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St. John VI restaurants

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@liamsaunt As always, thanks for posting this - I really appreciated the underwater shots.  One day I'll get an underwater camera to take pictures while we're diving but we're still pretty new to it and I think I don't want us to get distracted with that yet.  Our new dive watches already take too much attention!

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On 5/24/2024 at 12:47 PM, rotuts said:



on you  goat cheese salad 


are those pucks seared goat cheese ?


interesting idea.


Yes, that's right, warm seared goat cheese.  Sorry for the delayed reply!


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We are back on St. John for two weeks, this time with my sister, niece, and nephew.  We arrived on Saturday, but I have not had time to share photos until now.  Our flight was at 6AM, which necessitated getting up at 2:30 to go to the airport.  We landed on St. Thomas at 10, and were to St. John by 12:30.  Our first stop was High Tide, to kill time until we could get into our villa.  Nephew had a burger 




Niece had a tuna sandwich




and the rest of us had mahi tacos 




 It's hot, but not as hot as it was in May.  The power grid is still unstable, and has been having frequent outages, but not for as prolonged periods as when we were here last time.  We came prepared with rechargeable fans and electrolyte packages, just in case.  The house:




We told my nephew that Sunday could be his day to make all of the restaurant choices.  I figured it was better to get all of the junky food out of the way at the beginning of the vacation.  Of course, he wanted another burger, so we drove over to "world famous" Skinny Legs.  




His bacon burger




Niece had a BLT on untoasted bread because their flattop was broken



Sister and I had blackened mahi sandwiches




and husband had a cheeseburger




We shared a piece of their frozen key lime pie.  It was very tart, just the way I like it.




We spent the afternoon at the beach, but I forgot to take pictures.


I knew that nephew was going to choose Cafe Roma for dinner, and sure enough he did.  The rest of us were uncertain that we could stomach another heavy meal after that lunch but he insisted, so off we went.  Menu




Martini for my husband




We shared a starter of mozzarella flatbread




Nephew got chicken parmesean. 




I ordered eggplant parmesan.  The eggplant was woefully undercooked, but I didn't care because I wasn't hungry anyway.




Sister had vodka sauce penne.  She was disappointed because the sauce was described as spicy and creamy and it was not either.  




NIece had fettuccine alfredo.  




Husband ordered the Rajun Cajun.  He said it was pretty good.




We skipped dessert at the restaurant in favor of a cone from St. John Scoops




Sunday's cloudy sunset



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Monday we spent the day at the beach again.  When we were not snorkeling, we spent most of the time talking about where we wanted to go to dinner.  If you come to St. John in the "on" season, you have to make reservations weeks in advance for the best places.  In the summer, you can call the same day and see what's available, or even just walk up if you don't mind taking a chance.  We decided to go to Morgan's Mango.  Power was out for most of the afternoon, and I knew they had a generator.


The menu never changes and I showed it this past spring so no pictures of that.  We shared some snapper seveche to start





And some tuna tartare




They told us they had gotten a local tuna that day, so most of us ordered that.  Niece and I ordered a special of tempura fried tuna




Husband ordered his with chimichurri style sauce




Sister ordered coconut crusted grouper




And nephew had a blackened mahi mahi.  We are coming back here on Saturday and I already know that's what I want to order.





We shared a pice of key lime pie for dessert.




Tuesday we decided to go to Hawksnest beach to swim and snorkel, and then drive across the island to have lunch at Miss Lucy's.  The beach:




Here are a couple of snorkeling photos for anyone who is interested




The coral is recovering from the storms in 2017




Cute little squid









After we worked up an appetite I checked online to be sure that the Coral Bay side of the island had power, and then we drove over to Miss Lucy's.  





Menu (it keeps getting shorter every time we come here)




They sadly did not have conch fritters today so we skipped appetizers.  Drinks for those who wanted one




Husband, sister, and nephew all got the crunchy fish sandwich




and my niece and I had the off menu West Indian fish fry plate




We went for a post lunch swim at Jumbie Beach




and got home to find that (shocker) we had no power again.  We read books in the pool for a couple of hours.  Luckily the power came back right before it got pitch dark.  




Today everybody wanted to go to the Lime Out floating taco bar, so we slept in a bit.  The place that we were planning to use to shuttle us over was not running for whatever reason, so we walked down to the boat ramp and found a local guy who puttered us over in his pontoon for a cash payment.  Whatever works!  We wanted to go in the later afternoon, after the boat charters had already been through, so that it would not be crowded.  I would say we were successful








Tuna tacos, with a rum rib one on the end




Grouper seveche




Nephew's box of vegan tacos




Neice's box of curried chicken, pulled pork






Everything was very tasty.  It's a pricy day though.


We decided to close out the day by swimming at Trunk Bay for a while.  Beach




We walked all the way to the end of the beach, where our only companions on our side of the beach were these deer




and this stingray 




After the sun started to set, we returned home to find that once again we had no power.  Sigh.  This time it stayed off until about 9PM, but at least we got it back eventually!

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I always like to include a few food shopping photos to show the island prices.   Lemons for my ice tea in the morning




8 rolls of toilet paper




After errands we headed to the beach.  Today we visited Francis, my favorite




Snorkeling was in order.  We saw a huge turtle, but it was in quite deep water so the photos were not great.  Maybe I will have a better one to share later in the trip.  We did spot a moray eel




The moon jellies are back!




