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  1. I finally tried beni shoga because of Hiroyuki and YUM!!!! I'm in love! What do you eat it with other than gyudon? I ate it with unagi and it was yummy.
  2. I tend to use panko instead of breadcrumbs. They are lighter.
  3. Wah! This thread makes me hungry! I had Kai Palou (sp?) that I believe is a chinese dish. It''s hard boiled eggs, pork belly, and tofu braised in five spice powder, soy sauce, and dark soy sauce. Very yummy. It's my version of comfort food since my Dad used to make it for me a lot when I was a kid. To cut the richness I did a simple broccoli stir fry in oyster sauce with red pepper flakes. I didn't get a picture of tonights dinner but theres a picture of the braised dish on the bad dinner thread since it's not the prettiest thing. Dejah - I want to go to you your school! Could you tell me how you made the chili pork? I've always loved savory baos but get kinda tired of the char siu.
  4. Des Moines, Ia has some great ethnic markets. There are at least 3 great asian markets (two Thai/Vietnamese and one Korean/Japanese), 2 latino markets, numerous italian markets, a Bosnian market, 3 pakistan/middle eastern/indian markets that I know of.
  5. Hrm, ok yes there are beans in sauces but I don 't remember eating beans as beans except as dessert.
  6. Great sites. thanks. I tried your BEP recipe from the "spending too much on food" thread and it was wonderful! Yummy, filling, and enough for three - 4 meals for me. I was really surprised how cheap it was too. I ate it with brown rice and felt I was getting a very healthy meal. The only thing I didn't like was the wheat tortillas I tried to sub for chappatis. I guess I'll have to learn how to make that. I definately want to try the ramjah recipe. Does anyone here get cravings for beans? Every once in a while I get one. I grew up eating Thai and we don't use beans at all so I find it odd. Usually I satisfy my craving with those cheap cans of beanie weinies but after trying Milagai's BEP recipe I'm definately going to start looking up indian bean recipes. I see a lot of indian meals in my future....
  7. i'm looking forward to this I'm trying to incude more vegetarian dishes to my diet in hopes that balance out the gorging we tend to do at this time of the year.
  8. *grumble mutter* well I just tried to send an email and it keeps giving me an invalid email given notice and all three emails I used where valid ones! Hrmph!
  9. I was always taught that if that happened to bring the soup up to a roiling boil for a few minutes to make sure any bacteria was killed of. Anyone know if this is necessary?
  10. That book has been in my Amazon.com wishlist forever. I really need to order it next payday. Thanks Paul. I have done papillote for salmon but never thought to use the technique for cod. Is that one you meant? What's salt-grilling? I've never heard of that.
  11. Hi, I just came to the conclusion that I really don't eat that much fish anymore. Since I live in Iowa, miles and miles away from the coast, seafood in here just wasn't the same. Well it looks like this midwest is finally catching on to the benefits and tastiness of seafood so the supply here while laughable by Asian standards is getting better and better. Since I seem to have a much better supply at the asian market and even my local supermarket I thought I'd try to put fish back to where it belong in my diet, i.e. at least 3-4 times a week if not more. It seems though the only recipe I really know how to do anymore is miso salmon which while good tends to get boring after awhile. I don't ever remember getting bored eating fish in Thailand. Since my diet is more Japanese than anything I'd really like to get some good Japanese fish recipes. Tasukete kudasai. I will eat anything but what's usually easiest to find here is cod, haddock, tilapia, salmon. Anyone know some good recipes I can use for these types of fish? I do have a pretty good Asian markets where I can get a more diverse types of fish but the problem I run into often is I really don't know what the heck I"m looking at in the freezer cases and they usually aren't labeled. Thanks in advance.
  12. You may want to look the thread on french macaroons. I think someone on there has tips on how to make almond flour.
  13. Could you include bentos? Or at least mark something so we know what dish would work well in a bento? Also onigiri filings. Every book I have just says umeboshi. Great idea! I'm sure I'll come up with more later.
  14. when a picture of uncooked meat makes your mouth water!
  15. I <3 Ah Leung! I still want to try my hand at this one. Might not be til next week though.
  16. I find it sad the amount of snobbishness that comes out at eGullet. I was excited when I saw Tyler Florence's commercial for Applebees. They've actually had a decent menu in the last few years showing that they are trying to promote more healthy eating. I enjoy their salads. I've enjoyed their weight watchers meals. If you paid attention to the commercial you would see that the TF meals all include healthy salads. I see nothing wrong with him trying to improve a menu for a normal family restaurant. *rolls eyes at the snobs*
  17. Ooooo I've always wanted to try my hand at these. Looking forward to this cook off!
  18. I cook a lot of Japanese dishes and don't find it difficult to make three different dishes to eat. What I do have a problem with is trying to figure out what goes with what. An example would be niku jagu. I want to try this dish and figure a simple cucumber salad would work with it but what else would I serve?
  19. I think I missed the third episode but I watched the last one tonight. I thought Chris did an awesome job showing AB good eats! Nice to see a fellow eGulleteer and tasty looking chow. That burger looked like a heartattack waiting to happen. I would LOVE to try one!
  20. Ok went to my japanese/korean market and picked up two blocks of silky tofu. I found some ponzu sauce but realized when I was putting it away that it was actually ponzu salad dressing. Can I still use that? I couldn't find men tsuyu but I did find memmei? I wasn't sure if that was the same thing so I didn't get it. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow I get to have hiyayakko again. I was also thinking of doing spaghetti salad (with kewpie mayo no less), blanched mung beans, rolled omelet (I just found an tamago pan), and kara-age or tonkastu. Too much? Wierd combo? Someone help me, I think I'm turning Japanese!
  21. Thank you all Tomorrow I will be going back to my japanese/korean market to pick up some more silky tofu. I'll look for some bonito flakes and the like. Helen how do you pickle your goya? I'm used to eating that in a soup but I'd love to try it with hiyayakko. Hiroyuki, what is myoga? I've been craving this dish since thursday when I tried it. It just seems so refreshing with the heat.
  22. I finally gave this dish a try. I have to admit when I first read the thread cold tofu didn't sound to appetizing but, YUM!!! OMG! YUM! I ended up finishing the whole block of tofu (yes I'm a glutton) it was so good. For my first time I wanted to try something simple so it was just silky tofu with minced green onion with soy sauce. I have a feeling I'll be eating this all summer. Any other recipes I should try?
  23. OOO that sounds good Kris. Hrm... though it's hard to find the type of scallions that Japan has here. I wonder if it would work with the littler ones? Is it the same otherwise? Do you put anything else in it besides green onion and konnyaku? I was going to make korokke but now this has me intrigued. And drooling.
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