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    Johnnyd: What is dulce de leite? Raw sugar or something? I was shopping for last night and this large pack of boneless pork should lept into my cart! You can imagine my shock and surpise. I could only calm it down by promising to make carnitas out of it.
  2. handmc

    Chilli Oil

    you could also use to make eggs or cook steak.
  3. Riff on eggs benedict: Potatocake, topped with my own pulled pork BBQ, topped with an egg, bernaise sauce and fried chili from my garden. Not all the pretty to look at but it was a wonderful thing! The peppers were a nice crunchy explosion of flavor. And Q for breakfast, oh boy!
  4. TIp toes and a soft pillowcase!
  5. I was driving home from VA and stopped by my favorite farm stand on rt 10 in Oxford. All organic, all wonderful. Corn, tomatoes, raspberries bigger than your thumbnail.
  6. Lori, you are truely amazing putting up with all of us during the challenges of this past week. Will the hammock see use this weekend? Anyting planned for the fourth? edited because I cannot spell.
  7. handmc

    Barbeque's Sides!

    a salad with fresh tomatoes cut in 1/4s, sliced red onion, feta, black olives, torn fresh oregano, chopped garlic (I like a lot) and a red wine vinagrette with a tsp. of sugar and S&P to taste.
  8. I always scratch my head about food writers. What makes one? A keyboard? By comparison a "legal analyst" should, at a minimum have gone to law school. Having practiced law a plus, but since the trade is specialized if the issue is beyond the area of expertise it is in many instances useless. The problem is people believe this talking head and often use the information to make important decisions about their lives. Gaahhh! Shouldn't a food writer have some training? Wouldn't it be better if the actually worked in a professional kitchen for a time? How about being at least a line cook first. Perhaps then I might respect it when they write, "but most of the creations were uninspired, lacking kick and flavor." Compared to what the fast food you had at lunch? Gets up on SOAPBOX: Have these authors of restaurant criticism ever had to come up with a menu for thier family? That's a challenge in itself. But to come up with something new something that will catch the eye of travel worn, fickle patrons each with different tastes is a huge undertaking, could Lucy do it? I doubt it. It is particularly annoying when you consider the resturant being reviewed is at least trying to do something differ. Its not like he opened a steakhouse or burger joint. What is most infuriating are these witless, haphazard comments. People looking for someplace to eat over the holiday weekend may go somewhere else because this person and her date didn't enjoy thier meal. When considering qualifications of this "writer" to review this restaurant I find this quote disturbing, "the sushi, coated in fried Japanese bread crumbs, tasted oily and fishy." Sushi tasting fishy! Imagine that! While sushi coated in bread crumbs sounds like an abomination, and maybe that was what she was taking issue with, this was not effectively communicated in her writing. But a complaint that sushi tasting fishy, that's just silly. Off soapbox. The papers like to crow about responsible journalism, it should apply to all aspects of the paper. Unskilled or unqualified restaurant reviewers can kill hard working restaurant's chances early on and that is not right.
  9. Woohooo! I am there! God bless your keen eyesight.
  10. Oh man, that looks horrific. I guess there is no "bite" photo with this one.
  11. I love the coffee cup. I need to get one for my wife. Will you post the ham loaf recipe in recipe gullet? Ah, pepperslaw, I sell a ton of it at our church bazaar over here in chester county.
  12. What a great thread. That bread pudding looks okay to me. How did it taste?
  13. handmc

    oxtail soup

    Swisskaese's receipe is very good. Mine differs slightly in that I fry in a little tomato paste with the onions and garlic and I throw in some red wine or port if I have it around. My soup also cooks for at least 4 hours, just barely bubbling. Very rich stuff. With all the rain we are having I should make up a batch. Try again. You won't be disappointed these are real good cheap eats.
  14. Thank you all for the parking tips, that was very kind. Rabbits ding is definately in my future!
  15. I tried to take my daughter there yesterday afternoon. I couldn't find a place to park without paying an arm and a leg. We were both sad. oh well. We will try again.
  16. handmc


    Good Luck. I re-read this thread last week and made a big batch myself. Yummy, they were.
  17. I was bringing my daughter back from play practice at Longwood Gardens and she mentioned she was hungry. As I was turning to go North on 202 off of Route 1 I noticed a sign for El Gran Rodeo, 220 Painters Crossing Village, West Chester PA 484-840-0323, and figured I would give it a try. The restaurant was clean, had a number of booths and table and a small bar. The help was friendly, polite and greeted me immediately. The Menu was extensive. In a hurry I ordered a quesedilla (sp?) and a dish called fajita burritos for me, to go. The meal was ready in minutes. I gave my daughter her quesedilla, which she had to let cool. When it was eating temperature she said that she liked it very much and asked if we could go back. A good sign. Lunch came with a bag of what appeared to be recently made chips, still warm and very crisp. It there were to little cups, one had a zippy salsa very fresh, with a clean tomato taste. this had not been lying around. The second cup had a sour cream like sauce which was aggressively spiced with a slight pink color. It was very good on the chips. When I got home I found one smaller container with fresh shredded lettuce, a tomato slice, guacamole salad and sour cream. In the large container was two burritos stuffed with tasty, spicy, strips of grilled meat covered with a spicy/tangy cheese sauce. There was also a generous helping of refried which where quite good as well. Since I live in northern Chester county this is a bit of a haul for me, but in there area around lunch or dinner time and I would definitely go back. The business card speaks of four other locations but they are all in VA. It is definitely worth a try.
  18. Wow another week gone. Thanks for a great week!
  19. That's not fair. Jerry isn't that bad and Tyler Florence appears to know how to cook.
  20. handmc

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    Jason- I will come to your house for leftovers anytime. edited to remove comments that belond on the dinner thread.
  21. What is with the hot dog thing. I got myself a cubana at the place next to the market, in the ville, I told you about. My wife went sideways, gah... I'm not eating that. I gave her some lamb tacos which she liked and I had the sandwich, which I LOVED, but I don't get it. Why the hot dog?
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