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  1. Aw too bad man ... I so wanted to like the place.
  2. The face of Zabar's passes away at 84. I felt a tremendous sense of nostalgia as I read about Murray Klein and his life and legacy at Zabar's. It brought me back to my childhood, when I would visit similar Jewish delicatessens in my hometown of Montreal like Waldman's and Warsaw's with my dear Bubbie. I knew of Klein and wish I could have kibbitzed with him over some smoked sable, our shoes covered in sawdust. Does anyone have any fond memories of Klein and Zabar's that they would care to share here?
  3. In addition to ownership of course, I assume some the Brunoise staff is at Brasserie Brunoise across from the Bell Centre. Personally I think the reason the "casual quality" restaurants in Montreal get so much pub - especially here in this forum - is that they represent the best of what the city has to offer right now. Or is that just the bias of those of us who frequent eGullet? Despite my love of Joe Beef, Liverpool House and Au Pied de Cochon, I disagree that Montreal is more and more about casual dining. Brontë, Le Club Chasse et Pêche and Nuances - to name a few of the best - are alive an
  4. Your post is cryptic and at best, hostile. I have had several stellar meals at Liverpool House over the past two months. In my opinion, it proves night in and night out to be the perfect foil to Joe Beef and as a regular patron at both, it has become obvious to me that neither has cannibalized the other. The quality and service at Joe Beef is better than ever and both restaurants are full whenever I sit at the bar or walk by - and as a Little Burgundy resident I do so frequently. Look ... Dave, Fred and Allison have done a terrific job revitalizing a once moribund strip of Notre-Dame with two
  5. N.B. The River Cafe in London is one of the best Italian restaurants in the world. Just because the food has an Italian bent does not mean the name has to have "La Trattoria" in the title ...
  6. Thank you everyone. We've reserved at an old fave, L'Express, for Sunday, and at Laloux for my son's 37th birthday dinner on Monday (he wanted to go to Au Pied de Cochon, but it isn't open according to their website). Apparently, there is a new offshoot of Pinxto. Has anyone been there? ← Why not go to Au Pied on Sun and L'Express on Mon?
  7. IMHO the best place for both quality food, fun vibe, good beer and a place to watch the Habs is Meatmarket. Especially on Tuesday nights.
  8. Tough Cookies: Tales of Obsession, Toil and Tenacity from Britain's Culinary Heavyweights by Simon Wright Red, White, and Drunk All Over: A Wine-Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass by Natalie MacLean I highly recommend both.
  9. I'm surprised Ru du Nam wasn't mentioned in this thread. The Notre-Dame/Charlevoix resto offers some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in the city. It's not Pho Bac cheap but it's as authentic as anything else. The space is ultra charming and just adjacent is a little shop full of Southeast Asian knick-knacks, dinnerware, tea sets etc. Really lovely. I ate there tonight for the first time in two years and it was just as good as ever. Hue beer, comforting ginger congee, papaya shrimp salad, tamarind shrimp, sauteed garlic beef, rice paper rouleaux assortment ... very good, healthful, tasty and sat
  10. Excellent. BdL provided me with one of my most enjoyable dining experiences in the past six months ... I like it a lot.
  11. I don't think anybody's mentioned Tri on Laurier Est? So good. The best. And as crazy as it sounds, as a former West Islander, I very much enjoy the fare at WiSushi on des Sources in DDO. Too far for city dwellers though.
  12. Two different things. MB&Co. is the sandwich/coffee place on Stanley, PET airport and formerly Fairview shopping centre. MangeBoire is the place in Little Italy with terrible sushi.
  13. Haven't been yet but several people have raved to me about their pizzas ...
  14. I agree. The problem here was not the location.
  15. G-M is perfect for what you want. Keep in mind though, it is purposely ANTI-St. Laurent, as in completely unpretentious and casual, no bottle service requirements or any of that bs. I doubt you can get a res for 8 on a Saturday at this point. Good luck.
  16. The author of A Taste of Quebec is Julian Armstrong - not Gillian. Just want to correct that. For a great tourtiere recipe, check out the Au Pied de Cochon cookbook by Martin Picard.
  17. You did hear about the event before. Or did you not see my post above? Guess not.
  18. Kudos to Bon Appetit Cookbooks for another great event. Sarah Musgrave gave a great talk about her book yesterday to a full house at the store.
  19. I ate there last week with a large group and we had every dish on the menu. The food was still wonderful and the wine service is superb.
  20. Sarah Musgrave will be at Bon Appetit Cookbooks this Saturday from 5 to 7 ... fyi.
  21. divina, The Cookbook Store in Toronto is now carrying Au Pied de Cauchon (I bought it at the restaurant a couple of weeks ago; it IS amazing, as is the restaurant!). Here's a link to The Cookbook Store http://www.cook-book.com/media/index.html#top I'm sure they'll mail it anywhere. ← So will Archambault. For $15 cheaper too.
  22. NY Times article today on Au Pied de Cochon book.
  23. That, of course, a matter of taste, but anyways I'm doubt they meant to use home freezer for that purpose. AFAIK, tuna frozen almost instantly and kept under -40C stays as good as it gets - assuming right conditions for thawing. But I'm seriously doubt it can be reproduced at home without the proper equipment. ← True. You do need a first rate commercial freezer. Yasuda has a custom freezer for this very purpose.
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