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  1. I looked in yesterday. Doors were open, presumably for air, and at least one (construction?) worker was lounging out front but the space doesn't look quite ready to launch to me. I peeked in as well. I would say they won't be open before August. And I forgot about the move.
  2. Anyone else get theirs today? Let me know what you think.
  3. I've made these cones dozens of times (including wedding receptions and a 50th wedding anniversary) and use the good-ol' yellow Platex gloves normally used for washing dishes. Two other things I do: 1. Just before rolling the cone onto the cornet mold, dab a little of the raw batter on one side of the cone, then roll starting from the other side and finishing with the raw batter side. The raw batter acts as a glue to help keep the cone together. Do them one at a time as it dries quickly in that heat. 2. Don't stand the cornet mold up after rolling it; they more often slide down and apart than stay perfect. Just keep the mold on its side with the 'glued' side down. After doing the last one slide them back in the oven and close the door. Start watching it after 2 minutes and remove them when they have the color you like. The gloves also help when removing the cones from the molds.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by "how about" but these are all available in English from Amazon.fr... And they'll deliver internationally.
  5. Thanks! Strange, I Googled before posting and came up with nothing. Not even a mention that Union closed. Very sad to see it go, but it's a sign of the times. Strange that it was closed for so long and not even a mention about it here. Another sign of the times... How was France?
  6. Funny you should mention potato salad with vinaigrette- I was thinking about the mayo based one. Did you differentiate because of all the mayo = food poisoning tales? Mayo does not equal food poisoning. Compare the pH level between potatoes and commercial mayo to find the culprit.
  7. Go to Amazon.com for Michel Bras' Essential Cuisine and you can pay either $410 new or $449 used. Now go to Amazon.fr for Michel Bras' Essential Cuisine, édition en langue anglaise (English version) and you can pay 56 Euros plus 10 Euros shipping and have it delivered within three weeks for the going exchange rate, which currently puts this at $82.50. Mine came to me for under $78 when the Euro dipped under $1.19. Now this becomes a title worthy of attention at an affordable price. And if I had the energy I'd buy 10 and sell them on Amazon.com for $300... such a bargain!
  8. Now that Union has been closed for 45+ days does anyone know who's moving in? Owner, chef, cuisine style, menu...?
  9. http://nightkitchenseattle.com/ Owner: Rebecca Scott Chef de cuisine: Avalon Zanoni We can follow them on Twitter so they must be good!
  10. Entrée Nous on Stewart closed its doors today. I know it wasn't the best of places, and service was definitely lacking, but as a neighborhood place it served us well. We enjoyed the food and we'll miss it. It appears that some all-nite dive is moving in that will appeal to the Nightlite and Noc Noc 3 AM revelers, I'm sure.
  11. I didn't mean to disturb you - honest! ← Hey don't get me wrong, I enjoy the ol' 3AM "Wake-up, let's hook-up!" call as much as the next guy. Just make sure it's directed to me by following your screech with your trademark "WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  12. D'oh! The joys of clicking reply, researching and clicking add reply while someone replies with more accurate info...
  13. "Kate Joncas, president of the Downtown Seattle Association, said the restaurant's presence will help transform a stretch of Pike Street between the Market and the downtown retail core that still is seedy in places." Let's see, within 200 feet of this location there's a porn shop/strip club, the King County Needle Exchange, a Seattle Parole Office, and a dive bar offering PBR happy hour between 5-9 daily (does this place ever close?). Is bringing in yet another business that serves alcohol the answer? No. I'll still wake up 3 or 4 times a night to 1. hearing guys yell F-you at each other, 2. the screeching mating call of drunk women "I'm sooooooooo drunk!", 3. the nightly ambulances and police tending to the seedy nightlife clientele etc. etc. Why not bring in a day care or a kindergarten? They'll then have to move those seedy businesses out (yes, even the iconic Deja Vu), it'll be labeled as a 'drug-free zone', and it might even bring in some respectability to the area. The Hard Rock Cafe is not a transformation-assisting business. Sorry for the gripe... I'm venting to yet another sleepless night in Seattle due to the reasons stated above...
  14. Drove by Poppy's this morning. Has it opened? The tables are set with glassware, etc. It looks close if it hasn't opened yet.
  15. As of April 2008, Nancy Leson reports that she's working for Starbucks.Speaking of Sue McCown... I've had umpteen inquiries from people wondering what's become of McCown after the closure, a year ago, of her wholesale baking company and much anticipated signature dessert lounge, Coco la ti da. After spotting her in the flesh at a chef's conference earlier this month, I got the answer. McCown, long known for her stellar work for the W Hotel's Earth & Ocean restaurant, has hooked up with another big corporate outfit: Starbucks. Yes, she's still baking, but her business card now bears the famous mermaid logo and reads "Senior Product Developer, Global Food Solutions, Research & Development." Sorry...
  16. 1. Actually, I like the quiet tone. I've been there when the guests had a rather noisy demeaner and it really distracted from the experience. 2. Does anyone know if charging $175 for a wine pairing is something new? The times I've been there I've asked to just match the wines to the food and haven't had that much of a charge for wine by the glass.
  17. Anyone know how these pans came to be known as hotel pan? Every search on the information super highway comes up with a distributor trying to sell them to me. Thanks!
  18. You're in the same situation with Per Se in needing to call two months ahead to make a reservation so Per Se is not a good alternative but NY is. Don't have anything to offer about Southern Cal but others here might. You could go to Napa and call TFL at the number (previously posted) three days before you want to be there. People need to confirm their reservations three days in advance. You might be able to get in as there's always the probability of cancellation, and at $240 a seat they want to fill those cancellations.
  19. You need to call two months to the day ahead of when you want to go there. You should pick the first day of your 4-day window so you have a little flexibility if you can't get in that first day. If you're in Dublin start calling at 6 PM your time of day, it'll be 10 AM in California. Dial 00 1 7079442380. Hang up when you hear a busy signal (phone's engaged) and hit redial. Repeat until you hear a recording that you are in the queue. Good luck!
  20. I don't know if anyone on this board has noticed but it appears The French Laundry website is updating its menu on a daily basis now. Edited for spelling, Tori Spelling.
  21. The first of many Euro-based purchases to come, I'm sure.
  22. Can someone explain what the cover is showing? I am totally at a loss.
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