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As you may already be aware, I was deciding about buying a Kezuriki (see my post in the forum) and I finally settled for the e-dashi one which should be in my hands quite soon :)

I looked at the following two web pages which describe the use and maintenance of the Kazuriki:



From the confusing Japanese – English translation of Google Chrome (by the way, are you aware of a better alternative?) what I got regarding the usage is:

1 wipe with a dry (absolutely not wet) cloth the dry bonito to remove excess mould

2 start cutting using an angle of approximately 45 degrees

3 if cuts are too thin or too thick adjust the blade (here the translation suggests that pieces of blade may fall into the bonito flakes if cut is too thick, I really hope it's a translation issue!!! :P)

Regarding the maintenance:

1 after use remove the oil and fat from the plane and remove the flakes from the blade (I may add, possibly without cutting my finger :P)

I would really appreciate if someone with a better knowledge of Japanese could verify whether I am missing some fundamental aspects of the cutting of the bonito and of the maintenance of this precious item :)

Thank you in advance for any help!


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On 6/13/2015 at 6:47 AM, GlorifiedRice said:



What are the carbs and fiber grams of this...TY

the only ingredient is banabá leaf


calories 194

protein 2.2g

fat 0.8g

sugars 39.8g

dietary fiber 8.6g

sodium 41mg


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