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  1. mojoman, there is more to this thread and the biting comments than meets the eye than when the thread is looked at in a simplistic fashion. Previously you mentioned that the philosophy here was not only moot but also bad. I disagree. I think the philosophy that is held within the corners of talk here is very interesting. Why do people watch football games? That's part of what interests me in terms of this show, for the same sort of thing is happening. And that, is human. It is not human in any way that really hurts anyone, it is not human in any truly ugly way, it is human in a way that peo
  2. No, we don't, but we should. Maybe we should put our heads together and start a publication? ← For me, it would be an honorable task but a dreary one. I would consider it if that cop could be my (working) partner as I travel through my assignated places, though. For how often have I thought: "These people should be arrested for serving this sh*t."
  3. Wow. I hope he knows that honey is good for burns. Going commando? What is this "going commando"?
  4. Carrot Top

    Honey Month

    Oh. I had baklava for breakfast, too. More honey.
  5. Carrot Top

    Honey Month

    He's good with honey, too.
  6. Carrot Top

    Honey Month

    I am here in the land of milk and honey, at least metaphorically. Before me sits a scoop of yogurt, thick as ice cream, sitting in a bowl in a scoop well-rounded, creamy white and thick as French buttercream. Over the top of it and pooling around is golden Appalachian honey. Easiest thing in the world to make and it always tastes good. The yogurt itself is thicker than Fage and it costs the same for two pounds of it as a small container of Fage. Its name is Karnak. Grade A Plain Yogurt Village Style. And although Karnak sounds like something from Star Wars, it is not scary at all.
  7. I have to admit, I wondered if indeed Those Who Inhabit This Thread (perhaps from here on in we can call ourselves TWITT though I am sure that thought will be challenged and under much debate if it indeed is even challenged at all but let me just say that the name is better than when I just hit the wrong key while trying to type the capital letters and ended up with the uncomplementary name of TWITS) were just harder to please than other folk. After all, there have been comments that the judges and producers know better than anyone here so should be free of any critical commentary that does n
  8. I wonder what would happen if local cops in various places decided it was time to arrest people who decided to serve carelessly prepared food. Apparently one cop got mad in just this situation, and this is what he did: Learn To Cook Right, Or Else. Thank you to the police officer who decided enough was enough. Thump it off, indeed. A new cooking procedure and obviously not one that works.
  9. Before we moved here we used to drive through town and I would think "what a cute little place" about Maxwell's but never stopped to eat. By the time we moved here, they were advertising for a chef, rather desperately, including putting up a big hand-written sign in the window. That, along with the fact that it is housed in the same building as the place that sells guns and gold with a huge day-glo orange sign decorated with camoflauge pattern that sat out in the front of the place, made me not ever decide to wander in there. After searching for a chef for some time (apparently unsuccesfully)
  10. Actually, upon further thought, if it weren't for this thread and the truly amusing commentary held within it I would have stopped watching Top Chef a long time ago. So thanks, all those whom have contributed not only to my own fun , but also to adding that one person extra viewing who will increase ratings of the show.
  11. Well, I was one of those posters you mention so I'll answer for myself. You must have misunderstood if you thought I conjectured that Colicchio would not be able to do it better. I commented that it would be fun to see him try it. I also do not think that I said I was more qualified than he to judge it. However, I have been a professional chef functioning specifically as an Executive Chef in a fine-food situation so decided to risk saying what I said, which was said in good fun, to another person whom I understand is also a professional chef. I do agree that some of these posts are hilari
  12. Oh yes. There's that. Civilization and culture reduced to a Slurpee.
  13. You're in fine fettle this morning, Rachel. It is Sunday, indeed, and time to Testify. Yeah. But my problem with them was that the promise was that we would be shown the most glamorous crowd in Miami. I kept waiting, looking, seeking and desirous of such a thing. 'Nuf said.
  14. I'm glad you wrote this, for that had been my best guess as to the road this place had taken. The way the manager reacted to my comments almost spelled it out to anyone knowledgeable about restaurant operations, without directly saying it. Yes, it seems the food is mere window-dressing in some places. Get 'em drunk (and I assure you, everyone around us was very drunk including a beautiful young college student at the table of eight next to us whose very loudly-rendered story of what her boyfriend liked and didn't like in bed not only had my throat closing as I watched my own fifteen-year old d
  15. Beer, bait and cigarettes. Gas and stamps. Considered this way, any produce is mere frippery. Cheap loaves of white bread in bright colored wrappers and milk for which prayer is required to have it stay fresh more than three hours after its purchase. The illiterate finding a way to make a living, without the peering eye of disdain. A few sorts of "penny candy" in large dusty plastic jars. I think the price for "penny candy" now lingers between fifteen and twenty cents. I expected your area to have country stores, SB, because to me it is the land of Paul Bunyan. Tall tales abound, and where
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