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  1. "Tre'd"- Ilike that, its funny. I also like the tire track idea as well, I think it would be hugely popular. The mushroom girl should have been sent packing. I would understand if that was her first time making mushrooms but come on. And once you pull an item because it sucked, what the #&%$% are you thinking giving to the judges? Was she curious about her level of suckitude? Perhaps a little less Sandra Lee on the tablescapes and more cooky. Then the blue glasses at the end-arrgh I wanted scream - but they had to send the girl with the dirt pancakes home. It is not going to take long for the cream to rise to the top. I am interested in seeing Bayless as a judge. He is very serious about his food. I anticipate while a nice guy will be a very tough judge. I don't think that it would want him to judge one of my dishes unless I knew I nailed it.
  2. Peter, I know you are busy, tavelling and all but... Where is the Food, Man?! We are crazy with anticipation.
  3. Why is Rocco a JUDGE on Top Chef? While he was a chef and had a cookbook, when he got the biggest gig of his life as the executive chef of his own restaurant, He was late, absent, schmoozing customers all the time, at book signings and pretty much doing anything but what a Top Chef is supposed to do. While he was doing all of this his restaurant tanked to the point his business partner, like chowder head or not, felt he had to step in to try to save his investment. When Rocco got the wake up call of his life, being kicked out of his own place, did he make amends and fix it? No. The business was a failure and litigation ensued. TC has said repeatedly this is not top souz chef or top cook its Top Chef. Does Rocco even cook prefessionally anymore? I know he has (had?) some kind of call in show in NYC and does some stuff for Bertoli one of the sponors but did he ever pick himself up and find a new restaurant to cook at? Isn't this competition about being able to run the place from the top down? After such a tremendous failure and no triumphant return I wonder how Rocco can stand to watch himself on tv? And.. What about TB's rant about the guy first season on NR in the France episode where TB compares Rocco to a Rat and makes a bunch of silly and pointless rat jokes. It must have been a treat to see these two in a room together for thier first meeting since that episode. Send Rocco home. edited becuase I can't speel
  4. Anyone try Rouxbarb's yet. It is the new location for the Chef from Bogarts.
  5. On your stove top with the fan on, maybe. You would also have to check the terms of your lease. You do want to be cooking out door because the landlord thought you were trying to burn the place down. I would love to have one of these to use outside. I hear the heat they do a great job.
  6. Had dinner at St. Peters. Roasted Eggplant soup with crab cake. Dinner was Roast Duck, to perfection, with fig sauce. It had a side of Brussel Sprouts and Parsnips. Yum! These dishes just rocked! I had a butter cake with persimmon sorbet and raspberry sauce with some fresh red berries and whipped cream. Really good. Beverage was Victory Brewing Co. Hop Devil cask conditioned. Served old style like they would a pint of Guinness. It was incredible. Awesome dinner. They open the patio April 18. Dinner and dancing to jazz trios and quartets start in May. Thank God we have broken winter's back and spring is on the way!
  7. So with all this build up of the next iron chef. Has Symon done more than two battles?
  8. I am going to Whitefield NH. I am told there is not much in the area to look forward to. I will be there four days. Will you help me out with any reccomendations? Thanks.
  9. Truly amazing. What a lifetime experience that must have been. The clean up must have been a big job though? I have had a few monster bashes in my neck of the woods. The record is a four day clean up for a one day party. My good the place looked like it was attacked by locusts. Any chance of getting a recipe for the braised pork? I have a full size pork belly in the freezer, with ribs! I would like to give it the treatment it deserves.
  10. It may be the history of Irish Stew, but is sounds more like the invention of the HOT POCKET!
  11. This episode made me realize how long I have been following Tony's career. It also made me fell old. I am glad he made it through the shift without any problems. I would have loved to seen him the next morning sore and stiff. I bet he was wiped-out. I am destroyed the next day when I get the screwy notion to go back in the kitchen and pick up a dinner service. It was nice to see a really good explaination on how a commerical kitchen works in the middle of a dinner service. I wish he spent a little more time on the prep part so people could get a better idea what all is involved in getting a completed dish out the door. The more I see of Eric Ripert the more he facinates me. He seems like such a nice guy. I wonder if he is as humble as he comes off. For a guy on the top he just seemed to walk in and work along side everyone as just one of the guys. Go Tony!
  12. Yum-o MONEY! That would be a union! I wonder if the babies would be born with tatoos?
  13. Guy Ferrei, the Talapia of the food world who eats the guano off the floor of the FN editing/production room floor, smacks his lips and proclaims "That's money baby!" The Neelys Paula Dean I heard Guy Ferrei was the love child of Jerry Springer and Patti Smith!
  14. Well????? Did you try the Kobe? Details, man!
  15. BATTLE MUNCHIES!!!! Coming to ICA, the amazing chefs will be forced to actually ccok and serve the winning recipies of the Ultimate Recipe Showdown. Come watch Ted drool, Karim swoon and Jeffery tweak over this amazing collection of recipes. After that we will all go to the flea Circus!
  16. Wow this show is a mess! And to see Russ Parsons one of EGullet's own contributing author as a judge that was more of a shock! French onion soup mac and Cheese. When did this sound like a good recipe, after a few bong hits? I wish Guy, his tatts and his collection of bowling shirts would just go away. Its like he is everywhere. How did this no talent hack, who knows nothing about food float to the helm of FN. Now that he has crossed over to advertise with TGI Fridays his obnoxious voice and ugly mug is on everywhere YUCK!
  17. That designer judge, what's his name, was a complete tool. Why was there all this build up with "The Next Iron Chef" if the only ones that do new shows are Flay and Cora. I see Cora advertised and I think lame ingredient time. I also feel bad for the challenger who in most instances probably deserved someone of more substance to battle against. I just really wish AB would stop with his shtick about "the Nephew", how rich he is, blah, blah,blah...We all know its fake and at this point the whole let's pretend aspect of it, makes it just one more thing that irritates me about the show.
  18. I hope his Dinner Impossible remains cancelled after this season. I hate the show, boring, stupid, contrived drivel. It is fitting that his restaurants are named Ooze and Schmooze. It accurately reflects the quality of programing he was part of.
  19. Did Tony just jump the shark in Romainia? Bloody awful. No pun intended. If he left FN for wanting to turn him into a backyard bbq and contest guy, why is he letting this dreck to be made. Episodes this season have been either interesting or a complete mess. There doesn't seem much of a middle ground. I paid for a season pass on Itunes so I would not miss an episode, but I am regretting it. I hope things get better.
  20. I just saw it on NJN the new Jersey Public station. Great show.
  21. after a few days I started checking on the hour. It is the only thing that gets me to spring.
  22. I have to come into Melville NY for business for a few days. Any must try locations?
  23. The full length video episode z was one of the best interviews of Tom Keller I have ever seen. It was really enjoyable to watch. Thanks for the heads up.
  24. I did not know that. Opps, well then, I supect he will have dishes for the whole run. Has anyone tried the Hot Pot? I went today with a new convert but they only serve hot pot Monday through Thursday. I can't wait. I added the chicken with galic sauce which has some seriously hot peppers in it. I made another convert today. Man I love this place.
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