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  1. btbyrd

    Dinner 2021

    It was rice cooked with coconut milk and toasted black sesame seeds were mixed in during fluffing.
  2. btbyrd

    Dinner 2021

    Grilled Chilean sea bass with green curry sauce, coconut sesame rice, ginger green beans, spicy carrots, zucchini ribbons, and grilled tomatoes. Could have been neater. Tasted good though.
  3. The Whole Foods near me recently started carrying a small number of Sfoglini products. They're very high quality, on a par with the best premium pasta brands. It's kind of hard to compare them though because the only shapes available are Reginetti/Mafaldine and Trumpets, and I haven't seen other brands offering these shapes in my local market. They have beet fusilli too, but I haven't tried it. But what I have tried has an excellent flavor and texture. They're organic too, not that I especially care about that. But it's a high quality product all around. They have a bunch of interesting pastas available on their website using different types of wheat and grain, and I'd be willing to try most of them on the strength of their other offerings.
  4. Maker's 46 and Knob Creek are both fine products. I was actually able to pick up a proper sized bottle of the former on my latest trip to the store. But the prices on small bottles are often a lot higher per ounce than larger bottles here, so I avoid them. Sometimes there's no difference; sometimes there's a big difference. The most consistent thing that I semi-regularly purchase is Captain Morgan's Private Stock, which is 50% more expensive per ounce in a 750ml bottle compared to a 1.75L bottle. Anyway, as you've noted, this issue has gotten a lot of attention since I posted. The head of the ABC commission resigned and the legislature held a special hearing on the issue. The crux of the problem is that all the booze in the state comes through only two warehouses in Raleigh. The private company operating those warehouses, which was just awarded a 10-year (!) exclusive contract, implemented a new inventory system and did it so poorly that nobody can get what they want -- stores, bars, restaurants are all screwed. Though they've identified the problem, it doesn't seem like it's very much closer to being solved; the shelves are still bare and it's impossible to plan ahead. I can't imagine operating a bar or restaurant in this kind of environment. You've got my sympathies. I can't imagine trying to keep a place like The Green Zone stocked during times like this. I realize that the situation isn't as dire up there as it is down here, but given how driven your bar program is by exotic spirits, it's got to be a difficult time. But kudos on keeping your business open and your head up.
  5. They're compatible, but on my APS-C sized sensor, the 135mm would be equivalent to 202.5mm and that's *suuuuuuper* tight for a prime lens. And it would cost more than most of my lenses combined. But I'm still excited for you on your full frame setup. I just picked up a Sigma 56mm F 1.4 and a Sony 70-350mm G telephoto for my A6500. I doubt that either of them will get much use for food photography, but they'll be nice for portrait and wildlife shots. I think my Sigma 16 and 30 F1.4 lenses will be my workhorses for food stuff (and, to be honest, also my iPhone and iPad). But we'll see if the 56mm (84mm full frame equivalent) can find a place. The 70-350 is right out!
  6. It's a North Carolina problem brought about by an incompetent state-run bureaucracy that has a monopoly on supply and distribution.
  7. It has gotten worse. I took these tonight at the biggest store in the county. It isn’t a small county. 382,000 people live here, and we didn’t all raid this store on a Tuesday night. But more than tequila has vanished from the shelves. All the sections were like this. But at least there’s gas at the pumps. Vodka wall one. A different vodka wall. The tequila section faces us, and the rum shelves are on the opposite side of those shelves. Bourbon. I emerged miraculously with the bottle of Milagro tequila I intended to buy. I couldn’t bring myself to buy a tiny bottle of Maker’s Mark 46 or a giant bottle of Knob Creek, so I escaped with a bottle of Rittenhouse (which they haven’t reliably had in stock recently). This is bad. People should be losing their jobs and the system should be reformed. But since the state is in charge, nobody seems to care. Maddening.
  8. Sure, but these kids didn't really create or demonstrate a new technology. Pureeing chicken and extruding it through a tube isn't new, it's McNugget territory. Shooting lasers at food has been a thing for a while, though I guess they made some slight progress on what wavelengths and wattages work better for cooking vs browning. I guess that's something? But the technique they've come up with produces a metallic or industrial off taste/odor and takes a long time. I don't see this scaling easily to industrial/institutional applications because you'd have to aim the laser at each individual piece of meat, making multiple passes over the entire surface; timely batch processing isn't possible. Meh. 3D printed food is mostly dumb and gimmicky. Extruded paste isn't an inspiring medium to work in, pasta to the contrary notwithstanding. And laser-cooked food doesn't seem to taste very good or offer real advantages compared to other cooking methods. I've seen some other tricks done, like a Japanese crew using lasers to only fry the white/fatty part of bacon, leaving the pink part raw. But like this chicken experiment, it didn't seem especially delicious. The best applications seem to be "drawing" realistic images on tortillas or omelettes, like the Modernist Cuisine crew does. But that's kinda gimmicky too. Bah humbug.
  9. Mmmm. Extruded chicken paste heated with two types of laser. Sounds disgusting. "Ever go to the dentist and get fillings done? They have a laser they use to seal the fillings and you get that smell.. a little bit of an industry odor a sharpness you get to it that you don’t get with normal chicken. You smell the heating of the laser and you can smell it a little bit with the chicken, it leaves a little bit left on it." No thanks. The abstract of the paper makes some incredible claims that the paper doesn't back up in order to make the research seem more interesting. "Infusing software into the cooking process will enable more creative food design, allow individuals to more precisely customize their meals, disintermediate food supply chains, streamline at-home food production, and generate horizontal markets for this burgeoning industry." Uhh... If you say so...
  10. Before the Anti-Griddle was developed, I think Alinea just rested sheet pans on blocks of dry ice.
  11. Ooh, nice! I'm excited for you. I love a fast prime. And that's an interestingly long focal length -- the only lenses I have in that range are zooms. But I'm down here on Sony APS-C, and there aren't any native primes with similar focal lengths available. Oh well. At least the lenses are cheaper!
  12. What new lens did you buy @JoNorvelleWalker?
  13. btbyrd

    Lunch 2021

    Cabbage and onions with beet kraut, pickled mustard seeds, and Neuske’s bacon.
  14. I’d just blitz freeze dried berries in a blender.
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