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  1. A nice chianit with that liver, Mr. Lector?
  2. As someone who makes charcuterie (I love that thread about M.Rulman's book) I wonder what you think of the recipe. Would it be something you would try? Do you feel that it is a beginner's recipe? Or perhaps a more exert type thing. I love sai grok isaan and namsot. Did you happen to try that one? It served as something to eat with beer a lot of the time. People from the west can have a hard time though since it's not cooked. My dad actually would not let me eat it for a little bit because he was worried that my american grown gut could not handle it. THis is a guy who is a foodie/chef and ate whatever he liked and raised me to love oysters. He still tells tales of me eating 2 dozen when I was a 5 yo. Anyway sorry thought I'd asked an experts opinoin on what you think re the recipe and if you would attempt it here in the US. I would be afraid of where the pork came from since pork in the US is not that humanly raised.
  3. I have never heard of Christopher Moore that writes crime novels set in BKK. Cool. On order at amazon.com now. I love reading novels set in Thailand but usually I can tell the author never set foot on Thai soil. I remember throwing a book into the trash (unusual as I have that Asian cultural thing about books and learning) because a book set in 1800s used Thailand as the name of the country. [siam is the old name of the country for those who don't know. ] If you are going to use some exotic far off country does it really hurt to do a BIT of research. Anyway, sounds like you and I need to talk books as we have similar taste in more ways then one. Thanks Peter. *you may now return to the regular programming now*
  4. This is one of those things that has been done for years in a different country. Think cheese, yogurt, etc. Making these items often means doing something that the modern world says is a no-no. If it bothers you than don't do it. Refrigeration will retard the fermentation of the pork which is why the recipe calls for leaving it. There are bacteria (like if you were making sourdough starters) that need to grow to allow the right sour note in the sausage. If I remember right it's the rice that ferments for that. Rona is right in that you would want to grind your own pork and have the freshest ingredients possible. Keep in mind that many Thais do not make this at home. I've never seen it made and my family was pretty well known for making most things from scratch (khapi or belanchan being the most horrid thing *shudder*). So if you truly want to make an authentic thai sausage keep in mind that Thais have been doing that for years and no one gets sick. However, our guts have different bacteria that can handle the food we eat. Modern western stomach may not be able to handle it (I know I may not be able to eat certain things now). *shrug* If you do try the recipe you may want to cook it well and try it first before serving it to anyone. If you end up sick then pitch it.
  5. Me too! *drool* I have a steak I think I need thaw out now. You picture is calling my name... Yum! I definately need to come to dinner. I'm beginning to wonder though if I can pull of a recipes as well as you do. I might just have to dig a bit to find something your family hasn't had yet. Let's see... nam prik pla too? Do you all like salty fish that is fried with a spicy dip made from kahpi (shrimp paste like belanchan?), chilis, lime juice, and garlic? You eat it with eternal cucumbers and various veggies. It was one of my favorite meals when I lived at home. Now if I make it I get the "are you trying to kill every living thing in a 5 mile radius" comment.
  6. Actually it's a time for me and my girlfriends who got seperated last night to get laid to talk over more food and alcohol. We commiserate over bloody mary's at how BAD the sex was or the problems the guy had finding his way around the female body. The viterol of your responce makes me wonder if you overheard us speaking about your ablities or lack of abilities perhaps? Brunch isn't always leftover food. There are some places that do it right. There used to a hotel that did an extraordinary job at brunch. It was full of old time brunch items that I loved. Seeing snapper old gents in their suits and ladies in their sunday dresses and hats made my morning. Brunch in Thailand and Singapore but anything you find in the States to shame though. Eggs, bacon, pad thai, fiery curries... *sigh*
  7. MMMMMMMmmmmm my favorite som tam is the one with the little salty black crabs on the right. Yum yum yum. *drool* Eat some spicy som tam and every once in awhile you get a nice crunchy salt burst. *sigh* The fish look like pla tuu of nam prik pla tuu fame. That is something I can do here but every time I fry the fish someone swears I've just killed all the animals in a five mile radius. Pla tuu is small spanish makerel . I think you can tell by the blue line at the bottom. Then again I could be wrong. It's been known to happen.
  8. I believe the papaya/som tam is more a northern/isaan thing. Central plains area does it with unripe mango. I only know this because my auntie loves that dish and throws a hissy fit if it isn't served "correctly", i.e. with unripe mango.
  9. That looked like yum pla dook foo to me too. Usually they do it with unripe mangos but I have seen it with unripe papaya too.
  10. *grin* yup you aren't drinking enough the night BEFORE and THE MORNING OF a brunch. I actually love brunches. I rarely get up in time for breakfast so miss out on breakfast foods unless there is a brunch. I've found here in Des Moines IA that Granite City has a decent brunch and if you time it right (10 or 1ish) then you beat the crowds. They keep a decent menu that is updated often and always have fresh food no matter when you get there. Is there one near you?
