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  1. I have never liked Carson's. When I sink my teeth into ribs, there's a certain smoky flavor that I am seeking, and they just don't cut it. I will admit to enjoying the pork chops, and the cole slaw, and the chopped liver, but I would never recommend them for ribs. I am also not a fan of sugary sauces which seems to account for why it burns. It always reminds me of Open Pit. My mother would use Open Pit when she made "BBQ" in the oven during the winter months . Man if Carson's doesn't always remind me of those tired-ass winter ribs.
  2. I completely forgot about Easter and Passover. April 9 - 11 is out for me for sure. We may need to kick this thing into May, and I'm getting a vibe that this may be OK.
  3. Let me see if I'm clear here. 1. get on with the thing and set a date 2. move this topic to a forum that is more general for the purpose of increasing discussion and maximizing participation (thank you Mnebergall and Jaymes). You must be reading our minds. Now that we have a very strong contingent -- thank you, it's good to see you all here -- there are a few bits of business that we should take care of prior to moving the topic. First things first, let's take attendance. We already have a very impressive list. Those who have already expressed interest are as follows (in order of appearance). Let me know if I missed anyone: Aurora Marlene Snowangel hillvalley ronnie_suburban Foodie in Vancouver Torakris robyn sandra iguana Alex Jake mnebergall Lady T WoodleyGrrl leechef Mabelline Jaymes Fresser Stone Please correct me if I am wrong, but the following people who have responded appear to be squarely in the "no" column: paul mitchell melkor Comfort Me Currently, we represent four countries: USA Canada Japan United Kingdom So far, an extensive list of "ground rules" has not been set. Participation is not limited to Costco. Participation is open to everyone with membership in a price club (i.e. Sam's Club). There is no pre-determined menu. With regard to setting a date, it should be a realistic one. We want maximum participation. A date that arrives to quickly will not accomplish that end. I am thinking that it should transpire over a weekend. That will give people time to check their calendars and organize. It also gives everyone the option of a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Does a date in April seem too far off? The floor is now open to date nominations. I would like to nominate April 9 - 11, and April 23 - 24 as possible dates. Once we have finalized a date and "ground rules," we will then move the topic.
  4. Do you have a link to that article?
  5. Alex and Mneberall, thank you. You raise a good point. I re-read the Hesser article today. She went to Costco, but the article did mention other "clubs." There's no need to limit participation just because some folks don't have Costco. The point is not to drive their membership for them. If you have membership at another club, please do not feel excluded. Pull out your Sam's card, your BJ's card, your whatever card, and get in the mix. In this way, it will also be a club comparison. This will also allow us to see how the various clubs differ in terms of variety, quality, and price.
  6. The groups will be able to break into smaller units and pair up with members for the shopping portion. As of yet, a dollar amount has not been set. I was thinking that everyone could use there own best judgment in that area, but adding a spending limit may add to the "challenge" aspect.
  7. Ditto for Costco in London... And we can get wine AND cigarettes here... Part of the charm will be to see the regional, continental differences here I think. And we can get cigarettes too, although I can't imagine what I could use them for in a dinner Didn't you eye the Smoker's corner at the Pig Pickin'? They will be used.
  8. I almost caved in on the executive membersship last Saturday. I held on and resisted, but they are chipping away at me. Great! We will partner. Let's see how this develops before we get too strategic. We can take it from there. This is the start of Day 2. Some people aren't even up yet. It could drop like a lead balloon. I'm thinking good thoughts. Happy thoughts, pleasant thoughts, fun thoughs...
  9. I'm right with ya, babe. I'm checking with FG and crew as we speak. I'm thinking that we do not need to set a dollar amount, or that can be left to each particular group or person. Best judgment and common sense should see us through, but I have noticed that it is very easy to go nuts at Costco. On second thought...
  10. That is on of the things that will be most interesting about this if enough people participate. Marlene - perhaps we can have a specific folder in the eGRA for this?
