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Alcohol in bonbons

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Hello, I’m new here. I have a very small chocolate business in central Washington, and have been approached by a few wineries about using their wines in truffles. I may be misunderstanding the regulations, but it seems I would need to keep the alcohol content under 1%, or get an alcohol license, which is probably not worth it. My question is how do you determine the percentage of alcohol in a candy? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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7 minutes ago, pastrygirl said:

I'm in Seattle, I do use alcohol in ganache but don't actually calculate it.  I haven't been caught yet 😂


Would the winery be horrified if you cooked the wine? 

Haha! Fingers crossed. I can’t imagine anyone getting a buzz from eating some chocolates, although I make some brandied cherry cordials (which I don’t sell) that are very strong. 
I think cooking the wine is a great idea. I’ll have to experiment and see what they say. Thank you!

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