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  1. Congrats to Mikey, and the stellar team at XO. I've had the privilege to work with many of them, and they're all seasoned pros that deserve the recognition and accolade. ← I totaly agree some of them are my old students and most of them are my buddies Congrats to the whole team
  2. I guess everyone is on twitter and facebook
  3. the spirit of this post was to see how resturants are doing in these hard times and what can we do to to support at the same time also like to hear who's busy and what,s opening I hear a couple of old students are takeing over a BYOW on Ontario st. the guy's have talent as for web site's post I get emails from these places with there promotion I,m part of a mailing list I,m surprised that you never heard of 22$ after 22pm at Lemeac
  4. my reason on this topic is that i've been hering alot of talk on the resturants doing promotions to get people back or in to there resurant during these hard times I hear tha even in France top chef's are handing in there stars just so that they can get some regular action in montreal these are some of the places i hear promoting 1 Fererra 13$ & lunch menu for the 13 years the been open 2 Globe has 3/ 33$ menu 3 Cavalli started stimulis thursday 20$ open bar all you can drink 4 Milo's has a 22 $ menu after 10pm somthing like Lemeac( not sure ) 5 theres that other guy on cresent saying give me what you want some of the names above are the big names I also think some places stared to try to get people for sunday Brunches buffet style or by plate some students are having a hard time finding work and to top it all off we even lost Grand Prix it's gonna be a very hard year for Montreal anyways just wanna here who's busy in this city .
  5. Gonzales is @ fererra for now . and as for grace period M. Forbes just go eat then talk ! Even on a bad day with a broken leg athis guy could cook great
  6. all I have to say is that true talent talk's for it self 2 asian fellow's that used to work at Bronte oped up there little place on the Main between ontario & de maisoneuve called Provisons between all the army surpluses A must go to place for all foodies , only problem is there open for lunch till 4 pm from Monday thru Friday for now it's been open for 2 weeks now . My Favorites Pork belly confit, lamb sausage in oigon flat bread, & the Bacala focaccia ( cod) Just GO try it out
  7. there's a new chef @ st. james can't wait to go eat there . but i'm gonna give it a few month's so they get used to the tight kitchen , very very tight kitchen.
  8. Then here are some places you must do in MTL. Bronte Chasse et Peche Au Pied du cochon Brunoise Brasserie Liverpool house Joe Beef i here DNA is also intresting haven't been yet. For good food and fun (champange after 12:00) party style Buonanotte Globe Rosalie Cavalli Garde Manger
  9. Very nice article like to see people's hard work pay off congrats . that's also the scene in NYC the place's to go to for good comfort food like Lupa Spotted pig , momofuku's ,Bar stuzzechini ,Sfoglia ,Gemma , Morandi ,Insieme and Company Once again congrats to all mentioned in this article.
  10. For sure those chef's have good reputations for a reason , but by the reply you gave me maybe you should go try places like Lemeac /La Chronique ,& bazaar would be a good choice as well .
  11. Bronte Chasse et peche Toque Brunoise brasserie are the probably the technical & high quality product driven places there are other places that are more ingredient driven & simple just as good all depending on what you are looking for . Are you looking for a Lupa / spotted pig style place or Eleven madison / Blue hill type of place to present yourself to the first 4 places you should have some experience or you won't be able to keep up let us know all the best in your choice
  12. Culatello


    I'm hearing good thing's about DNA simple & polished good food .
  13. looking @ this 9 course menu it looks to me like highway robbery , the way I look at it is 10.55$ /per plate with-out the wine ,add an extra 3.33$ for a glass per service and it comes out 13.88$ per service /person it's a bang for your $ just the foie gras at 80$ /kg at .100g /person is 8$ a head cost. then the kompachi , oysters , venison , scallops , porcini and if he want's them fresh he has to order them from South Africa and pay the plane for it. looks good. As for second tier , do you think that about all the chef de cuisine or just him , cause I could name some VERY VERY IMPORTANT AND WELL RESPECTED CHEF DE CUISINE , that are NOT 2nd tier but the backbone & muscle of the chef's like ,Charle Antoine C. , Hugue,Mike Mercurie,Andrew Carmellini formerly from Daniel,Marc Lander from Del Posto. last week I saws Iron-chef america and it was Andrew Carmellini v.s. Mario Batali the final score was 55/56 and they said it was the hardest choice to make ever in the history of ICA. My point is these guy's are making the food in the kitchen while there chef's are signing books, same food minus the Star show. and maybe and good chances are that they one day will be the star. so let's not call them 2nd tier or rate chef's because it's insulting and we don't come on egullet to put down hard working chef's once again.PLEASE And happy St.Valentine's day to you all enjoy your evening make love not war.
  14. After hearing about this on egullet I quickly went to the Rosalie website to look for the menu , I saw that it wasn't posted so i decided to call and ask for some info the manager kindly gave me some info but not all and some of the items were Kompachi, venison, foie gras , oysters ect... i asked him if he knew the wines and he replied the selection was not completed . Seeing as these quality items visavi the price i think it's a good bang for the buck . and after also looking at your review of last years Mtl festival that I quote ( you know your in for a fantastic meal, when the amuse bouche is one of the best dishes to ever pass your lips) So I'm confused that your saying that Chris Leahy from BLT Prime is 2nd tier. we all know that big chef's come down with there brigade, and he was part of that team nes pas, while M. Tourondel was in the dining room mingeling with the guests , i presume that Mr. Leahy was in the back dishing out Plates from the amazing amuse bouche to the Dessert. here is that review link. Wednesday, February 28: BLT meets Globe http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/stor...c4-806a322e4cee
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