  11. OK. Based on your input and additional ideas, here's what I thought about on the ride home. Tell me what you think. Marlene - the virtual idea is really good. I had to tell you that again. Costco is practically everywhere, so the virtual idea really works. Everyone can participate in their own homes. There is no need to travel, and eGulleters can participate singly or as part of a local group. Here's what I am thinking: We can call it "International Costco-A-Go-Go Day" that's were we could post the general proposal, set the date, and additional input and ideas with regard to planning. At the same time, the regioal forums should post their own threads for their particular event. For example, some forums would have several Costco-A-Go-Go threads. The Heartland could easily see one for Minneapolis, Chicago, Grand Rapids, etc. In the regional forums, the threads would discuss the specifics of the event for that particular person or group--the menu, the people participating, etc. We must pick a date that gives everyone who wants to participate adequate notice, so that we can make the most of the day, and that can be discussed I think it is important that everyone plan their own menu and do so according to their own tastes and what their Costco has to offer. For those who must purchase wine and spirits somewhere other than Costco, please do so, but indicate that in your write-ups and say why. It will be interesting to see the variety of ideas that we come up with and, in some instances, the reasons behind it. Everyone is free to make whatever they want, but the primary ingredients must be purchased at Costco. For example, the world is not going to end if the kosher salt used to season a recipe or the toothpicks used to hold something together during cooking were not purchased at Costco. We want to be reasonable and not get carried away. How does this sound? Depending on how the idea develops, I will have this thread moved to the Cooking forum. General ideas and logistics can be posted here. When and if that happens, regional posting can begin.
  12. You have a family. Get thee to the Costco, suck it up and pay the membership. Once you buy toilet paper in the double-size roll, 36-roll pack ($13 and some change), you won't go back! It just won't make sense to pay $4 for a 4-pack ever again. Stagg Chili is a brand of canned chili. I was a doubter until a very nice lady donning a hair net and plastic gloves enticed me over to her crock pot and encouraged me to try it. What could I do? She was holding food out to me, and I was caught in the spell of her hypnotic, pinwheel, cartoon eyes. Stagg Chili is made with steak. It's got a great, rich tomato flavor and a good balance of spices with a slightly spicy zing--really good for canned chili. I got a pack of 6 for $6.99. The Bear Creek Potato Soup is part of the Bear Creek Country Kitchens line sold by Costco. The company is out of Utah. I don't know if it is affiliated with the Bear Creek Lodge in Colorado. I know an enterprising woman like you will more than get back the membership fee just in rebates.
  13. Czarina, you are always with us in our hearts.
  14. That's a good idea. If that's the case, that's bigger than The Heartland, isn't it? Perhaps a number of us could get together in our respective cites on one day and do the actual and the virtual meals. Hmmm. I like it.
  15. I'll admit it. I have become addicted to Costco. Where else can I get massive quantites of toilet paper, laundry detergent, pistachios, juice, socks, ibuprofen, and other must-haves (like the massive tub of every type of crayon and marker made by Crayola--keeps the boys quiet for hours) for next to nothing? I especially love all the cart nudging that goes on on the weekends to get at the the samples. Sometimes what's up for grabs may not taste like much, but you will find yourself diving in head-first, risking life and limb to get at it, and some of it is pretty good. I could really do without the Bagelbites, but that is how I became acquainted with Stagg Chili and Bear Creek potato soup. Both often come to my rescue when I must grab my lunch on the fly and take it back to my desk. For what it is, Costco also does surprisingly well with meat, wine, seafood, and basic produce. It also holds some real pleasant surprises, and that brings me to my point. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but back in October 2002, Amanda Hesser wrote an article about a dinner she prepared for six. Everything was purchased with ingredients from Costco for $50. She was pleased with her dinner, and I know we could make a very memorable meal. I'm suggesting that we try a similar outing to Costco and we all prepare dinner for ourselves. We do not need to put a limit on cost other than to suggest that we use our best judgement and we stay within means that are reasonable for each of us. We can plan the meal ahead and then go, or we can all go in with a number of ideas that will comprise what we know to be a great meal and start shopping. Who's up for it, and who among us has a Costco membership? I wouldn't be necessary for everyone to have a Costco membership--even one would work provided we did a little reasonable planning. We can set the rules and plan the menu as we go.
