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  1. Warren's Chicken Salad with grapes and walnuts This is a recipe I created for our local church bazaar. I sell it by the quart and by the sandwhich every year. It is very popular and very nice in the summer. 2 c cubed chicken 1 c peeled grapes cut in half 1/2 c chopped walnuts 1/4 c chopped fresh tarragon 1/2 c finely chopped celery 1-1/2 c mayo (Helmans) 2 fl oz sherry or more to taste Salt and pepper to taste Combine in a large bowl the chicken, grapes, celery and walnuts. In a seperate bowl combine the mayo, tarragon, sherry and salt and pepper until the flavors balance. Don't pour all the sherry in at once rather stream it in until you can taste the sherry but it does not overpower everything else. If the dressing is too thick you can thin it out a bit with a bit or milk or cream. Fold the chicken mixture and the dressing together and place in the fridge to chill. While this can be served warm the flavor is better if served after there has been an opportunity for the flavor to meld a bit. Allegric to nuts? This salad is very tasty without them. I added the walnut for their crunch. The extra flavor the nuts brought to the dish was a bonus. Keywords: Salad, Chicken, Easy ( RG1736 )
  2. Jamica, the island, is the last place I had a decent bowl I when available I tend to develop an addiction to the stuff so it is probably just as well I can't find any. I don't need to be making 1 1/2 hour trips into the city for a bowl of soup.
  3. Is this the best they can come up with? Yikes. Lots of pointless yelling, pointless because it seems like it is not getting through. I have seen farm animals more responsive. Heather was pretty sharp keeping her head after burning her hand. She is the kind of contestants that would make this show a lot more interesting.
  4. handmc

    Chicken salad

    cubed chicken peeled grapes cut in half chopped walnuts Chopped frest tarragon chopped celery Sherry Mayo with hvy cream Salt and pepper to taste Served on a croissant (sp?) its late.
  5. The owner Michael Persons, an Austrian born chef, and his wife would be crushed to hear of the slip in quality. I had some business dealings with Mike and he is obseesed with trying to please people. You should call and ask for him and give him a heads up. Get him talking about food and you are in for a very interesting conversation. We used to get side tracked talking food and restaurants resulting in our appointments running much longer than either had ever expected. He is heck of a nice guy. He is at the Ship Inn during most of the day, with his wife running DK. Both are very hands on. It would be worth the call to keep the place on track. Sounds like the new chef needs a little fine tuning.
  6. handmc

    guava glazed chicken

    "can or two of chortle in adobo" what is that? Is it like Chipotle Chilis or am I way off. The idea sounds interesting, just not sure of what I need to mix together.
  7. Keller's cookbooks are doable. I actually use them 4-5 times per year. Bourdain's cookbook is a stained mess, the spine is broken and I should probably buy a new copy. Diane Kenndy's cookbook scared me to death until I found a decent source for dried chili's now her cookbooks have taken a pounding. Batali's cookbook I followed a number of his recipies to the letter. I hated the results, it is probably me but I felt Keller's recipies more of a challenge. I loved my Justin Wilson cookbook until someone stole it at a party I through. Paul Perdomme's books are okay although he is a bit heavy on the spice for me. Craig Clairborn's are a favorite. A cooking at the CIA, the one when the show first came on the air I used so much I have memorized most of recipies. Lidia, I love her show, hate her cookbook. Chez Panise, I have never used. I should stop now. I am embarrasing myself with the number of books. I get a lot for gift I read but never use.
  8. Chris, I am glad to hear of your new opportunity. Your show idea is one of my favorite hobbies when I travel. I miss and get some real loser meals now and then but most of the time I find some great places. Lexington Ky has some great hidden Gems.
  9. handmc

    guava glazed chicken

    Wow that sounds great.
  10. I have some guava, I have two chickens, I have never tried the two together but it works real well with pork. I am concerned when I put the chickens on the rotis that it might burn because of the sugar content in the guava. I plan to make a basting liquid of guava, limes, garlic, carmelized onions and salt and pepper. Anyone tried to cook chicken with guava before?
  11. The bad bug book has all the various symptoms and onset times.
  12. handmc

