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  1. I just got back from Vegas and had a stunning good meal at Craftsteak we did the Kobe tasting. WOW! Also has dinner at Shibuya which was good but no way on the same level as Craftsteak. Both are at the MGM Grand. I also had dinner at Noodles at Bellagio, the food was mediorce and service sucked!
  2. Maybe Dale's crotch grabbing was him hold on to his temper. Anotonia had a point that they did just get through a quickfire that focused on Lux vs. lesser quality ingredients. Her reasoning was that this being a fundraiser the folks shell out big $$$ would not be thrilled with a simple squash soup. I think that was a valid point. Why not go with truffles, as pointed out in the blogs (earthy and lux) and make something simple with that for a first course. I think Richard messed up but it didn't deserve him going home. Zoi has failed to properly season her food throughout. I don't understand why the judges fixate on they are only judging the dish in front of them nonesense. You mean to tell me that between each segment they forget which ones serves up good food and which ones do not? Please, they told Zoi repeatedly her food was bland she deserved to walk because she wouldn't listen. That bacon sounded really good and Dale should be kissing butt not yelling because that beef and egg concept he has would have sent him home.
  3. Thanks for suffering through that Chris. Isn't half the experience suffering through the bad coffee and the service that is worse? Soo, what's next? The final steps to making the chocolates you started last night?
  4. When the choices are crispy pork belly at home or roll the dice some place downtown you never tried. My love and attention is going into the pork belly and I save the $$$ to splurge on something else. See another benefit of EG it allows you to be more selective where you eat! On the topic of pork and chocolate together at last... did you ever see Daniel's tour de force on pork? I don't know how to link threads it is about a year old. He had some kind of chocolate, caramel pork dessert that sounds so wrong it had to be right.
  5. We leave next Sunday for a short trip. First time to Vegas. If I am luck enough to get into a decent place I will add a post. Cheers!
  6. Nice slicer. Did you buy that new? I have been torn between a real fryer or a slicer as my next gadget to get. Fear not limrickers a new Wegman's is going in at 422 and 29. Opening soon. Have you been out to the Toft Trees for dinner. They do some nice work out there.
  7. Stickler alert: CC Peppers, not CJ Peppers. Now there's a memory. I had my first CC Peppers cheesesteak my very first night as a student.... Christopher ← You are correct Sir! I have not been there for a few years and with my advancing age, oh well.....I do remember they made a fine sandwich
  8. OK, now, there are some sacrifices I just can't make! ← Do you really think they are that wings are that hot? ← Actually, I've never had them, so I have no idea. People around here talk about them like they are crazy-hot, but I don't know how much truth there is to that. In my opinion the best wings in town are at Mad Mex (<-- might want to turn your audio off before clicking that one!): we'll be heading there on Friday for happy hour . Still, until I have compared them to The Gingerbread Man's I can't make a definitive comment... They are still there, though I hesitate to go near a cheesesteak in this neck of the woods. When I need my fix, I head to Philly! Is the CJ Peppers steak worth seeking out, or just above average for Central PA? Man, I hope not! ← My wife and brother in law, both Penn State grads used to go to CJ peppers for a cheesesteak fix. They are South East PA born and bred. I am ashamed to say while I have lived in PA and going into Philly often I have not been to Pat, Geno's or Tony Lukes. I have gotten very lost trying to find them however. Since I have a garmin now I will have to see what all the fuss is about.
  9. OK, now, there are some sacrifices I just can't make! Sounds like a grilled sticky is in order, though: maybe I will have one for breakfast tomorrow (<homer voice>mmmm, ice cream for breakfast</homer voice> ). ← Do you really think they are that wings are that hot? Maybe I just burned out the old taste buds. I think as hot wings go, while hot, they have the best flavor I have bought at a restaurant. How about a cheesesteak from CJ peppers, is that still there?
  10. Would you get some suicide wings from the G-man for us? Oh, man you have to take a hit for us do a grilled sticky as well.
  11. I am a but frustrated that Tom didn't submit a blog this week. I would have liked to see a blog from Boloud as well.
  12. The obvious one I guess would be liver, fava beans and a nice Chianti, (que disgusting toungue sucking sound) for Silence of the Lambs.
  13. They could have made Pea Soup ala the exorcist!
  14. Sadie, its still a great topic. Now I just need to go find a recipe and actually follow it. I start with a recipe and hey look at that shiny object over there.........................................................................................................................What was I doing I am doomed from the start!
  15. This is hard because my go to herbs and spices change with the season. Saffron would be my spice (I assume its a spice because you buy it at the spice sook). My favorite use is a saffron cream sauce heavy with garlic, shallots, white wine and thyme that I serve over steamed clams. Herb, thyme would have to be my favorite because of its versitility, but I use a ton of basil and flat leaf parsley as well.
