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    Chicago is a city of neighborhoods - your best bet is get out of downtown, for interesting, non-expense account places. Try this list as a start: http://www.lthforum.com/bb/viewtopic.php?p=226392#p226392 For specific recommendations, try Pizzeria Uno or Pizzeria Due for quintessential deep-dish pizza - both are close to Michigan Avenue. On Sunday morning, don't miss the Maxwell Street Market at Des Plaines and Roosevelt. Some say the regional Mexican street food there is better than you'll get in Mexico. Really, no traditional breakfast item, but if you see a place offering Intelligentsia, Metropolis or Casteel Coffee, you'll be well-served. We hope you'll have a great time here!
  2. I like not having to actually read a review. ← After watching that review,
  3. Barak's Check Please appearance is at
  4. Burt's Place, the quirky pizzeria featured on the cover of Saveur magazine, and soon to be on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, is open both Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve (call to place order before visiting). Also, Wiener and Still Champion, scheduled to be on Diners, Drives and Dumpsters (or whatever that show is called) in January, is open through mid-afternoon Christmas Eve. Burt's Place 8541 N. Ferris Morton Grove (847) 965-7997 Wiener and Still Champion 802 W. Dempster Evanston, IL 60202 847-869-0100
  5. Glad to know there are sites that do. I had a lot of leftovers from a catered event last year, and contacted Greater Chicago Food Depository, and they wouldn't accept it.
  6. I think food donations can only come from commercial kitchens. I don't think they'll accept food donations from private individuals, no matter what the quantity.
  7. Was DaleJ asking about the meat-oriented Custom House, in the Morton Hotel, or the seafood-oriented C-House, in the Affinia Hotel? The similarity in names is confusing, but I'm guessing it's the latter, which I haven't been to, but I've heard good things, except for priciness. (I like the new avatar, Ken.)
  8. Formal name is huitlacoche (sometimes spelled with a c instead of an h). Also called corn smut, as in "I'm gonna go down there and get me some smut!"
  9. I can bring an electric fryer - do I need to supply oil, too?
  10. Fr old timey, spaghetti and meatballs, and not a chain like Bucca, would be Sabatino's. Feels like the 1950s, with flaming desserts and roving musicians. Sabatino's 4441 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago (773) 283-8331
  11. I'll be at the Farmer's Market, and since I live a few blocks from the church, I can bring over a vintage Osterizer, plus a hardware store-style blowtorch. What time should I bring stuff over? Anything else needed?
  12. At Ronnie's suggestion, I took the interactive map I made of lunch options after the Farmers' Market and before dinner, and turned it into a 5-page, printable pdf file, which should be downloadable here. Let me know privately if you have any trouble getting it.
  13. As Ron mentioned, I'm a huge fan of Hae Woon Dae. It's a bit smaller than San Soo Gab San, and maybe a bit less discovered - so on weeknights, it's not uncommon to be able to get a private room. Meats are great, panchan is vast, and service is friendly. (And I'm not in the least bit biased because they have my picture - along with many others - on the bulletin board as you walk in.)
  14. Since you're in Northbrook. and it sounds like your companions aren't especially adventurous, you should seriously consider Prairie Grass Cafe. Two chefs with exceptional pedigrees have created a high-end casual place close to you. Ronnie Suburban posted a great review of their new spring menu here. It's possible to stay within your budget, depending upon how you order, although you may exceed it, too. If you do, just down the street, is a nice little classic Italian place which can bring your budget into line. Prairie Grass Cafe 601 Skokie Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60062 847-205-4433 Francesco's Hole in the Wall 254 Skokie Blvd. Northbrook, IL 60062 847-272-0155
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