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  1. "lobster rights" - where is Monty Python when you need them. THey could fill a half hour with this one.
  2. There will be more adventures, Yes? This is too fun to stop now.
  3. Sigh. Wow. I'm looking in Jan or Feb but the schedule on my end is ugly.I hope he can fit us in.
  4. why you donate them to your local church bazzar so they can sell them next year. You get the deduction!
  5. handmc

    Dinner! 2005

    That would be a great recipe. More authentic than mine, I was told last minute I would be making them and did not have time to get the bird chilis, lime leaves or tamarind. They are still pretty ok without the hard to find ingredients.
  6. handmc

    Dinner! 2005

    One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting together with my SIL and cooking Thai food. Lucky for me she is from Thailand so we get to put together a Thai feast. Here's dinner: Son-in-law eggs. Eggs hard-boiled then fried in veg oil till golden then you cut them in half. They are topped with a sauce made of thinly sliced shallots, caramelized in a mixture of veg oil and a splash of sesame oil, then you add 2 tablespoons of palm sugar and 1/2 cup of fish sauce and reduce a bit till it thickens then you spoon it over the eggs. Make a few extra for yourself and enjoy them in the kitchen otherwise you will not get any. Duck spring rolls. These yummy little guys are made with sautéed duck breast till the skin is crispy but the meat is medium. I then sliced and chopped the meat and skin and mixed with cellophane noodles, Napa cabbage, chopped shallots and chopped jalapenos. I added 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, fish sauce, chopped garlic (raw), sesame oil and a little dark soy. It was a nice flavorful mix without one component overpowering the rest. Beef Salad - Nam Phok, is sliced sautéed beef, garlic, shallots, jalapenos, fish sauce and ground rice. Chicken sautéed with ginger, onions and Jalapenos, it is just that noting else, a nice dish with clean bright flavors. Chicken Larb, we all know what that is. Rice and Green Curry. Nothing out of the ordinary here regarding prep. But the flavor is outstanding. Wines: 1999 Dom Perignon, great with spicy foods, 2000 Pahlmeyer Merlot, when is it not great? You could eat paste with either of these wines and think you are dinning well. Props to Daniel. I tried to do “bite” pictures of the spring roll and the egg. They came out blurry and in one instance – food “porn” in a bad way. Who knew you could hold a spring roll the wrong way, would not have been a misnomer. I’ll have to work on that. Bryanz: that is some great looking duck!
  7. gochujang or LKK chili black bean paste, sesame oil, egg, soy sauce
  8. very interesting. This going to be a great week, thanks for inviting us along!
  9. Sandy, this is one of the funnest topics I have read in a long time. "inner oreo" ? do you know how gross it is to blow cabernet threw your nose!!! Then I had to clean the screen of my laptop off. My mother a scratch cook never made the stuff. It was a matter of pride. Wasp New England pride I guess. No clam chowder is not supposed to look like wall paper paste she used to proclaim, its milk based for God's sake! But I digress. I had the GBC when I drifted south to Ky and then again in MI and PA. Gaah. My brother in law has started to bring it to thanksgiving along with his "yazmin bleath" sweet potato and mini marshmallow casserole. The horror. Odd, the wife's side of the family makes a serious mac 'n cheese. Since we are viewing the rich cultural tapestry of our little corner of the earth.....Has anyone encountered the whole stewed tomatoes on top of the Mac n' cheese thing? Is this debauchery limited to Pennsylvania? Talk amongst yourselves.. Thanks again
  10. I went to the Royal India, 55 Lancaster Ave, Malvern PA for lunch. The place was empty, for reasons that escape me. I had the vegetable Samosa ($3.25) Crisp overstuffed triangles of potato and peas with traditional indian spices. Nice mix, toasty hot, serve with three chutneys all which were very tasty. I had the Dale Shrobe ($3,25) which is billed as a "delicately flavored" lentil soup served with lemon wedge. Choice of vegitarian or non veg option. I wouldn't know I was never offered a choice. Nor was a lemon to be seen. If the meaning of delicately flavored means herd of flamming elaphants trappling your mouth so that all you taste is pepper, it was delicatley flavored. The lentils which you could taste were nice actually, not starch, but the spice overwhelmed the dish. This dish failed. Now I am no shrinking violet when it comes to spicy food. I ordered Murgh Vindaloo ($11.95) "a goan special for hot and spicy food." Oh, boy was it! Tender hunks of chicken in a spicy sauce that was not all heat, really good flavor! It was what I was looking for. I asked for "London Hot!" The waiter smiled broadly when I ordered it and came back and said, "well?" I smiled mopped my brow and told him I was very happy. This stuff was great. I took some home and I am ashamed to say when I tried to eat it for lunch today that it threw me to the floor and kicked the snot out of me. I finally relented and threw it out. A day to grow in intensity I could not eat it no matter how much water I had on hand. Service was very good. I was the only guy in the place. My waiter was nice, polite and attentive. In sum Good appy, Lousy Soup, Great entree. I would go back.
  11. Visual crack! I cannot imagine eating any of these meals! This guy has the gig we all fantisize about. small, loving crowd where we can roll out the love. I have to think this is very gratifying for him regardless of the price. It sounds as if we have the whole art/craft matter raised in Rulman's soul of a chef. His life - my fantasy. M bud and I are looking for reservations in early 06.
  12. I have a similar problem but it also includes issues of scale. I can tell you the proportions to make 15 gallons of squash soup but no idea what to tell those who just want to cook up a small batch what amount to use.
  13. Out of paxton ave there are two good vietnamese restaurants. One is the kitchen in the back of a vietnamese market some really top pho here, the other is a noodle shop and "french bakery" the name of which escapes me at the moment.
  14. handmc

