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  1. I use the margins of the recipe books. Notations include: "This was terrible!", or scratching out the printed quantity to include my own corrected version, or adding another ingredient that was sorely lacking - like chives over mushroom soup. I always include the date.
  2. Canned black olives. I can snarf them down really quickly!
  3. Gotta get a cow magnet...............if only for the story it adds to my kitchen!
  4. Susan G

    Soup Helper

    Turkey and rice soup, Chinese hot and sour soup, avolemmeno, French onion, and tortilla soup. Good luck!
  5. I believe I've heard that the poorer you are, the greater a percentage of your income is spent on food........but I don't know if this correlates to how much of your food is pre-cooked.
  6. I'm gonna open up a new territory here: Eating to *provoke* neuroses. It's a Shibboleth in every EMS system I've worked or volunteered in across the country: After working a particularly wretched and gory scene, inevitably the crews go out for a meal together.........and *somebody* in the group will order scambled eggs and put ketchup on them. It's a test. The people who won't eat meat with a bone in it because it reminds them of the origins........would never be happy in a VFD.
  7. The owner of an Italian place where I waitressed would occasionally tell a particularly annoying customer, "Please, do me a favor: Don't ever come back here." The patron here is being extortionist. The business has already repeatedly offered to make good, on a situation that was partially *caused* by the patron.
  8. Not only do *all* the major grocery stores in New Mexico sell beer, wine and liquor, but the chain *drug stores* like Walgreens do too. (How's that for truth in advertising?) We also have package stores. Some of them have drive-through windows. Blue laws? The only one here is no alcohol sales before noon on Sunday.
  9. Susan G

    Why I Cook

    Whee! The JoyAnn Cake Shoppe! I used to eagerly wait for 2am to ride my bike from Olvey-Andis dorms to the proofing racks there - warm glazed donuts - outstanding!!
  10. When I was a graduate student in Beijing, Chinese tourists from other cities would tell me there was nothing good to eat in this city compared to "their" homeotwns. One suspects the Discovery channel was blathering........ Ditto the vote for Chengdu - but only because my taste runs to the garlicky-spicy.
  11. Church suppers *always* have posole. (stewed pork and hominy). With red chile. Around Christmas, there are also tamales. Biscochitos for desert. Office gatherings (birthdays, baby showers) are usually centered around Frito pies, because everyone can bring in an ingredient from home, and everyone assembles their own dish: A layer of Fritos corn chips, a layer of cooked ground beef with onions, a layer of stewed pinto beans, some shredded iceburg lettuce, some chopped tomatoes, some shredded chedder or jack cheese. Someone else brings a store-bought cake with chemical tangs and gummy textures........
  12. My first response was that You. Are. Seriously. F*#!*ed.......and then I thought about it. How many days? Can you treat this as if you were trying to cook after a massive storm, with limited cooking resources? Even though half the group is omnivore, with limited space resources for cooking, either you're making the vegans eat meat (unlikely) or the omnivores are going to eat veggie......Make life as easy on you as possible - within that narrow, limited range you have left for yourself! For example: Hummus/ taboule with pita bread and chopped tomatoes and shredded lettuce. Carrot soup. Vegetarian chile? With TVP? Soy dogs and mashed potatoes? I'd say forget anything that demands individual portions, unless they're already pre-made (like the soy dogs). Breakfasts are easy: Oatmeal with nuts and raisins and brown sugar............ Lunches: salads based upon cukes, tomaoes, or shredded carrots.......breads with spreads? Dinner: Vegetable stews. Good luck!
  13. Great writing! I had the same response to the first Gulf War: The constant, lingering unease was dissapated only by spending hours cooking curries.
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