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  1. Emma: Can you say how things turned out? If not do you have an idea when the show will air?
  2. Have you seen Lucy Vanel's blog that she does separate from EG? I went there last night it was breathtaking. The prose and the photos are stunning. I don't know how to link to it so if someone could help me out it would be appreciated.
  3. I know this is a tired whine but I live in the pottstown area should I really have to drive 1/2 hour to even be able to shop the chairman's selections.
  4. I have a bounty of habanero peppers. I made a sauce out of them, frozen some but they are still comming. I can't throw them away, too wasteful. Besides, despite thier insane heat, they have great flavor, real fruity. Has anyone tried stuffing them. Any other uses? HELP!!
  5. Seared Scallops and shrimp or crab, or lobsters with a nice mornay or thermadore sauce are very nice.
  6. As mentioned abovethread. ← oooops!
  7. Corropolese's Bakery & Deli Inc. 29 Kugler Rd, Royersford, PA and Norristown both serve a good tomato pie.
  8. I use Knorr onion soup mix for my burgers. I use Knorr Leek soup mix with a can of minced clams a dlop of mayo and some sour cream to make a great dip
  9. I had dinner at Veekoo Asian Cuisine, 10th Avenue Shoppes, 333 Tenth Avenue, Royersford, Pennsylvania, the out edge of chester county, phone (610) 644-7464 Saturday night. I had the tom yum soup which was spicy with nice bright flavors and some of the best tasting shrimp I have had in a soup in a long time. I also red curry tofu (ordered extra spicy) which had pieces of squash, yellow and zucchini, red and green peppers, onions and eggplant that turned out to be the star of the dish. They brought the heat I was happy. My daughter had potstickers and woton soup, both which were very good. My wife had the coconut soup with lemongrass and chicken which could have used a bit of salt. She also had a shrimp stir fry dish, which I didn't catch the name of but it she loved it. The menu is broad with prices for entrees ranging from $8.00 and up. Sevice was very good.
  10. Congratulations! Glad to here you had a nice time and good food.
  11. My local mercado had a couple of different Masas. I asked him which would his mother use. Maseca was the answer. I asked why he carried the other and he told me he was requested to but he had tried them and did not like them. Although our relationship is only a few months old, he hasn't steered me wrong. He gets a kick out of the gringo cooking mexican. Actually he always stops what he is doing and comes over interested in what I am cooking next. We spend quite a bit of time talking recipes.
  12. I went back to Teinda Alquisiras 735 Lincoln Hwy Coatesville PA 610 380-9501 for some Hoja Santa and other goodies and decided to stop in again at the restaurant that had the delicious bbq lamb tacos. Sorry for the lack of pictures the camera is with my daughter and my cell pictures were a blurry mess. I purchased a number of things to sample for lunch, taking home half for the wife to try. 2 carnitas tacos hot and moist with cilantro, lime pieces and chopped onion. It came with a stinging salsa verde tasty with bright flavors. The red sauce was spicy with good chili flavor with just a touch of smoke. Both made the tacos stand out. A tostada with chicken en mole. Very tasty topped with crumbled cheese and lettuce. I really loved this one. Last was a quesadilla con Chicharron. I have been reading a lot of Diana Kennedy lately which prompted me to try this dish. It had really good flavor! I was suprized. Mouth feel, the soft pork skin was an unexpected sensation but not a bad one. tomatoes and chilis and cheese rounded the dish out. Rice and Beans were served on the side. The beans were good. The rice, feh. It was rice. The staff is helpful and nice. All of the above $10.11. Now that's a deal. Its a bit of a drive for me but since I like the market, which has now expanded, I will be back soon. There was also a little restaurant on the left side of lancaster ave heading east in Coatesville after the VA that looks interesting. It is called rice & beans. I will have to check that out as well. edited because the first post was rushed and I can't spell.
  13. The shop featured was the Kita Kitsune in Yushima. Thanks for help. It looked like they made thier own chili oil first then added it and more chilis to the broth. I will give that a try and if I don't kill myself with the heat I will report back.
  14. On my flight to Korea and back there was a show about hot and spicy foods. One of the places showed this Noodle shop that served the "hottest ramen" in Japan. A soup based of what appeared to be chili pepper powder oil and broth was mixed with Ramen. The the scene cut to lines of people waiting to eat this soup that was so hot the people were sweating into thier soup while they ate it. Naturally, I want to learn to make this molten soup if possible. Anyone have a recipe?
