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  1. Not a meal, but I always make it to MooMoo's to get the Turtle Cheesecake Ice Cream. And the chili at Zapata's is a good memory for me, too. Not exactly authentic Newfoundland food, but still I remember it very fondly. I heard Atlantica out in Portugal Cove is good, but I doubt you can get there without a car.
  2. I heard Jane's on the Common is decent in Halifax, but haven't been. We enjoyed our meal at Cheapside. I heard Chives is decent, too. If you get to Lunenberg, you can try Fleur de Sel. Edit: Oh yeah, and be sure to check out Lick A Chick in Sydney. I don't know if it's good, but I love the name.
  3. What's a plogue? Not related to plotte, is it?
  4. I asked a question about this in another forum. Check it out here.
  5. I'll give the Farm of Loves a try, and I'll get back to you. Where can I get them?
  6. They're not just chickens. They're Lilydale.
  7. Sounds like a lovely time. You make me want to go back to APdC again soon!
  8. I don't know if Aubut has quinoa, but it might be worth investigating. 3975 Rue Saint-Ambroise Montreal QC, H4C 2E1 Phone: 514-933-0939
  9. I don't get why the tourist guides hype up the underground city so much. All it is is a bunch of malls interconnected through their basements. It's not like it's some bunker where albino people have developed night vision in order to navigate their way around the below-sea-level caverns of Montreal's "underground city". Don't expect much from the "underground city". It's really not that big a deal.
  10. But Bilboquet will have the TIRE A LERABLE ice cream. violetfox, I recommend the tire a l'erable ice cream at Bilboquet, it's got delicious chunks of maple taffy in it, and it's only on sale for maple season, which may include the time you are here in April.
  11. Les Chocolats de Chloe on Roy near St Denis. Get a Fleur de Sel Chocolate, it's one of the memorable food experiences of my life. Poutine at La Banquise unless you are already doing the Foie Gras poutine at APDC. Have fun!
  12. The present perfect "Luc has been..." grammatically implies that he was and still is up to the present, while simple past "Luc was" or past perfect "Luc had been" would mean that he was and at present is not. If you have a new chef, Gabriele, does this mean that Luc is no longer your chef, or do they both share the duties of being chef? In this case, there would be no confusion surrounding your use of the present perfect.
  13. Go to CENTRE ON KAI in china town, I think it's on the street of the Gauchetiere, between Saint Laurent and Saint Urbain. They have some stones, I got my Global stone down there for around 80 bucks. You may also be interested in their knife selection.
  14. I never called it no big deal. There is nothing anyone can say bad about them for their contributions to charity. I'm not arguing with you there. Point is, I'd rather not eat the burger, that's all. Well, I was just talking with a friend about this yesterday, and our conversation really heated up, it was a fun conversation. So I get worked up about food, probably no different than the rest of you on this board. Every now and again I say what's on my mind, I don't see what the problem is with that. Now if you'll excuse me, my evening reading is The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Goodnight!
  15. No way, I wouldn't do that at La Paryse either. But that`s not the point, is it? I don`t often judge a burger by whether I`d eat it without the bun or not. To me a burger is a self-contained whole, so it seems silly to me to consider eating a burer without the bun. It seems that the approach to toppings is a personal preference, I guess. If you want to spend an extra 5 dollars to make your burger what you want it to be, go ahead! I don't go to La Paryse for anything fancy, and I couldn't care less about a burger being Kobe or not. A burger is a burger, and La Paryse makes a very good one with generous toppings (and a slice of orange!). The service is much better, the place has way more character, and it costs a fraction of the robbery that is m:brgr. I find it funny how people are gushing about a kobe burger, and are willing to pay a million bucks for one. It seems to be more an ostentatious display of pseudo-gourmet luxury. Give me a break. But hey, kudos to them for making a buck off it, I guess. Not saying that Kobe ain`t good, I remember I made some for a staff meal once with left over trimmings, and it was really good stuff, and I agree that you don`t need a bun with it, but I`m not going to pay 20 bucks for a hamburger when I can get a very good one for a fraction of the price elsewhere. You can go on about how they are donating a %age to charity, but if La Paryse were to add on a surcharge of 5% or even 5$ for every bill I would go out of my way to make it to La Paryse even if I was standing on the corner of Maisonneuve and Drummond. Sorry you can`t get in with your kids, but if you go at odd hours, it`s usually not hard to have some space... Wow, it`ll be fun to read the replies to this one.
  16. I'll second the strange service, I had a waitress who stood right over me taking my order, and was indeed overly attentive, and tried to push every item on the menu on me. I ordered a normal burger, and she said "It only comes with a tomato, a pickle, and some onion, do you want some mayonnaise or anything else with it?" Which is fine, but she said it in such a way as to lead me to believe that a simple burger is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and I pretty well NEED to order more to make it any good. The burger was good, and the fries were some of the better ones I have eaten in Montreal, but the 2$ price tag on the 10 grams of Chipotle Mayo was far too steep, and for this price... well... I could eat at La Paryse twice! Lesley is right, the floats are good.
  17. I thought maybe, but it doesn't have a Morentzos feel to the website.
  18. Anyone been to m:brgr yet? It's in the space formerly occupied by EDEN, the 100% Kosher restaurant that was there before. Who owns this place, who runs it? I don't know if it can match La Paryse, especially in terms of prices...
  19. Eat a hamburger and fries at La Paryse on Sanguinet and Ontario! Best burger in town, and excellent prices.
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