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  1. There's noodles in falodeh shirazi too. Its kind of hard to believe that Persians independently invented noodles (reshteh) and dumplings(joshpara/aushak) but that's pretty cool.
  2. This stuff is super expensive. Is it worth it? Also is coffee native to Yemen or Ethiopia or both?
  3. I've never had mezcal. WHat's the flavor like?
  4. I figured it always had something to do with Scots-Irish migration to Colonial Virginia but I've heard people questioning this because Jack Daniels learned to distill from a slave even though Jack Daniels is not bourbon imo.
  5. Is there anything better than Founders KBS or CBS? Those are two amazing beers.
  6. You have ancestry from directly west of Iran. I have ancestry from directly east of Iran. I can see how Persian food is not that well regarded or know about by people not from this part of the world. Even among people in the know Turkish food (and to some degree Arabic) is considered better. That's debatable but Persian food is definitely more influential. It might also be because certain things are falsely given a Arabic or Turkish origin and the Greek, Assyrian/Armenian (baklava-https://libanaissweets.com/about-us/the-history-of-baklava/), Caucasian (pide ie khachapuri) and Persian contribution to those cuisines is not considered. If joshpara and aushak are actually Persian then manti is probably just a derivation of that. Even the Arabic contribution to Turkish food is downplayed (lahmacun,falafelm hummus, kenefe, baba ganoush, style of rice etc).
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashk So if kashak is Persian in addition to joshpara and aushak then Persian cuisine is very underrated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kesme#Reshteh I would imagine kemse is derived from Middle Eastern rishta pasta,
  8. No problem with it. Just seems like a lean , flavorless meat. I could be wrong and it could be delicious.
  9. Can't imagine horse meat taste good though. There also seems to be a myth that churros are Chinese too. Fried dough is pretty universal. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/travel-food/article/2119830/how-spanish-chefs-stole-chinas-dough-and-turned-churros
  10. Do you think those specific dairy products such as kayak, Kurt, and aryan are turkic in origin or are they the result Scythians and/or the sedentary Iranian population? What about things such as horse meat and the practice of eating raw meat? Sorry to bother you. Food history is just so interesting.
  11. Gotcha. I was wondering what steppe nomad food was like. I would imagine horse meat and bread and such.
  12. I don't think it was Persian for that long but rather it was home to a bunch of Iranian speaking peoples (Parthians, Khwarezmians, Sogdianans, Bactrians, Khotanese Sakas, Massgetae, Scythians). Wonder what the food of the latter two groups was like (or would have been if they still existed).
  13. Also it would make sense plot is Tajik and not "Uzbek" given Samarkand and Bukhara have mostly Tajik populations.
  14. My favorite polish dish is lazanki. I've heard good things bout Karczma in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Maybe will check it out once this pandemic is over.
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