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  1. Bringing this old thread forward.  Not a many seem to have loved this back then, but I know some of you like it a lot.  I finally found a couple today and my plan is to make steak and egg burritos with them.  I thought that I'd sear the steaks in an iron skillet to very rare, then cool and cut into strips, add some kind of sauce (TBH, I was thinking A1 :blush:) and reheat on steam or bake/steam in the CSO, top with a sunny side up egg and wrap in a warm flour tortilla.  What say you???

  2. Ok, now I"m ready to book a trip to Paris (actually I'm always ready to book a trip to Paris).  This is sounding like an incredible spread.  The only suggestion that I have is something like the soft boiled eggs in warm olive oil with rustic bread to spread it on that we ate at Cave a’ los a Moelle when we went to Paris.  Of all the incredible food we ate, this dish is the one I think about the most.  

  3. @robirdstx - I can't tell you how utterly delicious that looks.  Especially after my lazy dinner.  


    My dinner was, as I said, extremely lazy.  In my defense, I have a migraine and am off in about 2 minutes to some hydrocodone and a dark room.  I had these crackers I made:


    And a giant tub of spinach, artichoke heart and Parm dip from Costco.  Literally a giant tub plopped down on the table beside the computer.  Wish I'd thought to make @robirdstx's pasta earlier!  

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  4. 1 hour ago, rotuts said:

    @Kim Shook


    are you using the crumb tray , and is the tray clean ?   it reflects heat


    and what position is the rick in ?


    its  not the " middle " for me. but 3/4 of the way down.


    I make it a point not to look at the flip side of toast


    dod you bread have sugar ion it ?


    My CSO for sourdough needs a # 8   # 7 just barely gets the job done

    Not using the crumb tray - just the rack on the second lowest position.  This particular bread has sugar in it, but this happens with pretty much every bread I toast.  And since they are almost all commercial loaves, they probably all have sugar.  And I just checked the ingredients for the loaf I make most often and it has honey in it.  

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  5. Made a double batch of @caroled's baked beans for my FIL's 80th birthday party on Saturday:


    As always, they were very popular.


    There were enough leftovers for one of my favorite dishes for lunch today - Beanie Wienie:


    Made with @caroled's beans and Kirkland dogs, it was exceptionally good!  Also I've still got some of the crackers that I made when we had company last week.  They are good, but cornbread would have been perfect.

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  6. 17 hours ago, liamsaunt said:

    Sometimes I grab a cookbook off the shelf and make food from it all week.  This week I picked Andrea Nguyen's Vietnamese Food Every Day.  Tonight's dinner was ginger-garlic fish parcels.  She suggests salmon or halibut, and I used salmon.  The sauce is oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, garlic and ginger.  The parchment parcels have a layer of baby bok choy tossed with sesame oil, scallions, and then fish topped with the sauce and scallion greens.  I served with rice. Very nice dinner.



    That sauce sounds absolutely gorgeous!

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  7. 21 hours ago, ElsieD said:


    Put eggs in cute little egg rack.  Place in CSO.   Set CSO to 210F steam and let steam for 22 minutes.  Take all eggs out of the CSO at once because they are all safely ensconced in the cute little egg rack.  Done!😀

    I'm sorry, I realize that this is a CSO question on an IP thread, but do you then put the cooked eggs in ice water to stop the cooking process?

  8. Tried using the IP to make a dozen hard boiled eggs with my little rack:



    At 5 minutes, they came out a little underdone:


    Couldn’t have been any easier, though – just 1 cup of water, eggs on the rack, 5 minutes at highest pressure, release pressure, and put eggs in ice water.  Maybe 6 or 7 minutes?  The texture was excellent and not a hint of green (I tend to get a little green).  

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  9. 6 hours ago, Smithy said:


    I made my first attempt at fried green tomatoes last night. We had friends come for dinner, and I warned them in advance that dinner would be a series of experimental dishes. (These are truly good friends!) I sliced the tomatoes about 1/2" thick. I dipped roughly half of the tomato slices in an egg/milk wash then dredged them in corn meal. The other slices I simply fried, with no coating. At the table we had choices of a remoulade sauce and a buttermilk ranch dressing.


    It was interesting to see how some of the tomato slices fell apart, I suppose because I let them get too soft. @TicTac, thanks for the idea for trying some uncoated! We all liked the uncoated slices with that caramelization. I have to admit however that we preferred the coated tomatoes for the contrast in texture. The coating fell off of some, and we spent some time discussing ways to make it adhere better. The accidentally-uncoated tomatoes weren't as good as the deliberately-naked TicTac tomatoes.


    In poking around these forums and reviewing this earlier topic on Fried Green Tomatoes I found a link to this great-looking recipe from The Spruce Eats for Oven-Fried Green Tomatoes. I want to try this recipe, too: I really hate pan-frying in the house because of the cleanup.


    I have a lot more green tomatoes with which to experiment. I had asked the farmer for a dozen, if he could spare them, and by the time picking rolled around he couldn't remember, so he brought me a box!

    Lots of good advice here.  I agree with 1/2-inch being too thick and also the flour-egg-cornmeal that @Shelby suggested.  It also helps to put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes after coating, but before frying. This helps the coating stick to the tomato when its cooking.  I'm not a fan of oven cooked tomatoes.  But, YMMV.  I've had them with a cornmeal-egg-panko coating and that was very good, too. 