  15. I am assuming your brisket is the cyro bag type. If this is true without the fat cap you are going to go to jerky. If you want to trim it some more for presentation purposes that's okay, but it also can make things worse. I don't know if the rules allow it, but if you are going to ramp up the heat you can always wrap the brisket in bacon or beef fat. You will probably have to tie it on. I would do it about a hour or two into the smoke you have to experiment with time/temperature, etc. The fat wrap will block smoke penetration so you really can't wrap it from the start. You can also put the fat on it when you wrap it so it help flavor the meat and keep it moist, hopefully avoiding the jerky stage. This method was developed for my offset smoker. You can get away with it on a grill but you need to keep the meat away from the coals obviously. I haven't pulled the water pan when smoking I just brought the heat up. 300-350, although I don't like the higher end of the range because the results are inconsistent. I have never tried wraping the Brisket in caul fat, I may have to try that this weekend. I watched the series last year. The judges tended to like sweet more than anything, sweet heat got a lot of praise as well as long as it wasn't too hot. It was interesting the groups that tried to show off and do too much as a rule did not do well. Pretty much everyone had good skills and could cook good looking Q. Flavor was, as is always, the key. They were particularly tough on the ribs competion. I do ribs the bbq way and I do jerk ribs with a wet paste. Both are liked but the Jerk ribs are always blown out. I don't know if jerk ribs are allowed in competition, if they are they bring a whole set of new flavors to the table that may help you set your self apart from the rest. Flay has a decent dry rub recipe, there are also tons more out there. Fine swine has a ring to it. You don't want to start a whole east coast/west coast bbq war do you? I thought Daniel would be the teamate to have. If nothing else I would get him over to taste your entries. Although, I will be in Queens on Sunday. Since you are putting your smoker into overtime. Stuff some jalepenos with chorizo and shredded cheddar, wrap the pepper in bacon and put on your smoker until the bacon is cooked and starting to get crispy. Why? because you deserve it.
  16. In keeping with the thread, I have Diana Kenndy's My Mexico, it is a lovely book with great recipes and I love how she writes about her adventures. This book is a great source of inspiration. At first I found her book very intimidating, but I started with the sauces, then moved on. The recipes are very easy to use, though I admot I stay away from some of the ones that use funky ingredients or leaves or herbs I can't get easily. I am currently working on her recipe for Barrilla, which is a beefy,soupy kind of dish that you use the meat for tacos then get to enjoy a blow of broth. It is great stuff! Up with there with Carnitas as food of the Gods. Speaking of food for the Gods, Jaymes has blessed us with a carnitas recipe that is to die for so if you haven't found the Carnitas thread it is worth the search. I can't get the like to post.
  17. Being surprised or upset a chef should toss around a little profanity is pointless. You get your daily dose of profanity on network tv where they talk about getting laid. Getting the point difficult when a chef uses profanity? Try understanding an engineer or scientist when they start speaking alphabet!
  18. Yesterday, I read the obit of a fine man who brigthened my life through his writing, [Posts]. I had no idea how old he was, but he seemed happy and was able to spread that happiness will other friends here at EG. The fact he was taken so young, is tragic. What a nice lad, friend and fellow member, I like other assumed, wrongly, that he was much older. While not much older he was a wise fellow and good friend, I am glad we have a place to say fare well and until the next time we meet. -W
  19. I will never again "just pop" a fiery red thai pepper from my garden into my mouth and crunch it up-just to see if they are hot this year. OH MY GOD!!!!! THE PAIN! I stood there with the hose in my mouth for 5 minutes. Then a 1/2 bag of ice. That is two painful episodes in one day. After that I just went to bed before I hurt myself anymore.
  20. I just did this...rub my eye after handling hot peppers! DUH! DUH! DUH!
  21. I dunno, I like this show. I think someone might have finally got to Bobby Flay about coming across as arrogant. The "competition" portion is kind of hoky, but recipes are decent and it is certainly better than another episode of Unwrapped!
  22. Check the chesco thread there are a couple good ones in the area from expensive to cheap.
  23. Kristin: Are you going to take the kids to Cedar Point? They have great wings at the boathouse restaurant. Some of the best junk food and roller coasters ever. They would love it.
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