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Favorite Fruit

Fat Guy

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Pomegranate. Love them. I wish they didn't make me work so hard to enjoy them. Ah, but perhaps that is part of the appeal. The color is so beautiful.

I love cranberries, too. Perhaps it's a tangy, red, difficult to eat thing.

I wish I liked bananas more, but I have never had an affinity for them. It all stems from a horrible lunch room episode involving bananas when I was in the third grade, but that's for another time. I have no desire to offend banana lovers.

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Clementines, cranberries, strawberries and limes (particularly key limes).

On a related note - I saw a different variety of Mango in my produce store today, labeled as "Haitian Mangoes" - these were more yellow than the "Mexican Mangoes" next to them (the usual red/green kind found everywhere). I was in a hurry and shopping with a limited budget, but plan on trying these at some point to see how they differ from generic mangoes.

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And not just any pineapple, but fresh RIPE pineapple.

Oh god, the aroma alone is worth the price of admission. Like peaches and bananas with a hint of melon.

I think though that oranges are close behind, followed by pears.


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I like fruit but do not eat as much as I would like to. It is really hard to find decent fruit to eat out of hand. Most fruits (especially stone fruits) from the grocery seem to go from rock hard to rotten. Even if a fruit is in season, it never seems to be available ripe, or even from a regional producer, at a grocery. When the farmers market I go to in my city is open, the fruit is pretty limited, though the vegetables are great. The only fruits I remember from last season were plums, peaches, and occasionally raspberries and blackberries. The quality was mixed. In addition, there were tomatoes later along, and then apples (fall). Overall, my favorite fruit is lemon, because I use it so much in cooking!

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-Hulking Adriatic and Kadota figs, splitting open and warm from the windowsill.

-Passion fruit. Love the baby aspirin taste.

-Pink Lady apples.

-Rainier cherries.

-Buttery, spicy Seckel pears. I love astringent Bosc pears, too.

-Rio Star ruby red grapefruit.

-Meyer lemons.


-Frog Hollow peaches and nectarines; I began ordering them last year after Saveur ran an article about them, and in spite of all the controversy I gladly plug my ears when people start on about how they are overrated. They're not; they rock.

No to bananas and custard apples; their viscous, slimy mouthfeel turns my stomach. I only began eating papaya when I was in Mexico last month; before that, I couldn't get past the fact that it smells like ripe feet. I don' t like kiwi or guava either; Mom used to make us eat them every day.

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I can't pick just one.

Strawberries - just picked from the field so ripe that the juice runs down your chin.

Bing cherries, chilled - that burst with flavor when you bite into them

Mangos - the perfume is heavenly

Lemons -especially in the winter, they taste like sun

Ruby Red grapefruit - these keep me happy in the winter. I eat a minimum of one a day

Rhode Island Greenlings - a really nice tart, crunchy apple. I can eat these by the bushel

Local nectarines - just thinking of them makes me smile.

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Cherries (Utah Giants and Bing) Cherries are the end all and be all for me. I wait with bated breath for the all too short cherry season each year.



fresh figs

really tiny perfectly round mandarins

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