. I'm only here till March 2010! docsconz and Prawncrackers--you really do have to try RyuGin (I just realized they write it with an uppercase "G"). There are other places in Tokyo I'd like to try (I actually tried to get a reservation at Aronia de Takazawa, but they only seat about 8 people a night, and only in parties of two or three, so no solo diners ), but I would most definitely dine at RyuGin again. And I don't say that of very many high-end restaurants. If there are any professional chefs planning to be in Japan, RyuGin does accept stagieres from abroad. You can even request a stage on their website. ← Wha??? Where are you jaunting off to in 2010 if I may ask? Middle east? I have to say the middle east facinates me culturally etc but doubt I could live there... it's all in the food man. I realize every where I want to go or live is because the FOOD. If that doesnt make me a lifelong egulleter I don't know what will?
  25. *rofl* this has to be my all time favorite thread of all time for ANY boards I'm on. "torilleechi" *lol beating fist on leg while tears are threatening to fall out of my eyes*
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