    Dinner! 2005

    Percy: Where did you get those Mushrooms?! Everything looks great, but those mushrooms wow!
  15. handmc

    Dinner! 2005

    Daniel: The cookies look great and I sure would be appreciated, but If you brought that duck....they would probably invite you every year! I know I would! Man that looks great. Everything that is. Its also nice to see upthread that Meatloaf is finally getting the respect it deserves. When it is done right it is a thing of beauty.
  16. handmc

    Dinner! 2005

    VKN Welcome. I checked out your Dhaba that chicken 65 looks like a keeper. Thanks! Daniel It looks like the doorman know how to return a solid. Did it taste as good as it looked? And the true test will he get you the recipe!
  17. Glad to have you back Klary! We missed you so. I hope you are back to normal soon. Edited to try to make sense.
  18. I about took my index finger off cutting bread cubes....of all things. Tonight its the thumb on the other hand, tripped on the cat and just watched it sink into my had. OWWW! I agree about burns though. I had a bit of a break from them lately. Now I've done it, I'm due again!
  19. Everything but work papers, it can get pretty dicey up there.
  20. I made a Tuscan pot roast with a procini red wine gravy. I took the carmelized onions, garlic, celery, porcinis and carrots it brasied in tossed in a little Demi, some red wine wizzed it and mounted it with a little butter at the end. Then I tossed in some Rosemary sprigs at the end to perfume the sauce just a little. Man oh Man...I left that pot clean. My fussy girls devoured the roast so there is not but a quart of gravy left.
  21. Arrrrh, the White Whale matey that's what tastes the best, the White Whale - Ahab I thought it was chocolate bark. How's that for being way off.
  22. Stay away from the thai place a little further up the road across from Redners. I di ordered Shrimp pad thai, but received a shrimp pad thai (with Free Bettles!) Shudder, I haven't been back. The Thai Place is ho hum. Ask for it hot, get medium. Ask for it screaming hot, get medium. I don't ask anymore. I make the drive down to Frazer or over to Devon, anything else is too dissapointing.
  23. If you don't like the 113 location stop by the Sly Fox in Royersford off of 202. Same great beer and food. More parking.
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