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Names for Homebrews

Susan in FL

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I love the names homebrewers give to their beers. I've been wondering what you homebrewers have named some of yours. I didn't want to "dilute" the good threads about making beer that you have going, with this question, since it's kind of a playful topic.

What are some good homebrew names you've given beers or others that you know of?

During the short period of time that we homebrewed, we called ours Burgess Bedroom Brew. There was a reason for that. After we made the beer, we put the carboy in our bedroom because (1) it was the coolest darkest place in that house and (2) it was fun to regularly observe it and watch for bubbles there. I can't remember the name of all the beers we made, but you can imagine the possibilities. The first time we did it, it was of course called Virgin Brew. We also made a 4-Play Stout.

Let's hear it, brewers!

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I never bothered in coming up with names for mine, but each label carries the same information:

Michael’s home-brews are impatiently brewed with the cheapest ingredients and cost cutting procedures available. Every expense is spared. There is no research nor development. Water quality is questionable if not suspect (it comes from the hot tub). Exported from my household since 1995.

<Beer style, ingredients, when brewed, etc.>

GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) Do not drink this beer. (2) Women who are pregnant should not drink this beer nor am I responsible for their condition. (3) Notice: The Surgeon General is both, a Surgeon and a General, so watchit! (4) Don’t drink and drive, don’t phone and drive, always follow section 2, part 5, paragraph 1, sentence 2 of the Washington State Driver’s Guide. (5) Gravity, it’s not only a good idea, it’s the LAW! (F) Michael’s home-brews impairs you’re ability to driVe a car or oper8 a kompewter.


I refuse to spend my life worrying about what I eat. There is no pleasure worth forgoing just for an extra three years in the geriatric ward. --John Mortimera

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I like naming my beers. In another post, I put up a pic that included a brown ale I made, called "Least Prestigious Ivy League University" brown ale. (A friend who went to Cornell disputed that label.)

I also made a cyser (hard apple cider with honey) which had Bevis and Butthead staring at a buxom lady and speculating about ... (cyser is pronounced like "size her").

For a fruit beer ... as you probably know, cashew nuts grow from the bottom of a fruit called a cashew apple. I made a fruit beer from cashew apple, so of course I had to call it Castrated Cashew Beer (cashews with their nuts cut off). Ouch.

And then there was Moderately Ale (so if anyone asks, I can say "Of course I drink moderately).

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Speaking of ex's.........I named a european bitter, "Bitter Ex". I also brewed an IPA on July 4th and named it "1776 Ale".[

quote=sparrowgrass,May 9 2005, 01:11 PM]

My ex (affectionately known as "The Evil One") worked for the US Forest Service, so I made "Smokey Beer" and "Woodsey Ale".

Now it is Sparrowgrass Hill Ale.

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johnnybird made one set of bitter we named Broadwing Bitter. since the broadwing hawks migrate through about the same time every fall (12-25 september) we knew when we could crack the first one to test. :biggrin:

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Linda Ellerbee

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I made a Belgian-style Tripel and used Westmalle yeast and called the resulting beer: "Breast Mauler Tripel!"

I usually refer to my barelywines as "Harleywine"

But the best name for a homebrew that I have seen was for a stout:

"Sofa King Stout" Guess it was a big beer!

Bob R in OKC

Home Brewer, Beer & Food Lover!

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Back in college I brewed regularly with a friend of mine. Everything had names based around Surly. My favorite was our Imperial Stout, Surly Tsar. We also had various Surly Cats and Monkeys and other such animals one might find in the menagerie of the mad.

My site, it is crappy.


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It's An Old House Ale.

Story: when me and my homebrewer-ex moved into a house together, we did lots of fixing up and painting. First rain storm we discovered that the ceiling in the dining room leaked like a sieve. We call and tell the landlady's hubby about it. He says to us "well, you know, it's an old house." :blink:

First beer we brewed there, got the name. Oh, and when landlady found out, she freaked. It got fixed.

Born Free, Now Expensive

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A boyfriend lived in a Medival House one year in college. Several guys brewed ales and mead. One large beer production turned out especially well, so they decided to name it........something catchy, because there was alot of it.

Catchy, ubiquitous, medival: They named it Plague.

I'm a canning clean freak because there's no sorry large enough to cover the, "Oops! I gave you botulism" regrets.

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