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  1. Yay! It's about bleeping time *pokes Peter in the gut*
  2. Guilty! The boy at the gas station (yeah I didn't even make it to the supermarket 2 blocks farther down) thought this chick is definitely PMSing when I checked out with a large back of chips, dip, 3 ice cream sandwiches, powdered donuts, and HUGE Pepsi. I'm not sure which is worse the sugar bomb from the Pepsi I never drink or the salt/carb overload from the chips. Thank God I don't do this often. *slinks away to digest carb and salt overload*
  3. Hrm. I've gone through periods like this but it's usually tied to my medical condition and the medication I'm on. Baring that (which you'd be better off talking to your dr about) then perhaps trying an cuisine from somewhere you haven't tried before? I went on an Indian cooking spree for awhile and that seemed to awaken my appetite and tastesbud quite a bit. Another time I started only cooking foods from my childhood (I'm Thai so it's a bit different from the normal mac&cheese/chicken nuggets) and that seemed to help. For me I find that spicy food really wakes me out of my funk. Hope this helps.
  4. OMG! Nakji I just tried your tomato and tofu dish and I loved it. I never thought to pair tomato with tofu like and it was great. Sweet, salty, a hit of sour from the tomato and the fried tofu had a nice toothiness to it. Yum. I think this dish is going down as a staple from now. Thanks.
  5. Helen, That sounds yummy! What kind of curry did you make? The Japanese kind? Or a different version?
  6. The pad thai looks strangely pale. How was it? I still like Pim's recipe on Chez Pim or the one on Thai Table. Mostly nowadays I cheat and use the paste *hides* please don't tell my Aunties.
  7. Yay! 16 hours in BKK can be dangerous on the soul, tummy, and pocketbook. Can't wait to see where you end up this time. Have fun, travel safe, and eat well.
  8. Asian food tends to be much cheaper and healthier if you already have the basics. I know that my asian market has fresh veggies and rice for a lot cheaper than the grocery or even walmart. I can get two weeks worth of groceries at the asian market that would only last me a week from the regular market. Then again it depends on how you eat... I rarely buy processed foods so that helps.
  9. "Life is too short for all the things we need to eat." Agreed! I'm so using that as a sig line
  10. I think eggs are going to be the next big thing. They are a cheap source of protein and so economical in this recession. I really think fried eggs on something is going to be the trend actually. Yesterday I saw Rachel Ray putting a fried egg on a bowl of gumbo on her show and then another show did something similar.
  11. Fresh turmeric is still very hard to find here. It wonderful fresh.
  12. I thought amok was steamed like haw mok? It's more of a curry? Or did I miss something?
  13. I have no idea about the dolls but wanted to say that I believe there is a boys day too. The thing to do is fly a koi kite from your house that day. Don't know if there are special foods though.
  14. Oh my. Where has this thread been lurking. Do exes count? I was in a relationship with a guy for a 1 and a half when I was 18 or so. I grew up in Bangkok Thailand where we live to eat. He grew up in podunk Iowa eating to live. I should have known better. The worse thing he did that drove me up the wall was only order some version of chicken fried rice no what which kind of Asian restaurant I took him to. AHHHHHHHHH! My EX-fiance (thank god he's an ex) only liked whoppers, mac&cheese, hot dogs, turkey sandwiches, and lasagna. I did manage to train him a bit but to this day I wonder why he lasted as long as he did.
  15. Hrm... so amok is like the Thai haw mok except not ground and less spicy. Interesting.
  16. I dont know if you have access to this, but freshly ground gochugaru is WORLDS hotter than the bagged stuff at the store. Also if it's not hot enough then add sliced red and/or green chiles. Nothing is worse than a lack luster (in the spice department) chigae ← Agreed. I knew there was something i was missing. Is gochugaru the powdered red chili? I only have seen the ground stuff and it was very weak in the spice department. What kind of fresh chiles do Koreans use mostly? I'm assuming not thai bird chili since they don't have that at my korean/japanese market normally. I've seen some frozen red ones but I prefer fresh. My local grocery has serrano and jalepenos and neither look like the ones frozen at the asian market.
  17. I made a lovely clean out the fridge chigae yesterday and it' almost hit the spot. The only thing I thought would have made it better was if it were spicier. I have a cold and spicy broth seems to help loads. Anyway even with heaping spoonful of gochujang it just wasn't spicy. A lovely red but eh on the spicy level. I ended up adding sirarcha even if that wasn't authentic. So how do you get chigae to turn out burning your lips spicy? What was I missing?
  18. I grill mine or broil if the weather doesn't permit grilling. I've also used an indoor stove top grill and that works well. The sauce I make extra of and reduce prior to cooking. About 5-10 minutes prior to the chicken being done I brush this reserved reduced sauce over the chicken.
  19. That looks lovely! I bow down to your vast knowledge of Asian cuisines c. sapidus. Amazing!
  20. Thank you. I was just thinking of looking that up. I love etymology. Actually, I love any useless piece of knowledge.
  21. Wow. Fun filled trip with good food. What more could a woman ask for? Nice to see you return to the City of Angels again again. The love the North so this was a trip I'm glad to have read about. Can't wait too see where else you end up this year.
  22. And make certain she isn't keeping ducks in the yard! ← Off topic. It always makes me laugh when people talk about a Thai girl and how sweet and submissive she is. We are generally sweet, kind, graceful, charming but I've rarely met a submissive one. What people don't realize is that Thai woman have excelled at ruling with a smile and gentle touch so what seems like submission so not. Beware though we learn our trade at the feet of our Dragon Lady Aunties and they are the true Machiavellian rulers.
  23. Back a the room, the hotel had sent up a small snack for the late afternoon. I love these little desserts, perhaps more for their detail and craft, but the flavour of bean has grown on me, and I know now what to expect when I bite in. An exhausting day of not much. I like days like this.
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