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Bolognese and garlic bread?

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On 9/15/2020 at 6:43 AM, ambra said:

I adore garlic bread. It's always delicious. 😀


But the closest thing you'd find in Italy is toasted or grilled bread that has been rubbed with garlic and topped with fresh oil, especially new oil in the fall, and it's usually served on an appetizer plate with other crostini. Here is an example on the top left.





Love me the fettunta.  

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19 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

Miss Manners would not approve of mopping sauce in a restaurant.  And since my life motto is WWMMD? (What Would Miss Manners Do?), I would never mop in a restaurant.  But I'm sure that she would give me a pass in my own home surrounded by family 😁.


Hmm ... I'd probably mop in a restaurant. At the very least, I'd use a utensil to scoop up the sauce and put it on my bread. I love sauces & gravies. That's the best part, IMO.


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All good matters say you can break bread with your hands.

You just need to break a piece of bread, lay it on the rim of the dish, stab it with the fork, use the bread to mop the dish, put it in your mouth using the fork, be happy.

I did this in a michelin 2* star restaurant, nobody complained, on the contrary, the chef was really happy that ALL my dishes came back perfectly clean and asked me to join him in the afternoon break.






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