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    • By eglies
      Hi there,
      I have found a Danish company who produce 100% natural oil based coloring in liquid form that can be mixed with cocoa butter. I received samples and will test. No E in all colors. 
      They require large quantities in kg to be purchased and the specs say 270 days shelf life once opened. 
      It is so important to get clean labels nowadays why haven’t other companies in europe come up with solutions for small quantities for small businesses?
      I will try it out if I have good results, is anyone interested to share thes quantities with me? Preferably in Europe as shipping would be impossible to the USA. 
      If anyone has another supplier to suggest please let me know. Chef rubber doesn’t supply europe yet and Roxy and Rich are powders not sure what I think of them yet. But none are 100% natural like the company in Denmark. 
    • By crisw
      I am trying to work on making some chocolates for my diabetic sister. As the sweetener, I used Swerve, an erythritol-based sweetener that supposedly behaves like sugar (and that my sister likes.) I added it to my standard milk chocolate recipe from Chocolate Alchemy- http://chocolatealchemy.com/recipes/dark-milk-chocolate-45 It came out of the melanger fine and set up OK. But, when I went to temper it, it would not melt! Even after an hour at 140F, it was about the consistency of peanut butter. 
      Has anyone worked with Swerve and have any successful recipes? Or have any idea why it was so viscous?  The stuff is darned expensive, so I don't want to experiment too much. 
    • By eglies
      I am looking for a seriously quiet compressor which works well for daily bonbon airbrushing. Can someone recommend something that is quiet and oil free?
      Thank you
    • By Darienne
      Well, I guess I am more curious than embarrassed.  Although I use fairly good quality chocolate to make dipped citrus peels, bonbons and so on, I also use a lot of less than good quality chocolate to make toppings on pies and cakes, particularly for friends and neighbors who think that Merkens is delicious.  Well, that's unkind, but you know what I mean.  In Canada, we have a chocolate called 'World's Finest' and it is truly awful.  Oh well.
      So here is the situation.  I have purchased from Canadian Wal-Mart for a good number of years now a bar, Waterbridge Imported Belgian, 400 grams, in Milk, Dark and Extra Dark varieties.  And my topping is invariably 4 oz of chocolate and 1/2 cup of half and half or whipping cream.  And it always sets just fine.   Perfect. 
      About 3 months ago, I made a Milk chocolate topping for a friend who loves milk chocolate.  It didn't set.  It was soup.  OK.  But the Dark and Extra Dark still worked fine.  Two days ago, both of those were soup.  
      I wrote to Wal-Mart noting the change, and also that the ever-present gold cardboard is now missing from the bars.  They apologized profusely and offered me my money back.  (In the meantime, I figured out that 1/4 cup of cream would work perfectly.)  
      The ingredients are: for the Extra Dark: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin and the Dark: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and soya lecithin. 
      What do you suppose they did to the mix to make it so different?
    • By BVWells
      I've seen so much beautiful molded chocolate work here I decided to come to the experts. I'm still trying to get consistent shine on my molded chocolates (not using colored cocoa butter yet). I typically get a few really good ones, most have some spots with really good shine and some ok shine, and then maybe I have 1 dud (air bubble or some kind of blemish). I'm just wondering, what would you all say are the top 3 tips to getting that consistent super shine?
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