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Truffle Tasting


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So here i am, hopelessly listening to all my euro-foodie friends regalling me of their truffle tales...sadly wishing i could cajole them into taking me with them..

However I am stuck in MTL and eagerly looking for a similar automnal ceremony here! This is the time to attack our semi-tubrous friends by the hords...with tangy risottos, sauces, and shaves...slivers, slices and dried flakes...NOW IS THE TIME TO EAT THE WHITE TRUFFLE!!

Can somebody please direct me to a tasting menu or if they know of any restaurants in MTL that are smart enough to set up some kind of a shrine to the oft unworshipped funghus??

Eagerly waiting,

basha :raz:

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Also found out that Le Latini is having a "menu gastronomique" for 65$ PLUS 7$/gr of truffle added to the any of the 5 courses.

Also heard that both Bis and Les Chevres is doing something, but have not been able to confirm with either.

Would love to find out!


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i saw a sign outside PRONTO GASTRONOMIA on sherbrooke and prince albert that said "Les Truffes Blanches D'Italie Sont Arrives!"

Do you mean Sapori pronto Peppino perri's place

Con il melone si mangia , beve e si lava la facia

My Nonno Vincenzo 1921-1994

I'm craving the perfct Gateau Foret Noire .

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