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  10. It may make me a racist, but I like things divided by region/ethnicity/whatever you want to call it.  I like knowing where to find rice noodles, ghee, tortillas, Jelly Babies, etc.  I won't die on that hill.  I'm sure I'd get used to finding everything if they spread it all over the store.  I'm just a 60 year old lady that hates change.  😁


    One thing I used to find funny/sad was that the hometown family owned grocery store that used to be here in the capital of the Confederacy always put kosher food in the international aisle.  🤨 so, no American Jews, huh?

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  11. We usually go out somewhere for brunch after church, but Mr. Kim spent the whole day smoking 6 pork butts for aA  church fundraiser, so this was what I served:


    A Carolina dog (mustard, chili, and slaw) and Fritos.  Both the slaw and the chili were purchased, but the dogs were Kirkland, so that raised the level a bit. 😄  

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  12. @Margaret Pilgrim - what is "family dressing"?  



    I definitely over-shopped for my friend’s visit earlier this week.  Lots of cheese that wasn’t eaten when she was here meant a cheese and bits and pieces dinner last night.  Cheeses:


    From 12 o’clock – Cheddar, Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise, bleu, fromage d’Affinois, Appalachian, and manchego.  The plate has some kind of truffled cheese on it.  I detest truffles in any form (other than chocolate😁), so I was making sure that it wouldn’t touch anything I might want to eat. 


    Sausage and crackers:


    The upper right crackers are ones that I make with frozen dumplings (flat, like noodles) and the sausage is beef from Sausage Works in NC.  Also:





    Jessica’s contribution:


    Rotel dip and chips.


    Fruit and salad:



    Hard deli rolls and pimento cheese sausage balls:


    We still have a LOT of cheese left.


    Now I have a little story for you.  So, Mr. Kim, Jessica and I are having dinner at a favorite Chinese restaurant tonight.  Jess and I share the Pupu, as always, and she orders Crispy Beef with Orange Peel as her main course.  Our food comes.  Jessica puts a couple of pieces on her plate and I take a piece of hers, too.  I eat mine – it’s good.  I plan on eating more.  She decides to get up and wash her hands.  While she is gone, the waitress comes by and says, “Did I give her chicken or beef?”.  We look at the plate and sure enough, it is chicken.  We didn’t even notice.  Ok, easily fixed.  Waitress says, “Did she eat it?”.  Forgetting that I ate a piece, we say, “no”.  So, the waitress, using a large spoon and HER FINGERS takes the two pieces of chicken off Jessica’s plate and puts them on the main plate.  She puts down Jessica’s ACTUAL order (beef) and carries the chicken plate down to another table and serves it to them.  Let that sink in.  Mr. Kim and I sit there appalled.  I am smothering a fit of giggles and Mr. Kim is so flummoxed that he knocks his entire glass of water into his lap.  At this point, Jessica comes back to the table and seeing us, says, “What’s wrong?”.  We explain and she says, “Well, I ate the pineapple and the cherry off the plate and I’m pretty sure there is a maraschino cherry stem on that plate”. 🤣

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  13. 1 minute ago, rotuts said:

    if only I could make smaller portions !


    say 1/4 of an Rx.


    I do have a scale to weigh out the dry ingredients .....

    I was actually thinking about that when I posted it for you - it does make a huge amount (though it lasts a long time - we are still eating it).  I think it would work if you weighed stuff.  Don't forget to toss the banana slices with lemon juice like @Toliver suggests - I need to add that to my recipe!  

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  14. Cheesecake freezes amazingly well.  If you have time, take the side off, freeze the cheesecake, then remove the bottom.  I would line it with parchment no matter how you do it.  But remember that cold cheesecake is easier to maneuver. 

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  15. 4 hours ago, Shelby said:



    Thank you, Kay! I'd LOVE to have your recipe when you get time :)   Also, any tips on the confit would be appreciated  :) So sorry about your tooth woes.  I feel your pain both in your mouth and your wallet.  


    Chum appreciates the kind words @Toliver and @kayb.  She had quite a day yesterday and did phenomenal at finding birds.


    First, the sunrise




    Chum waiting for a shot to be fired


    Searching for a bird


    Found it!



    Doves and I think a teal is in there too


    Tired girl



    I'm feeling more myself today, which is good because I have a million and one things to get done.  Need to can tomatoes or make spaghetti sauce, make bierocks, pick the garden, get some cherry tomatoes in the oven for @ElainaA's slow roasted sauce, bake some bread (last night the guys said they wanted BLT's tonight--I want homemade pasta and sauce.....wonder who will win?)figure out an appetizer (thinking about making @Kim Shook's pimento cheese sausage rolls, but need something to go with)....phew oh and somewhere in there, I need a shower lol.  I better get busy.


    On to last nights dinner:




    Fried bass and catfish


    with green beans from the garden, @Jaymes's squash, truffle cheese mac using the melty cheese calculator :) and tomatoes



    Girl, I am exhausted just reading all this and all I've done today is make a double batch of @caroled's baked beans for my FIL's BD tomorrow.    You and Chum will have both earned naps at the end of the day!  I'd give anything for that plate of fried fish!!

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