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  1. Anything in Gulf Shores AL that are memorable?
  2. handmc

    Lamb in the smoker?

    I smoke lamb @ 200 in my smoker. I use apple wood and an occasional stick of hickory. A nice rub and I spray of apple juice, maple syrup and red hot every 15 min until it hits 180 internal. Some baked beans and slaw. Add some spoon bread. Yum
  3. Worst: The hot sauce Christmas. It happens repeatedly. One year I got a Thai fried dried peppers and dried chicken condiment all packed in a jar. It looks like dried worms the kind you see in the parking lot after a rain storm. *shudder* I cannot bring myself to open it. Dried chicken in any kind of condiment, that's just wrong! This year it was obscure crappy hot sauce Christmas, never crystal or gochugang or something I can use, no it has to have "cute" names like "dumbass hot sauce" Like I didn't get that reference. I also got this dried garlic stuff. Its not a powder or minced its just some dried junk that I can't use. I like to try different stuff I just can't see any point to ruining anything good just to use this garbage. I also got the Detroit Symphony cookbook. Just because someone can make music doesn't mean they can cook. What a collection of soupy dreck. I think I'll wait till they come for Easter to visit and make a foul tasting dip of "garlic stuff" and "dumbass hot sauce" to serve them and watch them choke it down and rave how good it is! Best: a 5 gallon soup pot with a 1/2 bottom! Weighs a ton but never burns the nectar.
  4. Baloney, kraft yellow slice, french's mustard on white bread washed down with hot chocolate . .*shudder* I usually take this sumptious meal on the bank of a creek while in between attempts to catch trout.
  5. handmc

    Dinner! 2004

    Chicken Cordon blue with tavern ham and camembert. Baby Limas and gren beans with russets mashed with black truffle butter. The kids actually ate this one.
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