  11. Why brunch is "second breakfast" of course. ( I love Lord of the Rings if you can't tell.) Second breakfast is a chance for all us lazy bones who get up at 10ish to eat breakfast/lunch. So a little bit of eggs and bakkie and a little bit of something stronger like roast beef or grill fish. Add a few bloody Marys and all is good in hungover land.
  12. Er... are you sure they weren't pulling a foreigner's leg? ← Like I said, it could very well be a rural myth. But it's amazing what you can find behind a pachyderm. ← It would not be the only instance of foods improved by passage through digestive tracts. For example, argan oil is made from nuts that have passed through the digestive tracts of goats that eat the fruit of Argan trees. ← Or coffee from the civit cat in Vietnam, I think? But um... how does the elephant GET to the durian? I can't see the soft mouth of a pachyderm taking well to the spikes of the durian fruit. If they are eating just the fruit...er... Ok that's taking the SE Asian fetish for elephants a bit far. Methinks someone was drunk and his friends were playing a joke? You know us Thais we like to rawren sanuk sanuk.
  13. Er... are you sure they weren't pulling a foreigner's leg?
  14. But, do they still taste of a perfect combination of onion and gasoline? ← *blink* er... I don't remember that... I do remember a smell like rotten onions though It took me 3 years to TRY durian and as I said earlier I like it but I dont CRAVE it.
  15. Ok, so what's the secret? Eat them naked in the bath tub, like my Mom made me do with candy apples when I was little? We occasionaly get Mangosteens here in sunny, hot humid tropical South Florida. ← Ya cut them with a sharp knife all around horizontally then gently twist away from you. It should pop open the top exposing the sweet delectable flesh. Try to do this while not to wearing a white shirt. Eat and enjoy. Smile with delight! Take anything I say with a grain of salt btw at self Oh and if you like durian I was told by my housekeeper and father that montong or golden pillow is the best. Less smelly if I remember right and the one to try newbies on. Someone still in Thailand can probably correct me if I am remember that wrong. Hey it was 15 years ago cut me a break ok?
  16. Awww, ya thought of me. Thanks! *does happy chair dance* Too bad no more lotus flowers. I was hoping to show our fellow egulleteers closed buds of the lotus. Oh well. The flowers are pretty and all females love flowers (hint. hint! Your long suffering wife may enjoy flowers tonight psst Peter get flowers ya nut!) Mangosteens!!!!! They are my all time FAVORITE fruit. To me they are the king of fruits. You won't get stained if you know the trick to eating them ya silly fruit! (Hrm are you a nut or a fruit? Fruitnut? Nutfruit? ) Oh and the durian might have been the odorless kind. I didn't see any thing that said that. Ganyao actually is the type of durian and I can't remember what it conotates but it means long stemmed. *shrug* What can I say I like durian but I don't CRAVE durian. Are you a fan? Looking forward to what you and Tim manage to get to eat!
  17. Cheese in Mongolia? MONGOLIA??? Er... ok sorry but this does have me curious. Is it horse cheese? I think they like mare's milk don't they?
  18. Wow, he actually fries whole races? With garnishes, at that! I had read about Jok's some time ago, and thought I wanted to try it. But now I think I can give it a pass. It's not that the food doesn't look good, but it doesn't look good enough to go through the trouble of making a reservation a couple of months in advance, etc. Boy, I really wish I had some dosa, though! ← *falls off chair laughing* Um... I can just hear the conversation at the table. "Hey Peter could you get me some of that fried race?" "Sure. What would you like?" "Uhh, a bit of Asian, Caucasian, and African. Oh, and just for fun, a couple Hispanics." "Ok, here you go. Enjoy." *roflmao* Ok ok sorry Peter. Skin of a kwai, right? Hey at least I'm not the one poking at ya for food. You better be getting down to that dosa place dude. Patience is not a Thai girl on egullet's virture it seems. (j/k P!)
  19. Is toubanjan popular in Japan? I thought Japanese prefer less hot items.
  20. Oh yeah! Now that is a MEAL! Wow I'm drooling again. *sigh* I need to go home *cry* Yup you definitely get your Egullet badge. Sounds like your companions might need a couple too. Hehehe I love this site!
  21. OnigiriFB, you are too kind. Please do come to dinner – I would love to have someone with an experienced palate taste some of our experiments and let me know how they *should* taste. ← I am sure they taste great! If you go by the pictues which make me drool then I am sure they taste twice as good as they look. Oh and I'll take some of those eternal cucumbers with my dinner too.
  22. C. I envy you and your family. I have to come to dinner! Please!?!
  23. Yes! I'm not the only one. This is what you get for getting to eat all that luscious food for us. We are going to BUG you about it.
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