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Kansas City BBQ


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I think this is a pretty exhaustive list of obvious and off-radar. The first few are sort of in order of greatness.






Joe's BBQ (20 mi west of KC) gas stationSlaps

Char Bar


Jazzy B's (Lees Summit)

Hawg Jaw


BB'a Lawnside

Danny Edwards




Jack Stacks



EJ's Urban Eatery

Local Pig (steak sandwich)

Brewery Imperial



Here's an app to help find the most current HERE

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Having lived for 50 years in KC, competed in KCBS competitions, and become a KCBS judge, I love this thread.


I've eaten at many of these, some are new to me.


LC's burnt ends are the best food on the planet. 

Q39 is very, very good. It's a nice, sit down restaurant with excellent barbecue. Not really a barbecue joint in the classic sense.

SLAPs (Squeal Like A Pig) is a classic barbecue joint. Very divey. Really good brisket.

Gates, double yuck. I swore them off years ago when my burnt end sandwich was scrapins from the smoker floor.

Bryant's, when they're on the their game, really good stuff.

BB's Lawnside is cool. Not the best barbecue in KC but certainly very good. Cool blues bar.

Woodyard has a lot of outdoor seating and very good ribs.

Hayward's was truly awful, but they sold their building to Q30 South and moved. My brother reports that new location is very good.

Rosedale, meh.

Joe's Kansas City, consistently excellent barbecue. There's a reason for the long lines.

Not mentioned is Brobeck's. In my opinion, the best ribs in KC and often one of my first stops when I'm back there. 

That's the thing about opposum inerds, they's just as tasty the next day.

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