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  1. My go to is satay if you want to throw in an Asian touch. Meat on a stick generally goes down well with hordes.
  2. Probably sirloin. If I remember right that's what we used to use on our Thai restaurant.
  3. Omg me too! But after meds for fibro and then gallbladder removal it got worse.
  4. Sigh. I am that person at dr offices. Grew up in medical family.dr are not gods. Foodwise I need you rancho just beenputon gluten free diet. Need dal.
  5. Hrm. I have on old onieda set. People think im picky. I want an antique set like andie!!!!!!!
  6. Asia btw also doesn't have the "allergies" we do. Strange huh? Industral waste is bad for the US. But so is the level of cleanliness
  7. Yup its a snooty western re american more than any. Americans are a generation of picky eaters. No where else has it espesially asia where we are taught to eat what's in front of us. Even kids arent picky.
  8. Thai by birth but I eat mostly japanese. Then thai then vietnamese as their is a big vienamese pop here. Then indian and korean and chinese.
  9. Knives. I have an expensive henkels and a cheap chicago cutlery one. A few pampered chef one dollar oaring knives and bread knife. Of course I also have el cheapo chinese cleaved that is fun!!!
  10. My first thai cookbook when I moved out on my own was from a tiny asian market. Author was a dipllomats wife and her recipe for khao min hai. Chicken fat rice was the best....sin got lost in a move.
  11. Yum.dried shrimp is used in thai cooking as well as japanese I think.
  12. Those trees are awesome. I want one. Durian is usually a required taste most se asian markets carry. Them in the freezer section.
  13. OnigiriFB

    Cod’s Roe

    I'd ask over on the japanese cooking thread Hiroyuki is usually great with little tips to help with seafood.
  14. No dairy at all. Eggs make my thoat close up. Sigh.
  15. Hey me too. Well my stomach is putting me on a liquid diet. I can havesmall chunks though at night only. Myoplex sucks btw especially coming back up.
  16. I third or fourth uni. Just the texture. Like mushy....s'not. Love oysters though and slimy foods. Even natto as long as frozen (not as smelly) with mustard and stuff.
  17. Perfect I was just looking at one at Costco's yesterday. I want for Indian dishes like dal, etc. I've been told by a lot of Indians that a pressure is a must have here since we usually don't have 5 servant girls watching the pots. I didn't know you can use it as a canner though... it was cheap at costco. It was either that or one of the new fangled rice cookers from Japan that cost an arm and a leg.
  18. If I remember right you, Chris, you like cooking Asian or Thai food right? Remember that with most asian foods there is no real recipe. Then we often taste as we season to get the right balance of hot, salty, sweet, sour, bitter. A great Thai cook is one that when the food is brought to the table needs know condiments even though Thais LOVE condiments and Thai food is meant to be flavor to your taste kind of thing. Usually Thais will serve fish sauce, lime juice, and chilis as a condiment with EVERY meal so that someone can add more salt, sour, hot as needed. One thing I noticed living in the West is that America at least relies TOO much on salt as the ONLY condiment/spice/seasoning. When I stop eating junk (fast food or processed) then I REALLY notice how over-salted the food is here. I had a whopper recently after not having one for about 3 years and had to throw it out. WAY too much salt! You couldn't taste ANYTHING else besides it (what they want?). I tend to flavor in my regular cooking (mostly japanese) very lightly as Japanese main flavors are dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. Most of the recipes I have are from the kansai area (less salty more natural food flavors as opposed to kanto which is saltier more robust flavors) and call for flavorings that do not mask the taste of the natural ingredient and just enhance.
  19. hrm I salt water for pasta SOMETIMES depending on what I'm going to be saucing it with. I really do not like the oversalting we find in most modern foods (like chicken why is a chicken coming presalted? isnt that my job?) If you are doing say a anchovy based sauce or a flavorful one then don't bother or keep the water really like diluted sea water (which depending on where you live can be quite salty so sorry if this doesn't work). IMO you should salt the ONIONS not the cooking oil. I usually heat the pan, throw in olive oil, then onions, fry to coat with oil (pretty quick) THEN salt lightly (depending on what it's used for). Are you using kosher salt? Generally I find with kosher or sea salt you REALLY do not need much... I usually use less (supposedly some chef said use more but heh) then what it calls for. Especially with sea salt! IMO you seemed to be reaching for the salt shaker way too much. I may use it right when I start and then adjust the salt right before I serve. That seems to make sure that I'm not oversalting.
  20. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggis! *said with a Scots woman's accent* mind ya now!
  21. Pancakes! Blueberry if possible but plain with real warm maple syrup and butter. Lately I've been addicted to buckwheat pancakes. They have a nice nutty hearty taste. Yum! I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow. I like waffles but I have yet to have a really great one home-made or at a restaurant. French toast would be my last choice. Dunno why but for some reason I've never been a fan.
  22. Yes please! Is that salmon mixed with the rice and what's the square item? Eggs? Look very yummy!
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