French angelfish








We have a couple of fancier dinners planned the next couple of nights, so decided to go casual and just grab some stuff at the Beach Bar.






Sister's margarita




Tuna bites for my nephew, since he cannot have most of the appetizers here




Tuna down now




The first conch fritters of the trip (lots of conch but a little gummy for my taste)




Niece wanted the tuna poke nachos.  




And the chicken fingers.  She always gets them here.  When we ate here when she was a little kid, she was upset that they were out of chicken fingers, and the cook went across the street and got some for the restaurant over there and cooked them for her.   I guess it's a fond memory.




I had the mahi mahi sandwich




Sister and husband had mahi mahi tacos




and nephew had the beef tacos minus the chips because of his allergy




The Sahara dust is very thick here right now.   It made the picture I took of the view look almost like a painting.  The dust is bad for asthma, and makes it hotter.  However, it also cuts down on the ability of tropical storms to form.




There's no dessert at Beach Bar, so we walked over to St. John Scoops for some soft serve ice cream




Power went out in town just after we got our ice creams.  The islands announced that we are on rotating outages for the next few days.  For whatever reason, the feeder that goes to the part of the island that my house is on is not included in the rotation schedule.  I know we will be paying the piper eventually, but for now, the power is on.  In addition to the usual inconveniences of the power being out, here you cannot run the water at all either.  So, no showers, no toilet flushing, dish washing etc.  It gets pretty frustrating after a while. The residents are understandably incredibly angry because this has been going on for months.


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Yesterday we planned to spend the day swimming and snorkeling at Cinnamon Bay.  This is the widest and longest beach on St. John.  The homes on the hill in the distance are Peter Bay, the most exclusive and expensive neighborhood on the island.  I have never been in as it's gated and there's no access unless you are staying there.  The beach is public from the water though, if you have a boat.  I've never bothered stopping on our boat days, but there's supposed to be some decent snorkeling at the point.




Unfortunately thunderstorms rolled in and we had to leave after only a short while.  We ended up spending the afternoon at the villa, swimming in the pool (after the storms had passed through) and reading.  I went down to explore the shoreline in front of the house.  




Dinner was at a new restaurant in town, the Hideaway.  They only opened a short while ago.  The restaurant space consists of two shipping containers. One has been converted to a kitchen, and the other to a bar.  The tables are in an open space between the two.  Here's looking inside between the two containers, bar to the left and kitchen to the right.




We were the first party to arrive, but the whole restaurant was filled within 15 minutes, mostly with locals checking the new space out.  Menu







Drinks.  Mine is the lookout mocktail in the third position.  It was refreshing and not too sweet.




We shared a bunch of the appetizers.  Nephew is a bean hound and demanded that we choose the black bean dip 




It was shockingly good.  NIece's choice was the avocado toast




My sister, husband and I all wanted to try the fish starters.  Tuna rose




Seveche of the day (mahi mahi)




Everything was outstanding.  Nephew wanted the lamb ragu for his main course




and the other four of us ordered two of the catch of the day from the large plates/sharing section.  It was grouper, and it was delicious, but I could have eaten the whole thing by myself.  The portions were a little small to be considered a "sharing with friends" plate





We were all still a little hungry after dinner, so decided to order dessert.  They had four, and we ordered one of each to try between us.  Unfortunately, it was really dark by this point so the photos came out grainy.  There was a local banana bread, a roasted pineapple with nutmeg ice cream, a watermelon and roasted strawberry sorbet, and a chocolate mousse with hazelnuts.  They were all delicious, but the pineapple was my favorite.


The restaurant has a view down to the customs and border patrol building and ferry dock.  We really liked our meal here, and I would not be surprised if we make our way back before leaving.





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Yesterday was a bit of a lazy day for us.  We went to Maho Bay and just floated around.  The Sahara dust is getting thicker every day.  In this picture you can just barely see the outline of St. Thomas behind the boaters.  It's normally clear as a bell.  The islands are only a few miles apart.




We did not snorkel, but the water was clear enough that we could see stuff swimming below us as we floated on our noodles (we use noodles to keep our feet elevated so we don't disturb the turtle grass).  I had my camera with me to take family pictures, and at one point stuck it underwater to snap these guys floating under us




For dinner we went back to Morgan's Mango for Caribbean lobster night.  My husband is the only one who orders it, but he really likes to get one.  We shared a couple of appetizers.  Fried calamari with romanesco sauce (not the greatest we've had--it was a bit greasy and overcooked)




Tuna tostones




and nephew wanted the tamarind lamb lollipops since he could not have the calamari 




Husband had the lobster of course




Sister and I got the swordfish voodoo style




Nephew had the wahoo prepared voodoo style




and niece got the pork tenderloin with boniato mash





For dessert, we ordered tres leches cake for my nephew since he could not have the dessert that my niece wanted 




which was the pineapple-coconut bread pudding.  In addition to his crustacean allergy, nephew cannot eat pineapple. 




And of course we ordered a slice of the famous key lime pie for everyone to share.




We arrived home in time to watch the moonrise over the bay



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