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  1. Daniel The best way to learn is to go to one of the last great shops in the area, which you still have in NYC and and offer to trade a few days of free labor for instruction. It privides an opportunity for someone to get a few hours off. It should not take much to convince them. I learned at the business end of a knife and while books are ok there is no substitute. If they have any question bring a pack of your OINK pictures. They will welcome you with open arms. It is really neat to learn how to break down a pig, cow, lamb or chicken first hand. You, I'm sure, will be a pro the first day. P.S. the knives will scare the shit out of you....then you will never want to be without them. Tiny cuts with a knife half the size of your arm, I still don't get it.
  2. This whole grape jelly thing....I don't get. I'll have to try it.
  3. Unbelieveable photos, quotes like "Cheesier-Than-Mariah Carey Scalloped Potatoes" and 2 pages worth in one day....WOW. What fun!
  4. It's fitting. There is room for a toFU steak in philly. Oh but a little slice shrimp on that or some chicken or beef satay.. .now we takin!
  5. I had lunch there today, took my Pastor it was his birthday. They had hot rabbits ding! It was hot!!! Peppers, rabbit pieces, garlic slices. The rabbit was on the bone but who cares. Man it was good. Major flavor. What a way to try rabbit for the first time. A new favorite. We also had Ma Po tofu, always great, cold spicy chicken, twice cooked pork with long peppers, Beef and spaghetti. Left with lips numb and big smiles.
  6. Anthony Bourdain DVD's at the discoverychannelstore.com. For those of us without cable Woo Hoo! I Know what I am buying myself for Christmas! Edited to add they won't ship till after Christmas. Who cares, I can wait.
  7. Nearly lopping my finger off cutting bread cubes, of all things for the panzanella salad! I was laughing then thunk. I kept laughing but it is only now healed. Another scar, another tale to bore others with!
  8. Oh hail altar of kochujang!!! I can't keep this stuff around. Favorite breakfast, fried egg, kochujang, hot white rice. It starts my day with a kick!
  9. Call me a freak I only ever used bbq sauce, honey and hot sauce
  10. Guppy! WE MISSED YA MAN!!! Good to have you back.
  11. Hot Wings at the bar in Philly Concourse B up near the security checkpoint.
  12. handmc

    biscuits and gravy

    Here goes, the southerners will groan, but I like it. Brown a mix of sage and hot roll sausage, breaking them up into little bits. In the fat throw in one chopped onion, saute until they start to show color, add flour and cook from white to blonde, add a pinch of Cayenne, Milk and whisk stock is always a nice boost but more milk to thin it out a bit is fine. I think stock gives it a better feel in addition to more flavor. A dash of worchester, a sprinkle of fine chopped parsley stir till right thickness serve over bisquits, with a very light dust of paprika at the end for color . Dats how I make it, Dats how I like it!
  13. My vote is for Johnnie's. Man now I have to go get one.
  14. handmc

    Dinner! 2005

    My daughter had ear infections for years, as I did when I was a teen. I know how much they hurt. I Hope you are feeling better soon Daniel. Dinner would certainly take your mind off of things for a little while.
  15. handmc

    Dinner! 2005

    My daughter had ear infections for years, as I did when I was a teen. I know how much they hurt. I Hope you are feeling better soon Daniel. Dinner would certainly take your mind off of things for a little while.
  16. So I'm hacking away, ow, I've driven my knife into my hand again, no stiches this time but it is still a wake up call... Yo loser, nice knife skills....
  17. This time I sucked it up shoved a rag into the wound and kept cooking.
  18. This thread is amazing as always, then the link to Adams thread, Wow what a treasure that is. You know I have been bumping around EG for a few years now, and I have finally, through many blessings, have been in a position where I could become a donor. I must say EG is a gift to us all and it is because of its members that we are able to enjoy cooking and fellowship as much as we do here. For that, I am Thankful.
  19. handmc

    Baked Oysters and Ham

    Its been a while but the max I believe the food code put out by FDA allows is sale no more than 14 days after harvest. If you are concerned the Food Safety Information Service webpage, FSIS.gov, should have the time limit on it or will get you to the page that does. If they are more than a week out I wouldn't eat them raw baking would be okay. Your right btw I shouldn't have used OY when discussing trafe.
  20. handmc

    Baked Oysters and Ham

    The classic reciepe is (deep) fried oysters and fried or baked Va ham. I like your idea. Oysters, Ham, spinach, maybe in a bachamel with a little nutmeg, some cheese, maybe parm topped with buttered cracker crumbs and baked till brown.. mmmm I might just try that myself. Let me know what you cook. I have made braciole stuffed with oysters and spinach, bread crumbs and cheese. It was awesome, but Oy was it rich. You eat one and your done. Tastes good though. braciole
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