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  1. For those local residents (Wendy), the Creperie is having a Beaujolais Nouveau celebration party on the 21st. There are two seatings: 500pm and 7pm. I will be attending the 500pm.
  2. Very odd, I went to edit a post to add pictures of the delis and it wouldn't let me. Oh well.... This is Shop N Save -- a polish deli/supermarket in Niles, Illinois The deli counter, all of these sausages are made there The central cooler that has already packaged meats and sausages, for those not wanting to wait in line We sure do like bottled water don't we? These all are from Poland. Mom and I usually buy a case or two of the large bottles. These are small aisles and the shelves are filled from top to bottom with goodies. Majority of the products are from Europe with a few from Asia.
  3. We have returned from Crystal Lake's own Creperie. Before I begin the description, I'd like to apologize for the lack of sweet and sour pork and food homage to John's grandfather. This week's best intentions have succumbed, like most things in our lives, to the whims of others and family. Should I have the opportunity to blog again, I promise to cover more ground. But I do hope that you have enjoyed what I have shared and showed you. With that my final meal for you to enjoy: the Creperie. Chef Pierre is from France and quite a noted chef. He has worked throughout France and the US (primarly i
  4. No matter how I try, I can't get a nice shot of the menu from Tru without washing it out in light. So my description must suffice. In addition, there are no pictures from the restaurant as it didn't seem appropriate -- especially after we saw someone take a picture and be stared down by the wait staff until the camera was put away. I must preface this write-up by saying dinner was like a religious experience. The rituals and patterns and attention to detail are what set Tru aside from a regular restaurant, beyond the fact that their wine list is 2 inches thick and everything is custom made. Wh
  5. We are finally home after a long day out. Breakfast consisted of the Drake's Room Service: John add steak and eggs: A medium-rare sirloin with two overhard eggs and hashbrowns. Note the picture shows the over-easy eggs that were quickly remedy with a fresh plate. The garnish was a broiled tomato, a strawberry half and slice of orange. I had the Eggs Benedict with fried potatoes: We shared a plate of bacon, some english muffins and a carafe of coffee. We also had freshly squeezed OJ.
  6. Dinner was at Tru and the most exquiste meal I ever had. I don't have pictures, but do have a detailed menu that I will share later. It's almost time for breakfast so I will post on that later as well.
  7. Thank you all for your concerns. It's so not like me to flake out, but it hit me hard and I wanted to recover for tonight.
  8. I think I'm all caught up -- I mentioned this mornings breakfast: coffee and a chocolate donut. John had the plain donut. Before we left we split a greek pizza from TJ's. The camera was packed, so no pics. Their greek pizza is a regular crust topped with a spicy tomato sauce, feta, kalamata olives and some moz. I heated it in the delonghi for 10 minutes at 450. For lunch -- after shopping at Bloomingdale's (I so love the city ) we went to Water Tower place and ordered at Wow Bao. These are delicious steamed buns. John ordered a box of 6 and a hot/sour chicken soup combo for me - as my throat
  9. Sunday breakfast -- This was intended to be a picnic style breakfast/brunch/lunch, and it turned out well. I was still off key so we started much later than expected. First the table: What was had: (clockwise) - roasted red pepper hummus (the bowl with the red peppers on top) from TJ's - tomato and olive bruschetta from TJ's - bulk olives from Whole Foods - horseradish hummus from TJ's - in the middle: giardinera (sp?) (left to right) - kabanosy (thin smoked sausages from the polish deli) - the white cheddar, from WF - a piece from the log of goat cheese (originally from TJ's, purchased a
  10. After the Farmer's Market, we went to Whole Foods. The place was packed and John was getting antsy so we didn't stay long. We purchased: -- a small piece of Brillat Savarin cheese -- some olives from the bulk bar The white blot is the peeled garlic. -- Ciabatta -- NY raw milk white sharp cheddar -- two Hillary's cookies -- oatmeal current -- chocolate almond These are so good and this is the only WF I can find them at. She's a Chicago-town girl trying to make a living selling awesome cookies. Afterwards, we went to my parents and my whole plan was thrown. My parents got a do
  11. We did and had a ball. Almost all the little ones were dressed up for Halloween, plus some of the vendors. It was cute. In the back, the man in the chef's jacket is making pizzas. He brings out a woodburning oven and makes pizzas. I asked him if I could take a picture and he said no, so that's the best I could do. the cooking demo: What we bought -- -- 1 small bunchs of white japenese turnips. They are so beautiful. -- 1 2lb purple and white turnip. I couldn't resist -- 2 Honey Crisp apples -- 2 apple ciders: one is a cinnamon apple cider, the other is a tart cherry apple cider --
  12. I apologize for the delay in responding. I was exhausted and caught a bit of a bug on Saturday. I needed to "fix myself" or else today wasn't going to be enjoyable. I do feek better but my throat is a bit sore and my head is still throbbing. Saturday's Breakfast: Individual Frittatas with hashbrowns. I topped each frittata with a dollop of sourcream and a quartered tomato. This pic is of one slightly cut up so you can see how moist it was. The set table: The after breakfast table -- John took the picture. He insisted I post it even though it's weird The preparation: On Friday night, I c
  13. We are home after a long day out. I will post a recap of breakfast and the day later. I need a good sit right now
  14. As no one responded to my breakfast question for tomorrow, I decided that I will make a frittata, hash browns, and a salad of some sort -- maybe fruit or tomato, not sure yet. The coffee press is prepped, the veg for the frittata are cut, the table is set and I just finished wrapping John's gift -- after much struggling with Cashew and the tissue paper. Mizducky -- thanks for the compliment on the photo. It is a beautiful plate isn't it? btw -- your cat story a few days ago was so cute and heart-warming. Thanks for sharing. Well good night all. Till tomorrow.
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