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  1. I'm thinking of making Korean Spicy Chicken but sous vide all the ingredients in 1 ziplock. I will put chicken thigh, onions, garlic, soy sauce, Kochujung, sugar, and potatoes and Sous vide for 165 for 1 hour. I know the chicken thigh will be good, but will the onions and potatoes give an off flavor? I'm guessing 165F is too low for onion and potatoes. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Do clay pots or even la creuset cast iron pots really add "flavor" to food? or is this a myth? Can't Sous Vide make the same flavor? For example I know Sous Vide Duck "Confit" has the same flavor as Duck Confit cooked the traditional way. Thanks!
  3. I use a Ziplock, and use the under water displacement method. I believe it's quite common? Thanks!
  4. Let's say I sous vide chicken thighs at 165F for 3 hours in 3 different ways. #1 Sous vide with nothing in the pouch. (I use Ziplock and the underwater displacement method). #2 Sous Vide with Chicken stock (no salt) in the pouch #3 Sous Vide with Water in the pouch Would # 1 chicken loose less moisture then #2 or #3 because it has less liquids to dilute the chicken? Would # 2 loose less moisture then #3 because chicken stock has some chicken "juice" which can go back into the chicken? or Would all three chicken samples loose the same moisture, because whatever surrounds the chicken doesn't affect moisture loss.
  5. I plan to Sous Vide Short Ribs for 48 hours at 140F, rapidly chill it, and put it in the fridge. I plan to reheat it to 140F and serve it for Christmas Dinner. If I have leftovers, can I simply put the short ribs back in the fridge? Then can I reheat it the next day, or even 2 days later and eat it safely? I read that C. botulinum grows between 50F and 118F and can only grow in the absence of oxygen. Since I opened the bag before dinner, does that mean I don't have to worry about Botulinum growing anymore? The whole Botulinum growth is confusing. Thanks!
  6. Here are newer articles that say it's not safe. So confusing! https://www.drweil.com/health-wellness/balanced-living/healthy-living/is-plastic-wrap-safe/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3207138/Don-t-clingy-Amid-mounting-evidence-plastic-food-wrap-harbours-host-toxins-doctors-urge-people-stop-using-it.html
  7. I have read about frying herbs using oil and plastic wrap in the microwave. I'm concerned about the plastic wrap being toxic at high temps. What temp is plastic wrap toxic? I often cook white rice in the rice cooker and when it's done, I immediately put the hot rice in plastic wrap and wrap it up tightly. Is this OK? Internal temp must be at least 212 from the steam. The plastic wrap I use is Costo Kirkland Stretch-tite brand. Thanks for the input!
  8. I have some raw Foie Gras and Bone Marrow in my freezer. How long does it keep in the freezer? I have some from 5 months ago!
  9. torolover

    Sous Vide Garlic

    I don't know if the short time is the cause for the off taste. Maybe you had bad garlic? MC has a recipe for Fish stock which they sous vide with garlic for only 1.25 hours. They use garlic, onions, fennel, and other veggies at 80C for 1.25 hours. Why would they put garlic in the recipe if garlic would taste bad? Anyone else experience bad garlic taste during sous vide?
  10. torolover

    Sous Vide Garlic

    Modernist Cuisine and Anova has a recipe for Sous Vide Garlic at 190F for 7 hours. Just Garlic and Olive oil. Why would MC and Anova give this recipe if garlic would taste off? Have other people used garlic and onions during Sous Vide? Anyone else notice off taste?
  11. torolover

    Sous Vide Garlic

    I have sous vide chicken thighs with thinly sliced raw garlic for 6 hours at 150F and haven't noticed an acrid or off taste. Have other member's noticed bad garlic taste when sous vide with meat?
  12. Why not get the best of both worlds and use 2 pots? In one pot, prepare the pasta by boiling in lots of water. In another pot or saucepan, prepare the thick "pasta water" by boiling a little pasta with very little water. This saucepan will now have the thick "pasta water" that you are looking for. Simply add the thick "pasta water" to whatever sauce you want, and then add the sauce to the pasta!
  13. What is the cheapest wine brand you recommend for cooking Bolognese sauce or Beef Bourguignon? I know they say you should only cook with wine you would drink, but anyone has some good brand recs that's not too expensive? What do you think about Trader's Joes Charles Shaw Wine? Good to cook with? Thanks!
  14. One trick I use when making Ramen stock is I put fat and stock into a blender and blend on high. The fat emulsifies into the stock. Next time you sous vide stock, how about not adding any water? The stock will be pure chicken essence!
  15. I live a small apt and don't have a smoker or grill. I'm hoping to come close to replicating a real BBQ. Modernist Cuisine believe that ribs that are cold smoked and then sous vide are superior then to traditionally smoked ribs at high temperatures. I sous vide my St. Louis Ribs at 160F for 18 hours. The ribs are super tender, but still not to the point where they disintegrate when you bite them. I believe they are more juicy then traditionally smoked ribs because the lower temps keep them moist. At 18 hours a lot of fat has rendered and the fat becomes really soft. I've been experimenting with how to form a bark. After I sous vide them, I tried torching them with my Searzall for a crust. I've also tried broiling them in the oven. To give a smokey flavor I render fat from Benton's Bacon, and glaze it to the ribs for the finish. Any tips?
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