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  1. I've been on my own for the past few days with a fridge full of turkey but no sides. So I've been keeping it simple. I got to keep the turkey carcass since I hosted and I made the turkey (in fact, I had to fight off my dad who wanted to bring it home to make congee!), so threw that into a pot and made stock with it. For meals, I've been heating up some of that stock and cooking rice noodles and chopped greens with diced turkey meat thrown in at the end for a comfortingly simple noodle soup. Turkey gumbo or jambalaya sounds like an incredible idea! Maybe I'll make that with the remains of my turkey stock.
  2. A big ol' pot of steamed clams or mussels. DH likes clams well enough in spaghetti with clam sauce, but doesn't like eating clams "by themselves", which I don't get because it's pretty much the same thing just without a huge batch of spaghetti mixed in. So when he's out of town, I'll often go and make a huge pot of steamed clams and eat it with big chunks of rustic bread warm from the oven, mopping up tons of the yummy sauce as I go. Otherwise, I go for quick pastas that take little time to cook and make enough to sustain me for a few days. Carbonara with a simple salad is generally my go-to.
  3. Other than carbonara and pesto which have already been mentioned, here are a couple of my other favorite non-tomato sauces: 1) Whole Foods' Shrimp Pasta - I found this recipe from a Whole Foods flyer and it's delicious. It's like a tangier version of pesto. I usually use half parsley and half basil. 2) Summer vegetable pasta - This is an on-the-fly pasta I threw together last week and I couldn't stop eating it. Saute diced zucchini and sliced garlic in olive oil. Add about a half cup of white wine or so and the zest of one lemon, and cook it down for a few minutes. Meanwhile cook the pasta. Save a cup of pasta water before draining. Just before adding the sauce to the pasta, add some roughly chopped arugula and diced tomatoes (I used some heirlooms) to the sauce. Mix the pasta with the sauce, and add salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste (I ended up using all of the lemon juice). You can also add some pasta water to help moisten and loosen the pasta. You can add some shrimp or chicken for protein. 3) Broccoli Anchovy Pasta Boil water and blanch diced broccoli in the water until just tender. Meanwhile, saute garlic and roughly chopped anchovies in olive oil, smushing the anchovies so they kind of "melt" into the sauce. Add broccoli, and mix with cooked pasta, using some pasta water to help moisten and loosen the pasta.
  4. that's really what annoyed me the most. we asked what we could bring, and they said wine. so we brought wine, expecting it to be opened and enjoyed. but we could have easily brought a dessert or flowers or something instead if they weren't planning on opening the bottle of wine they asked us to bring.
  5. the shoe thing bugs me too, because growing up we never wore shoes in the house. we always got yelled at if we did (chinese parents). and since i know that i don't wear shoes in my house, i cringe when people wear shoes and trach dirt/gravel/who knows what on the floors i walk barefoot on. so now when people come over, i tell them this is a chinese household so shoes off. everyone respects it, and only a few friends occasionally forget. as for the wine thing, i understand choosing wines carefully for dinner, but i usually serve what they bring as well. the reasons for this is 1) i'm in the "more the merrier" camp when it comes to wine and 2) once we were invited to dinner and asked what we could bring. they said wine, so we chose a really lovely bottle to bring....which got put on the host's wine rack and not opened, which annoyed me.
  6. i was just there on friday night! we stopped there after having dinner at indigo grill, and i had the pear gelato. SO good!
  7. as a kid i was a devoted fan of sugar cones. the cake cones tend to taste like styrofoam to me. but now when i get ice cream from an ice cream parlor, i get it in a dish with a waffle cone on the side...which i then break pieces off of and use as a "spoon" for my ice cream
  8. i have it for the nintendo ds too. not too instructional, but lots of fun. though i can't help but cringe whenever they make a tomato sauce for pasta, and the key tomato ingredient is ketchup.
  9. San Diego Restaurant Week my husband and i have reservations for laurel on saturday (they extended their restaurant week until saturday) and i was wondering if any egulleters are planning on participating in restaurant week. so let's hear it!
  10. yum! my mom and i sometimes make this dish with leftover wonton filling.
  11. not my bad, but my husband's: i will never grate cheese by holding the side of the cheese instead of the end. he gouged a chunk out of his hand last night and it was still bleeding this morning, so i took him to the urgent care clinic this morning.
  12. from the other side of the counter: i used to work at my parents' restaurant (chinese food), and one night a guy called to order teriyaki beef. i told him we don't carry teriyaki beef, since that is a japanese dish, and we're a chinese restaurant. but he insisted that we had teriyaki beef, and that he ordered it there before. and so i told him that we don't have teriyaki beef, and we've NEVER had teriyaki beef. he responded that we definitely did, and he was going to come over and prove it. 20 minutes later, the guy walked in, and pored over the menu, trying to find the teriyaki beef. he never found it.
  13. the first time i made pesto myself. the taste was just so fresh, it was an absolute revelation. another great is my dad's fried oysters. he lightly batters them and fries them up. so GOOD! i prefer oysters raw now, but i appreciate that first introduction to oysters. i feel sorry for people who refuse to try oysters, clams, and other shellfish out of a fear of the unknown.
  14. what about hong kong? is the tipping practice different there versus the mainland?
  15. wow, when i think about the size of my family, that sounds like a lot of tea.
  16. Hey everyone, I'm getting married in July, and I want to do a tea ceremony on the day of the wedding with my family, but I'm not exactly sure of the procedure or the type of tea used. My parents just kind of brush me off when I ask. Can someone detail this out for me? Thanks!
  17. mmm.....wonton........ ::drool:: i guess i know what i'm doing this weekend.
  18. i've been to ranch 99 many times and like their seafood, but their fish isn't always really fresh. i might try the catalina offshore products and blue water grill. thanks so much!
  19. i'd like to find a good local fishmonger here in san diego. i know i can always go to the point loma fish market, but it's a rather long drive through traffic after work to get there, and they're always so busy i don't feel like i can strike up a relationship with the people there. i want to be able to go to a place and be able to make special requests for things, or request certain cuts of fish without feeling like i'm being hurried along by the massively huge line of people behind me. anyone have any suggestions? i live in university city, so anything above the 8 and below del mar would be ideal. thanks in advance!
  20. the costco here has been offering relatively cheap asparagus lately (i consider anything below $2/pound as cheap for asparagus), and i've already made several batches of roasted asparagus, a stir-fry with shrimp, scallops, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus, and a huge batch of cream of asparagus soup. i'm sure SO will get sick of it all soon, but he hasn't complained or turned green yet, so i'll continue taking advantage of asparagus season as long as possible!
  21. what about chicken feet or duck feet? i'm so used to them as dim sum foods, but i can't think of any other culture that uses them.
  22. sassybat

    Le Creuset

    $229 for red, $199 for blue with free skinny grill. i'm in san diego, ca.
  23. what about making your own hummus? chickpeas are protein, aren't they? i don't like peanut butter, so i use hummus instead.
  24. stephen and BCinBC: same for me. i don't scramble the eggs first, and add them raw at the end. they cook in the sauce quickly and thicken it without any need for the cornstarch. another thing i do (my grandma taught me to make it this way) is i add ketchup instead of tomato sauce. that probably takes away some of the authenticity, huh?
  25. wow, foodtutor, that sounds a lot like the ruth's chris i worked at as a hostess. we had pivot points, time limits on drinks, appetizers, entrees, etc., certification and recertification, etc. but we weren't as efficient as your restaurant when it came to greeting, or hobart procedure.
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