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New Yorker restaurant article , circa 1980 ?


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cheers .


I would deeply enjoy finding an article 


from the New Yorker 


circa 1980  , +/-  a year or three , downward.


it was a two part article , about a


French restaurant , N. of NYC. .


it was about the Chef


( nameless , running a nameless Restaurant  


i.e not mentioned in the article , purposely )


it was about .as I recall . the rhythm of the kitchen


and the kitchen was possibly only the Chef..


it where I first read mentioned 


that the ' stove : top and oven "


were called the piano .


you got the first side of what your were cooking


on the top one the stove


flipped it over , and it got finished in the oven.


as the Restaurant filled up :


The temp of the Piano's oven went up




that technique was new to me 


and I had a brand new set of thick copper pans from 




[ed.: 2 of them served very well for this technique ]


id love to read the 2 pard series


if a Periodical Sleuth here 


can find this article .


Reward :  Good Reading .





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