  16. Tom doing the booty shake...now that's a frightening visual. One of the funniest lines of this series....
  17. I was okay until the stout, for me, it took the whole thing sideways. I would probably substutute a glass of wine and give it try.
  18. The Kowloon, man I miss that place. I happen to be driving down the north shore of Mass last week and had a chance to stop by Tripoli Bakery in Lawrence. Still cranking out the best italian bread and pastry. I then drove by the China Garden, in Andover where I used to get the Pu-Pu platter when we were too tired to drive to the Kowloon. They made a real good one as well. We used to cook the red cooked pork on a stick over the flame. The paper chicken (foil wrapped) was incredible as well. I stopped at the Clam Box in Ipswich for fried full belly clams and oysters. Man I was in heaven. I have to hit the Kowloon when I come back in town 5/16. Thanks for the memories!
  19. It appears, at least from Padma's blog, that the judges are tiring of those who take a back seat and try to coast to the next round. Ryan's, short lived, stints at these high end restaurants makes me think that he just does not have what it takes. He may be brilliant, don't know, never met him, but he comes off as dim. I wish K-fed would just leave already. He is a hack. That hat is bugging the hell out of me. Zoi = David only female. She cries at the drop of a hat but appears to lack the flashs of brilliance that brought David to the finals. Andrew for all his wacky behavior appears to have real talent. I hope he can control himself long enough to show his real ability.
  20. This is only for the truly hard core. Gird your livers! The product placement drinking game. See a label take a drink. I bet when the time comes to text into Bravo your favorite, whatever for the week, you will not even be able to see the keypad. Bayless was the type of judge I expected, tough. I think Mexican and Greek food can be fine dining I don't care what Stiengarten says. He is just pissed Mexican and Greek food are not centered around bacon. Erik, the day you can cook like Bayless is the day you can tell him to screw himself. Any time before then you are just a silly soggy corndog making punk. "This is my house" Please. What's next the cage match elimination challange? The first to make flavored mayo, shank his opponent and get over the top of the cage wins! Pasta salad? They screwed up Pasta salad. I know it can be done and it can be gastly but wasn't the point (patronizing as it was) to show these folk from the neighborhood how real chefs can make food that is the highlight of the block party. There is no excuse for handing over a poorly made Pasta salad with the pantry of flavors they have access two. Actual cooking time is what 8 - 10 minutes to get the pasta made. The rest of the time is figuring out what to toss in and to make a dressing. Thankfully Mr. soggy dog was still in town or I suspect the happy couple would have been spilt up. I don't enjoy this part of Top Chef all that much because too much time is spent focused on the goofballs and the goofy chanllenges. But it is worth the wait to see the cooking to follow. Still is seems none of the contestant has read TC's book he offers a lot of insight to his personal likes and dislikes. edited because I cannot spell
  21. Jaipur Indian Cuisine 336 W Dekalb Pike King Of Prussia, PA 19406 www.jaipurindia.com Simply amazing Indian food. The best I have had anywhere. This is the best indian food I have ever had. Better than any place in Chicago or anywhere I have tried. I cook Indian food, I eat it often, I love its complexity. Eating here was humbling. I thought I was familiar with Indian food and flavors. I was blown away it was if I was eating Indian food for the first time. New flavors, I could not identify what they were, but I know I wanted more. Service was prompt, warm, professional and unobtrusive, I dare say it is the finest I have had in at least a year. I had the spinach soup, somosa, chicken vindaloo, raita and hot pepper naan. Desert was Kulfi. The rice that was served along with dinner was breathtaking. A mix of colors, aromos and tastes to again baffle the senses in the nicest way. To attempt a description would be a disservice to the Chef and the food. I deeply apologize for the lack of a camera as it was a last minute decision and I had not even thought to bring my cell phone. I spent the week in North NH eating alone, the food grim. I unexpectedly found myself dinning alone again as my wife and daughters had plans. Frankly when I found it was located in a strip mall all that hoped for was a decent meal. What I received was more than I ever could have expected. I cannot wait to return.
  22. Padma's video blog, unadulterated eye candy. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  23. handmc

    Dinner! 2008

    This thread continues to provide the finest inspiration and food porn. Just amazing.
  24. Anyone try the indian restuarant Himalaya down at rte 401 and rte 30? I have driven by but it has always been in the early am.
  25. I have never seem this thread before, Oh My God the food! I had to take a Zocor after I finished looking at Percy's eggs. Percy, did you go to a summer camp or take a college course to learn to cook eggs the way you do, I have never seen thier equal.
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