  16. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ronnie. Opera holds a warm spot in the heart of eGullet Chicago. Lady T, Mags, please refresh my memory. We had a fish dish that was too spicy even for us. Was that the whole red snapper. Whatever it was, it was good, but POTENT! Perhaps we should try Gioco?
  17. Im not Tryska or jglazer75, but I do come from a family that doesn't believe in electric, and I have worked with many a bottom drawer broiler in my day. I don't love them, but I don't exactly hate them either. Generally, I put a piece of foil down and broil on top of that. However, for oily items--like bratwurst--I cook directly on the drip pan. If you use the broiler this way, you must be sure to clean the pan as soon as the broiler cools down. If you forget, and use the oven again, the grease--once at smoking point--will impart that old, smoky, burnt grease flavor to anything you happen to be cooking in the oven. The way it usually works is that you won't remember that you didn't clean the bottom broiler drip pan until the smoking starts. Once the bottom tray gets hot, it becomes a real challenge to remove it especially with grease inside. You say you're baking a chocloate cake? Well, not exactly. If you forget about that panYou're baking a chocolate cake with essence of bratwurst/pork chops/burgers. Mmmmm. The bottom broiler has also been the source of several memorable kitchen fires. My father always keeps a box of baking soda and a kitchen fire extinguisher nearby when he broils. My mother uses pie tins when she broils. I cover it with another pan. One last thing...remove the batteries from your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and open a window before you begin. Happy Bottom Broiling!
  18. OMG! I'm checing out fares to Cincinnati right now. Those sound good! Now if they just came wrapped in bacon! Ovenfrenzy - Thank you for the description. They sound wonderful.
  19. As I may have mentioned, I have a deep afinity for cheese pastries. A Wisconsin cheese danish is my absolute favorite. Would you please describe the cheese crowns for me? I am curious to know how they are different. Do they have icing or any other type of topping? Among the Cincinnati contingent (including those who no longer live there), does anyone attempt to create these items in their own kitchen?
  20. Tell me more about these buttermilk donuts. Are there other types of pastry that are considered to be a staple in Cincinnati? Paczki (poonch - key) are a Polish pastry. I would describe them as a cross between jelly donuts and beignets, but they are so much better. They are quite plentiful on Fat Tuesday. Cheese paczki are my favorite. Who am I kidding, cheese-filled pastry of any kind is my favorite. Some info on Paczki here King Cake is a traditional New Orleans favorite during Mardi Gras. The cake is decorated in the traditonal purple, green and gold Mardi Gras colors, and each one contains a prize. Gambino's bakery is considered the place for King Cake, but others here can inform me if it is the best place. Learn about King Cakes here
  21. Okra Chitterlings (the African-American contribution to awful offal) Liver Eggs Fish fat Coconut Anise Peas The first two items make me persona non grata at the homes of relatives in three states, and that is fine by me.
  22. You didn't invite me, but I want in on that. Where Nero goes, I go. Oh hell's bells, YES, ma'am -- if I didn't make it clear, anybody who's interested is welcome! Only one proper and honest warning: I'm setting up to review the place and whoever's in is gonna have to put up with my usual scribbling and cooing and purring and snarling and muttering. Scribble away, grand Lady. It wouldn't be a true meal with you if you weren't scribbling. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  23. You didn't invite me, but I want in on that. Where Nero goes, I go. Congratulations Invento and Hobbes. I know you have been working very hard. I can't wait to see what you've done with the place.
  24. I think that's exactly it. I'm sure that Nuevo Leon counts on quick turnover rather than markup for their profit margin. There was quite a waiting line by the time we left. We were all that, but a good bunch of "gringos" just the same. Still, I have been there a number of times where there was a line just like what was standing there when we left. I've even stood in that same line upwards of 30 minutes on one or two occasions. It's the norm for them on a Saturday night even if there isn't anything like what we were as an excuse. No matter to me. I got what I came for. It was a good time, it was great to see everyone, and man, that pork stew was muy delicioso! And get this! NO TEQUILA HANGOVER THIS MORNING, pork stew for lunch at work tomorrow, and more fond memories.
  25. Guaj - Shhh. You were supposed to keep that on the DL. I forgive you. I'll even let you double-dip in my guacamole, baby!
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