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  1. vinelady

    Preserving Summer

    I have been making BBQ sauce, pickled carrot and zucchini strips, carrot and zuc relish, onion relish, and pickled jalapenos this week. earlier this year I did rhubarb-ginger preserves, blueberry rhubarb and raspberry jam. Off to pick plums and blackberries.
  2. Depending on the price I would be interested.
  3. The batches that I make for the Clafoutis is actually a light syrup with brandy to taste. About 1/4 of the water to make the syrup replaced with brandy. It is a lighter version of most brandied cherries but I think it allows the flavor of cherries to really show. You might also want to consider making a Cherry and Almond conserve.
  4. What about making Brandied Cherries from them. Great for making Cherry Clafoutis.
  5. vinelady

    Lemon Balm

    It tastes bad when dried. You might try making jelly from it. http://wwwthinkingaboutfood.blogspot.com/2...balm-jelly.html
  6. You might want to consider using Stevia. There are versions that you can use in a 1:1 ratio
  7. Also Rogue Ales is now making a light and dark rum and a spruce gin. They are very tasty.
  8. vinelady

    NON Soy TVP

    All Soy, but thanks ← I know that there is a seitan burger mix on the vegan essentials site.
  9. vinelady

    NON Soy TVP

    You might check veganessentials.com
  10. vinelady


    Silken tofu is sold in shelf stable packs. It comes in many difference firmnesses. There is also a product called Soy Curls that is also stable. http://www.butlerfoods.com/
  11. They were one of the few decent places to go for a late night snack and the best frites in the city.
  12. You might check the recipes in this book: Vegan cupcakes take over the world : 75 dairy-free recipes for cupcakes that rule / Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero Specifically the Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting
  13. Vegan Garden (1288 Jackson) is now open. It is a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant. THe Tofu congee was very nice and there is a nice selection of dishes.
  14. Since i live on a boat, I am in search of a 12 volt (DC power) food processor. Anyone have ideas or leads?
  15. Can you give more details about the curry puffs?
  16. I made a white bean with kale, potato and smoked garlic soup yesterday.
  17. The Station Bistro. 4901 Learny Way in Ballard Atmosphere: The tables are an interesting choice since they are painted with blackboard paint. I didn’t sit at one so someone else is going to have to say how that feels. I worry about getting the fingers on the blackboard feeling in the middle of dinner. Drinks: A small but good wine selection. The same goes for the liquor selection. The Food: There are five dishes that are constantly changing. The soup, cheese plate (5 different chesses), a Pate, daily seafood, and a braised meat dish. The fixed items that caught my attention were the Steak Tartar and the Russian Steak Dumpling. I am definitely going back with a friend that is more of a meat eater than me. I had the daily fish dish. It was Rockfish with a hazelnut crust. It was delicious and very simple dish. It was served with roasted butternut squash and green bean. The only low point to the entire was the green beans. I am not sure that they were trying to do with them. They were not roasted, steam or sautéed. They were just kind of wilted. They still tasted good but the appearance definitely made me do a double take.
  18. Nope this is a new place, west of 15th on Leary. I have been past it...I will try to duck in tonight.
  19. How about with a bit of cinn spun sugar?
  20. I know that more than a few of the Gluten free cookbooks have recipes for bread and for pizza dough. There are also a number on the web.
  21. ricotta and bronze fennel with some of the fronds; tempura and fry.
  22. With the Earth Balance just make sure you use thier Buttery Sticks. They are much closer in taste to butter.
  23. The coconut cream/milk will work. Another option is silk creamer.
  24. vinelady

    Hard Core Grains

    amaranth: I add this in with other grains to give a bit of variety. In regards to millet. I can be great for salads and can als be made into a risotto (same with Barley). However, I recommend that you dry roast it to give it better flavor.
  25. vinelady

    Vegan Menu

    A few menus that I have done recently: Breakfast for Dinner: Eggless Benedict with Tarragon Dill Hollidase sauce Apple Spice Pancakes Apple Sage Field Roast Sausages Root Vegetable Hash (Sweet Potato, Parship and Turnip) Silk Nog Thai Inspriation: Roasted Squash Soup with Coconut Milk, Lemon grass and Chiles Tofu Larb Panang Curry Sticky Rice with Coconut "Ice Cream" Roasted Sweet Potato,Kale and Cranberry Salad Hazelnut stuffed Acorn Squash Coconut Dried Cherry Rice Pudding Thanksgiving Menu Black Lentil Pate with Shallot and Temphe Confit Roasted Sweet Potato, Beet and Kale Salad with Dried Cranberries Ginger Orange Golden Beets Golden Mashed Potatoes Celebration Roast by Field Roast Cranberry Butter Pumpkin Wontons
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