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  1. I am so sorry to be visiting the eGForums for this reason, but felt compelled to express my shock and sadness in finding out about losing Steven, and more importantly my sympathy to his family and friends, loved ones, all those he touched. Rest in Peace.
  2. Thank you both. That's the one, in Wine Spectator, but since I let my WineSpectator.com subscription go, I don't have access to that content. I just don't have fifty dollars to spare right now, so I was hoping the recipe could be found somewhere else.
  3. Can anybody give me or direct me to a recipe for the pork belly/Rillons at Bar Boulud, or something like it? I know it is in Wine Spectator, an issue from about a year or so ago, but I discontinued my Wine Spectator subscription, so I can't go for it online. Thanks!
  4. Overbowling is the way to go, and I have tendencies to overplate as well. I think it looks much more attractive than overfooding (or to be kewl, call it overphooding).
  5. That sounds good. I'll do that.
  6. This is a great thread, what beautiful food. Getting notification of this post reminded me that I hadn't shared my first pork belly cooking experience, which was successful. Thanks to this topic and to mixducky's recipe on RecipeGullet... It was braised. I used Ellen's recipe as a guide. Now that I know how yummy it is, next time I'm going to try roasting and strive for the crispy, crusty version, and hope it's as successful as this method was. I was out of star anise, so that wasn't used, and I used palm sugar instead of Chinese yellow rock candy for the sweetener. I threw some garlic into the making of the sauce, and used just one soy sauce (Thai) instead of dark and light. The pork belly was between one and two pounds, so I halved the recipe. I think that's it for my modifications. What deliciousness! One of the best things I've ever eaten. Thank you, Ellen.
  7. It's even cold here. I cannot imagine how bad it is for you all. I baked cookies the night before last and took them to work yesterday! I use these rare opportunities to simmer pots of stuff on the stove or slow roast something in the oven. I'm getting ready to make some pasta e fagioli now.
  8. I wish I could help you. Your questions are great. I'm within an hour from Cocoa and if I knew there was a good wine bar and a place for good stone crab in the Cocoa Beach area, I would be there Saturday myself. Actually on Saturday I am heading even further south, to the Melbourne area. There are some decent wine bars popping up around, but not in, Daytona. For good stone crab, I buy it locally and fix it myself at home. I'll be watching for replies to your inquiry, but I'm afraid it's not good news.
  9. LOL, so am I. Sounds like a place to recommend to my kids when they're visiting.
  10. I am happy and proud about this. Congratulations, everyone!
  11. I've been in Delaware for the Thanksgiving holiday, so of course... fresh draft Dogfish Head. I chose the 60 Minute IPA and Midas Touch. Even though his beers have made it to taps in Florida, I enjoy it more when I'm here.
  12. Klary, I'm so glad I found this thread. You are one amazing woman and writer and photographer and on & on I could go.... It brought back wonderful memories of my road trip with Morten and his then-girlfriend a few years ago, when I saw many of the same places. It's on my Bucket List to go back to Moab and Bryce Canyon. I don't know when that will be, but this is a nice reminder to hold me over until that day comes. It was nice of you to mention visiting Moab in memory of Bill, aka Flocko. When he died, we were making plans to meet in person. I think of him a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I look forward to reading more.
  13. Nice! And two years, to the day. The most delicious thing I ate within the last 24 hours was fresh stone crab claws last night for dinner, an annual tradition. It was opening day. October 15th is the first legal day of the season. I'm sure sometime back in the day I posted a photograph. They were tasty, icey-cold, dipped in traditional mustard sauce.
  14. That's a good deal. I wish I had an extra hundred right now to get one. It's been too hot here for herbs to grow well outside. In follow up to what I mentioned upthread, my son's fiancee is very happy with hers. I saw it when I visited her in the spring, and it looked great.
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