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Apple pairings


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Ref my previous post on going to pastry school: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=92675

Long story short, I'm racking my brain for that one great recipe that can beat the rest (aren't we all). I've been having a blast making ice cream and sorbets at home and I think they are turning out quite well.

So, I've been thinking about doing an apple ice cream or sorbet and pairing it with a pastry/petitie four, etc.

My problem is pairings. Obviously there are some great flavors that go with apple - cinn, nutmeg, maple, and so on. But I can't think of how to integrate them.

Any ideas? I hope this is clear....


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Or apple ice cream on Tarte Sucre (sugar tarte) in a tartlette version.

Or apple ice cream in a snickerdoodle sandwich -- mini version if you prefer or just on one cookie.

Or with some hearty spice cake where the cake is petit four style.

Mmmm, it's coming into apple season....

Cheryl, The Sweet Side
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I had sliced apple with cheddar for lunch today- heavenly. How about pairing apple with cheese- perhaps even a slightly tangy cheesecake (chevre?) with apple sorbet?

Our neighborhood ice cream place makes apple crisp ice cream which is to die for.

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I'm not sure how this would work in petit four style but squares of crisp puff pastry layers sandwiching apples that have been caramelized, served beside or underneath a small scoop of apple icecream would be nice.

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make an apple ice cream bombe,maybe a maple chiffon cake base.. serve with a riesling reduction

I like that bombe idea... it could be fun taking our little kid memories of candied apples into grown up dessert realm:

- making your flavor layered bombe in the shape of an apple,

- push a popsicle stick through it.

- Freeze it hard with liquid nitrogen,

- cover it in a bright red cinnamon hard crack sugar coating like those bright red candy apples.

This could be a fascinating coating for the bombe textures of soft creamy, and soft/delicate cake.... kind of like an ever-lasting gobstopper too!

fwiw- my favorite apple dessert I've ever had was apple sorbet served with caramel ice cream. The pairing of creamy and sorbet was exquisite.


flavor floozy

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