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  1. Great job Daniel. Amazon gave it a good review as well. I also put it on my shopping list!
  2. I get my crab at Hoppies in Port Deposit, MD and pick my own meat. Then I make my own crab cakes. They are worth ever dime and ever minute of prep time. They are also worth the hour and half drive from PA to pick up the crab. Picking crab is one lovely feast, but those crunch delicious cakes, it will only be a few more weeks before the crab is running again. Woohoo!
  3. Sicily probably..... ← Did Rocco Dispirito's Mom leave him for a new job with more job security? Sorry I could not resist.
  4. Peter you are doing some fine cooking down there! What does EMU taste like? It looks like steak.
  5. Nishla: one horrific post. I have missed this thread.
  6. Thanks for a great blog, a great week and the recipe!
  7. I just saw Hubert Keller's Secrets of a Chef on PBS (NJN). My god what a beautiful show! I drooled as I watched him prepare a new take on French Onion Soup with chopped tomato and fava beans, a classic alsatian dish and a pesto burger. I picked up a number of techniques and stared jaw agap as he created one show stopper after another. No question why he is one of the best. It is humbling watching someone at this level work. You watch him do something as simple as shape a hamburger and it make sense. Who needs food network, PBS is still the standard for real cooking shows.
  8. It was enlightening and interesting tv. They certainly threw that away. I never really thought of thier "white" programming until you mentioned it. Sadly with the exception of Disney and Bravo you don't see much of a mix.
  9. I don't understand the complaining. PBS a viewer supported medium produces, for the most part, a top quality product related cooking and food. Food Network a commerical network drive by adversting revenue produces swill remotely relating to food, which is intended to provide entertainment not enlightenment. Complaining about the quality of food network programing is pointless. You might as well complain about the why the Weekly World News is not on par with the New York Times.
  10. Her voice is over the top but I can stand it in a Rachel Ray sort of way if the recipe sounds interesting. But WTH is this new show. The slobbering over the camera men eye candy and guests, GAAAH. Please you just made a big deal of marrying a nice guy are we now really supposed to believe you are on the prowl for a 20 year old. PLEASE STOP BEFORE I PUKE! Go back to cooking, the sexy thing ain't working leave that for our favorite bobble head Giaada queen of Pancheeeeeeeeeeta!
  11. Emma: I finally caught this episode. What a fine showing! You were a blast to watch, I hope you keep competing and if they do another season they would be fools not to bring you back! Was thier a long time between plating in judging? When you showed the ternderloin it was a pretty pink, how they say that was overcooked was a bit strange. Keep cooking, you did us here at proud!
  12. A new question for you. Having blogged for a week would you consider doing it again? It has been such a pleasure reading this blog and there are a number of dishes on your blog I will try to make where on other blog I could not dream of trying to make.
  13. Just as an aside, I made the chili pepper stuffed bacon wrapped chicken rolls that is basted with teriyaki sauce, from the Tex Mex show. Man that makes a great dish for the grill! A cold beer, horseradish smashed potatoes and grilled asparagas and I was all set.
  14. Doc, This was stunning. Do you have other trips on EG for us to drool over? You children seem to have a broad palete. Is this true? How did you develop this in your children. After much effort my girls are becoming more daring, my oldest had chicken feet with me in Chinatown in philly and liked it. It was a blast watching her try all sorts on new flavors. Also, I am destined to spend some time in Queens. Any reccomendations? All price languages and flavors welcome. PM if you wish. warren
  15. I had a bulgolgi burger at McDonald's in Inchon South Korea. That was one nasty lunch. McD's should stick to what they do poorly and not insult a culture's cuisine with such an abomination.
  16. Anyone know the name of the Cheese place in the NJ show. That looked like some great cheese.
  17. ok this may be a dumb question, but is the double pour a pittsburgh thing? i noticed it at several places when we were out there summer before last: signs saying "all our shots are double pours!" and even when we were in a bar that wasn't the type of place that would put a sign like that out, we'd get poured doubles whenever we'd order a shot. i mean, maybe it's all just coincidence and i'm making connections in my head where they don't exist, but it was remarkable enough that i noticed it at the time. ← We were out there for a month this and had dinner out almost every night. This is the only time I encountered the huge pour. I guess if you were ever to be inclined to order Loius XIII that would be the bar to do it at. Seems I am destined to be headed out every week for the next few months so I will try a few other places.
  18. Was at Bravo Franco tonight. 613 Penn Ave. While I have written about this place with place tonight with praise tonight it was a trainwreck. The apps were good. Salad OK. But after 4 tries you think they could find a wine on thier own wine list. The barmaid, we were eating at the bar, kept bringing back bottles not on the list then getting more pissed off because we did not want a bottle that was not on the list and $40.00 more than what the bottle we aqsked for cost. She got pissier as the night wore on. we pulled the plug before dinner and went elsewere after a 45 minute wait for a cab . The story we were told is they restaurant changed hands, and they did not have the bottles on the wine list. We ended up at the hotel restuarant, Pittsburgh Rare for a dissapointing meal. We ended up at the Bar for a nightcap which is when the day(everything sucked about it) took a turn . I asked for a VSOP for an afterdinner drink. OMG easily an 8+ Oz pour. It wasn't a fluke, we had two of them. Deeply Saddened I hope I have better to report in the next few weeks.
  19. What? What is this about? I would love to hear what he was saying.
  20. I loved my trips to South Korea and I LOVE this blog. It makes we want to jump on a plane and come over. I got to see the palaces in Seoul that was about it. Even though I worked most of the time I was there I did get to have some amazing meals. Thanks for the trip back down memory lane.
  21. I spent a month at the Carson Street Apartment during a trial. Carson street is a great food street. Easy to get to and from the city. No issues with crime. It was a lovely part of the City. I would take long walks and never felt uncomfortable.
  22. I have not had this cut before but it looks like it would make great carnitas. There is a great thread how to prepare them. If you have not tried carnitas, you should.
  23. Sadly jerusalem artichokes stop me cold. Father used to grow them in our garden when I was a kid and they grew like crazy. Try as I might I could not force them down. Oh and Kolh Rabi, we grew great ones but the taste always made me gag. I like growing them it always frustrated me that I did like them. My mom was a great cook and we tried them all sorts of ways. Hmmmm, its been 15 years maybe its time to try them again...
  24. King Oscar sardines, yellow mustard, saltines and ice cold milk
  25. Yeah, I had a chance to come back to Pittsburgh! Monterey Bay Fish Grotto 1411 Grandview Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm Fri 11:00am-12:00am Sat 4:00pm-10:00pm Tel: (412) 481-4414 Fax: (412) 481-4448 Email: ghawleymbfg@aol.com Amazing food, a fantastic view and great service! We had for Appetizers Ahi Tempura $12.95 - Ahi tuna wrapped in nori, tempura-coated, wok-fried rare; served over a soy-mustard sauce with a ginger-tomato relish and Ahi sashimi. Both were buttery delicious. For dinner is was grilled Chilean Sea Bass with a mushroom sauce perfectly cooked, rich and satisfying. I had Yellow Fin Tuna seared with a stilton cheese and green peppercorn sauce. It was cooked rare per my request and the fish was excellent. I took a chance on this dish thinking the sauce might mute that flavor of the fish and to be honest it did. But the fish itself was great. The sauce was tasty but probably better suited for a steak A fine meal and a destination if you ever going to visit this fine city.
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