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Current Dining/lunch in Durango CO?

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Sorry Paul, I've never been there or even in the state of CO unless I crossed through as a young military brat, which is possible. Here's a link to Trip Advisors' recommendations. I can't think of a member who currently lives in CO, although, I think we have at least one that used to. Hopefully, this will give you something to investigate and think about, and perhaps someone more experienced with the actual area will chime in, I hope.


Here's a link to Yelp reviews on Durango too. I find Yelp much more helpful than Trip Advisor when dining locally. Ratings tend to be lower on Yelp generally than TA sometimes, because locals are less tolerant of overpricing for the area, I think. It takes some time to read all the reviews including the "not recommended" ones on Yelp, but I usually come away with a good picture of what to expect from the experience at the restaurant. Not to mention all the pictures on the Yelp site of actual food served to paying customers and taken by same tends to be a lot more than the TA site. Also Yelp has a place to specify whether the place is good for kids on the left side of the page not far from the top.


Good luck, and I hope you find some great meals for your family!



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