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Stock choice - Am I wrong?

Kim Shook

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thanks   Im really going to have to try this


I bet this is a fine start to excellent FOS.


the onions in the final dish  can be cartelized in a heavy pan in the oven.


now at some point to get the onions and the etc




do you have a ref to Hestons work ?


i have most of the videos and some of the books.

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1 hour ago, btbyrd said:

I usually make beef stock in a PC but cook the onion components of the soup conventionally (on the stovetop or in the oven). Pressure cooked onions lose a lot of their potency.


I meant the sous vide onions in a pressure cooker, but I see you have already answered.


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On 7/19/2020 at 4:10 PM, JAZ said:


Here's mine, if you're interested. http://hecooks-shecooks.com/french-onion-soup/. I should note that I don't finish it the way most diners do -- I don't cover the top with cheese and bread and broil it. I just float a cheese crouton on top.

Thanks. I like to use rye or pumpernickle, but I put a layer of shredded cheese on first, then broil till the cheese melts, then i put the bread on, and another sprinkle of shredded cheese and broil again to melt the second layer of cheese and also to give the bread some crunch. Don't end up with soggy bread this way.  

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