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  1. I believe when the show debuted, Martha was either incarcerated or in the midst of her legal woes. Glad to see her presence on the show. The show is also a lot more polished than the first season. The personalities are a little more glammed up as well.
  2. I know it's a couple-three years late but the gelateria in question is called Gianni http://www.gelateriagianni.com/index.htm It' the best. Seriously.
  3. Wasn't there already a battle with chocolate as the secret ingredient? Batali vs Michael Laiskonis?
  4. In our household it was common at larger meals. It usually had apples in it as well. I see quite often here in Chicago at restaurants.
  5. viaChgo

    Sweet potato gratin

    Thanks to everyone for their tips! I decided to make my gratin the night before & reheat it at the house where we were having Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out great! here's what I did. I incorporated 2 thin layers of russet potatoes to increase the starch content. I also used less cream & also heated it. I used just enought to moisten everything. After it came out of the oven, I was a little concerened because it looked like the cream had split and it still looked a bit soupy. However, after it sat in the frig overnight and then was reheated, it was perfect! All the liquid had been
  6. I'm making a sweet potato and apple gratin for t-giving and did a test run this past weekend. I layered raw sweet potato slices, seasoned w/s&p, then sliced apples, nutmeg, dotted with butter, and then repeat. I then poured in heavy cream til it god almost to the top layer. I sprinkled grated white cheddar on top, covered with foil & baked at 350 for an hour. The taste was great. However, it was a bit soupy & the cream looked like it had separated. I was hoping for creamy and thick enough for all the layers to hold together. Any tips? Too much cream? Should I bake uncovered? Highe
  7. Sapporo Original flavor is my fvorite as well. It's a great base to add to - eggs, scallions, kimchi, leftover meat. Also, I like to mix 1 Sapporo Original witha spicy Korean one, like Shin.
  8. You could try Paulina Meat Market: 3501 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 248-6272
  9. viaChgo

    Top Chef

    I believe she also had a stint on the Food Network on one of the Melting Pot shows. Isn't she also married to Salmon Rushdie?
  10. The Chicago-style hot dog is, indeed, a beautiful thing. I enjoy them occasionally. But, for my money, the Italian Beef is really where it's at! And actually, most of the time I end up going with a combo. That's Italian beef AND sausage.
  11. I like to add minced pickled jalepenos for heat. I like the flavor & heat of the peppers but the vinegary pickling juice adds a nice tang as well.
  12. Alton Brown did a show where he cooked flank steak (I believe?) in glowing hardwood coals. He used a blowdryer to blow away any ash and then layed the steak right on the coals.
  13. Does your oven have a self-clean cycle? If so, run it. If not, get some oven cleaner & give it a good cleaning. Built up gunk can adversely affect your oven's ability to disperse the heat evenly. Then by a cheap oven thermometer to see how accurate your oven is. My oven is pretty accurate with its temp but I keep an oven thermometer in there all the time anyway. With my old oven, it was a good 30-50 degrees off. With the oven thermometer in there, you can adjust the temp to what you need & not rely solely on the oven's dial.
  14. It sounds like you didn't have enough bones/too much water. I like to supplement my chicken backs with a package of wings. There's lots of collagen in the wings.
  15. viaChgo

    Top Chef

    I was just wondering...would any of you think of being a contestant on this show?
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