    KFC Famous Bowls

    Chris: I am concerned that you missed an important step in the testing protocol. Did you first mix the bowl to a homogenous slurry? If not you left the "flavor molecules" trapped in thier natural state which, in point of fact, defeats the purpose of bowlage. Another test may be in order. Are you up for it?
  13. Bruni may have been a lot of places but where are his pictures!!! He can't hold a candle to our Daniel
  14. Katie, did you have an ice bucket for your wine?? Just teasing...
  15. Gaaaaahhhhh! You are not supposed to stir Monkey Brains!!!
  16. Percy: I am sorry you did not find it. I copied the address straight from the business card. The way I get to Coatesvillle and the grocery is to take 30 west to 82. 82 into Coatesville. Then I go left onto 30 Business. It will come up on the left hand side TIENDA is more noticeable than anything. It is after the Large Church on the left. If you get to the Athletic fields on the left or see signs for the Va. Hospital you have gone too far. I have a chili cook off this weekend and plan to head over there thursday or friday. Last time I was there I bought some pork in "enchilada sauce" it was thinly sliced pork a red sauce. I grilled it up over some hickory, Man it was GOOD. If you are heading over PM me and I will give you my cell if you want and I can get you there if the directions above don't work.
  17. I get to go back May 17th -23rd Seoul then Pohang and back. Any must go to places. I will be staying at the JW Marriot which has western fare. The food court in the adjoining basement though has everything - except dog. There is a sign with a Basset Hound with a red circle with a slash across it.
  18. Welcome!! and thank you for the review.
  19. In the warm months I have outdoor bashes so the more the merrier. The kids are either in the pool or a tent I put up for them so they don't bother us and we don't have to worry about editing out conversation. In the wintertime they are fed and off to bed!
  20. handmc

    Fresh Morels

    If you have any left saute with butter, slip in some cream and touch of hennessey and a few tarrogon leave and a little S&P over rare steak.
  21. I was back in Coatesville, today and had a chance to check out the markets and the restaurant. Mexico Lindo is near the district courthouse. Not much there. Moved on. Teinda Alquisiras 735 Lincoln Hwy Coatesville PA 610 380-9501 is THE JACKPOT. Meats Cheeses, Crema Peppers fresh and dried Everything you need to Mexican goodness. I got some peppers there today bright orange, not habenaro. They were about the size of a plum tomato. My lips are numb in a good fruity sort of way. It smelled like chopping a mango. Sweet agony! I AM SO HAPPY. Check out the restaurant by the same name, same owner, Had a lamb barbacoa taco moist yummy lamb hot of the grill. Bought a cubano sandwich for the wife and a taco al pastor sandwhich for me. Both were excellent. They had a full tempting menu. I am definately going back.
  22. handmc

    Top Chef

    one of the funnest lines on this thread! Now Pack your knives AND GO!
  23. handmc

    Top Chef

    I kind of liked to Top Chef/Project Runway comparison. Andre has found a soul mate in Dave. Maybe they could have show where they have a good cry together. Maybe for next season as a quickfire challenge they could cook for models or Barbie. A 5 course meal not to exceed 100 calories, that doesn't hurt when you bring it back up. That's why they were kicked off the show - they brought a gun to a knife fight! Chefs use knives people! Time for me to pack my knives and go......
  24. Dixie Bones in Woodbridge VA off I-95. Good Q. A little south futher south down 1 there is so real real good mexican food. I cannot read most of the menu, mostly when I'm down there I point act the pictures for dinner..and say please.
  25. Went for the first time last night. A major disappointment. Ordered Carne Avodado (spicy beef) It came with rice and beans and corn tortillas. The beef while it appeared to be coated with annato, was not spicy at all. In fact is was dry and flavorless. Not a good start. Also ordered a combination plate with a tamal, enchilada and chile relleno. Rice, beans and salad came with it. The tamal and enchilada were both dry. While they had a chile type sauce on it, it didn't taste like much of anything. Not sweet, sour, bitter, earthy, not anything. No kick from the peppers. Mostly it was a tomato/dried corn taste. Also ordered was a chili relleno with rice, beans and salad. I stopped in around 4:30pm and I was the only person in the place. When I got home I found that the beans had appeared to be cooked dry. As dry as the rice that is. Did I get lunch left overs? While the Chili Relleno might be better eaten at the store. I don't think I'll be back. I was the only person in the place and there were too many problems with these basic dishes. I was expecting a much better experience and it appears from above they may have lost thier way.
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