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When to put in cream when flambeing


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Hi, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Last year, I flambed some sliced mushrooms and shallots in cognac for a side dish (I use Godet VSOP, which my girlfriend and I also love to drink). I had no organic heavy cream (I didn’t want any gum in the cream, and non-organic creams all seem to have some thickener, as do organic whipping creams), so I just used a generous amount of butter and some white pepper. It came out really good, but I want to try using some organic half & half this time (we struck out in searching for organic heavy cream - it was out of stock in the one store that carries it near me, etc.). Anyway, would you put the cream in first, then the cognac, or flambe first and then add the cream?

Michael aka "Pan"


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